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<ul><li><p>8/10/2019 Nature and Are You Still Playing Your Flute</p><p> 1/4</p><p>SYNOPSIS</p><p>The poem tells of the weather conditions in Jamaica although it does not have the four seasons</p><p>of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The weather conditions of golden sunny days and wet</p><p>rainy days are just as good and are almost equivalent to the four seasons.</p><p>VOCABULARY</p><p>WORD MEANING</p><p>LUSH Healthy growth</p><p>MAGNIFICENTLY Wonderfully, grandly, beautifully</p><p>SWISH The sound made by moving water</p><p>GULLIES Channels cut out in the earth by persistentrainfall</p><p>STRUGGLING Fighting to survive; moving with great physical</p><p>effort</p><p>FADE Lose their color</p><p>FALLOW Left bare (in order to recover natural fertility)</p><p>PAVED Covered</p><p>UNDERSTANDING THE POEM</p><p>Lines 1 to 10</p><p>The poet tells about his homeland, Jamaica and rejoices the beauty of this island. Jamaica has</p><p>no seasonal changes. It has a tropical climate which is hot and wet throughout the year. The</p><p>days of golden sunshine are glorious and magnificent. There are many cane fields in Jamaica as</p><p>sugar is one of the main exports in this country.</p><p>Lines 11 to 15</p><p>In the ending of the poem, the poet tells us his favorite timedays when the flowers of mangotrees and logwood blossom. He uses imagery of sound and smell to illustrate abundant life and</p><p>activity in the bushes when the sound of bees and the scent of honeyadd to the charm and</p><p>beauty if Jamaica. He describes the fields filled with lovely yellow buttercups. All this happens</p><p>when the rains have stopped and the beauty of nature emerges once again.</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Nature and Are You Still Playing Your Flute</p><p> 2/4</p><p>THEMES</p><p> Beauty of nature</p><p> Appreciation of one own country</p><p>Appreciate nature</p><p>MORAL VALUES</p><p> We should appreciate what we have in our own country</p><p> We should not long for what we do not have.</p><p> We should appreciate our homeland.</p><p> We should appreciate the beauty of nature.</p><p>TONE, MOOD, ATMOSPHERE</p><p> Appreciative and happy</p><p> Carefree and light-hearted</p><p> Sense of beauty</p><p>LANGUAGE AND STYLE</p><p> Simple and easy to understand the language</p><p>Clear and descriptive Simple style with no rhyming scheme</p><p>POETIC DEVICES</p><p> Imagerye.g. gold sun, lush green fields, trees struggling</p><p> Alliteratione.g. sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air</p><p> Symbolse.g. gold sun symbol of summer, rains symbol of winter</p><p> Contraste.g. beauty or summer is compared with rains or winter</p><p>Figurative Language Similerain beats like bullets Metaphore.g. the buttercups paved the earth with yellow stars</p><p> Personificationbuttercups have paved the earth buttercups have been personified</p><p>as having laid tiles</p><p> Onomatopoeiae.g. swish</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Nature and Are You Still Playing Your Flute</p><p> 3/4</p><p>SYNOPSIS</p><p>This poem his about a persona who reminisces the time he/she spends when in a village. There</p><p>are many things that are now luxury to her such as listening to the melody of the flute itself,</p><p>gazing at the evening rays, collecting dew drops, or enjoying the fragrance of flowers. Thevillage is now unpopulated as many have moved to the city. Now that she has moved on with</p><p>her life, she wonders whether the flutist is still playing the flute. This is because, there are many</p><p>challenges in the world today such as the world is dying, the unemployment issue and the</p><p>people are disunited because of different political views.</p><p>THEMES</p><p> Family commitments</p><p>Priorities in life</p><p> Neglect of ones duties</p><p>MORAL VALUES</p><p> We should be aware of our family commitments and carry them out properly.</p><p> Everyone has priorities in, life and we should know what is important and what is not.</p><p> Following a hobby is good but there is a time for work and a time for play.</p><p>POINT OF VIEW</p><p> The poem is the first point of view.</p><p> The person is addressing another person and describing a situation to him.</p><p>LANGUAGE AND STLYE</p><p> Rhetorical question</p><p> Descriptive and questioning</p><p>Simple style and no rhyme</p><p>TONE, MOOD AND ATMOSPHERE</p><p> Somber and regretful</p><p> Serious atmosphere</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Nature and Are You Still Playing Your Flute</p><p> 4/4</p><p>POETIC DEVICES</p><p> Imagerye.g. blown by the wind, depth of my heart</p><p> Alliteratione.g. fragrance of flowers</p><p>Symbole.g. flute, song Repetitione.g. Are you still playing your flute?</p><p> Figurative LanguageMetaphor e.g. The melody concealed in the slime hollow of</p><p>bamboo</p><p> Personification e.g. sick rice field</p></li></ul>