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Bandhani or Bandhni or Bandhej is a highly-skilled process involving Tie-Dye method, wherein the base fabric is first tied at several points by threads and then the threads are dyed. The manner in which the tying is done decides the resulting pattern, which could be Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali or Shikari. Patterns which emerge are generally dots, strips, waves or squares. Dark Colours are employed for dyeing the Bandhani and could be natural or artificial. Principally applied colours being red, green, blue, black or yellow, the background is generally red or black.


  • 1. Bandani or Bandhni or Bandhej is a highly-skilled process involving Tie-Dye method. The base ofthe fabric is first tied at several points by threads and then the threads are dyed. The tying willdecide the patterns which could be Leheriya,Mothra, Ekdali or Shikari. Patterns which emergeare generally dots, stripes, waves or squares.The use of dark colors for employing the dyeing Bandhani which could be natural or artificial.Principally applied colours being green, red, blue, black or yellow the background is generallyred or black.

2. The community of Khatri in Gujarat is well known to excel in this art. Works like, that involvingthe tying of thousands of miniscule knots on the fabric, which spread and form exquisitedesigns on opening after the dyeing process, speak volumes for their skill.Bhuj and Mandvi are places in this district ofKutch, removed in India for this sort of fineBandhnai art. Saurashtra is another region inGujarat India, also known for its Bandhaniwork, but with a variety different from that ofthe Kutch region.Neighbouring Rajasthan again has its ownstyle of Bandhani, unique to its region.Designs and colours differ, with significanceattached to certain colours. Red conveys anewly married bride, yellow conveys that thewearer has recently become a mother, aretypical examples.Bandhani sarees are a huge draw both indomestic markets and with a growing lot ofinternational buyers. Appreciated for the artand sought for the unique appeal, this ethnicform will continue to flourish till such timethat traditional offerings are in vogue.Popular varieties that are observed are theexclusive Lehriya Bandhej saree with Gota embroidery and patch border. These sarees findpreference as daily casual, college or corporate wear. The Bandhani Crepe silk sari having 3. jaipuri prints with tinsel printing on them andborder embroidered with kundans and sequins, isa grand affair. It is but a natural preference, forweddings, bridal attire and traditional functions.There are a whole lot of designer BandhaniSarees with colourful prints and exquisiteembroidery that are extremely stunning. Recentfashion finds popularity with single-colour sareesor those with contrasting colours on the bodyand the border.The cotton saree is airy, breathable andcomfortable to wear.Hence Bandhani cotton sarees are very muchfamous in the Unnatisilks shop. Moderngenerations like to wear this kind of Bandhanisarees.The fashionable trend carries such that it canflatter various body shapes and at the same time cotton saree is comfortable enough not toemphasize areas, but one prefers to keep covered.Unnatisilks, the largest ethnic online Indian shopoffers exquisite designer Bandhini sarees foronline sale. Our Online shopping store has thewidest range of rich Indian Sarees and Salwarkameez. At Unnati Silks, you can buy unique,exclusive collection at affordable price.Unnati has a unique range of fusion saris andsalwar kameez where trending designs, patternsand colors have been incorporated in traditionalstyles of fabric manufacturers, and available inretail and wholesale. You can purchase online atUnnati silks and the products will be dispatchedwithin 24 working hours of placing the order.We have free shipping and Cash on Delivery(COD) facility for Hyderabad, Mumbai,Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Ernakulum, Delhi,Chandigarh, Lucknow, Patna, Jaipur and manyother Indian cities. We also do Worldwide 4. express shipping to countries like Australia,United States Of America(USA), UnitedKingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates(UAE),Australia, United States of America (USA),Adelaide, Black Town, Brisbane, Gold coast,Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Alabama, Arizona,California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia,Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio,Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia,Washington, Barking, Birmingham, Leicester,London, Manchester, Canada, France,Germany, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia,Mauritius, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan,Singapore, South Africa, South America, SriLanka and Sweden. 5. Some More Offerings from Unnatisilks: