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  • 8/13/2019 natural light portrait photography


    H O M EW E D D I N G SW E A R E U P D A T I N G - P L E A S EL I N K SC O N

    CALL TODAY: (415) 819 7694 77

    (c) 2001-2012 Stefanie Herzer Photography

    Stefanie Herzer - Photography Powered by Passion

    providing fine art photography for the client who seeks distinction

    From San Francisco to San Jose...

    Award Winning SF Bay Area photographer Stefanie Herzer provides photojournalistic as well as fashion style wedding and portrait

    photography for the Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area. Stefanie will a lso travel to any location in the United States. Stefanie's is a

    photographer who's passion and love for wedding and portrait photography will translate into photographs that you will cherish for a life

    time! Stefanie's fine art portrait studio just moved to Redwood City about 1 mile from downtown Redwood City very close to Atherton.

    Stefanie specializes in fine art portraits of individuals as well as families and children. She only accepts a limited number of weddings every

    year. Among the services that Stefanie provides are: Wedding coverages including destination weddings, family portrait sessions, children

    photography, high school senior portraits, corporate headshots, model portfolios, baby plans and online dating portfolios for the SF B ay Area

    from San Francsico to San Jose. Find out how hiring an highly awarded photographer "Powered by Passion" will make a difference for you!

    W e d d i n g P h o t o g r a p h y - F i n e A r t L a n d s c a p e s - B a b y & CP o r t r a i t u r e - P r e g n a n c y P o r t r a

    H e a d s h o t s - F a s h i o nS t y l e W e d d i n g s - M o d e l P o r t f o l i o s - R e d w o o d C

    S a n t a C l a r a - P a l oA l t o - C u p e r t i n o - M o u n t a i n V i e w - S F B a y A r e a- N o r t h B a y - A l a m e d

    P e n i n s u l a - S a n t a C r u z - N a p a V a l l e y

    Quotes & Highlights

    Professional Photographers of America (P PA), Atlanta

    Stefanie Herzer Photography


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  • 8/13/2019 natural light portrait photography


    Stefanie is one of the proud photographers whose wedding albums was selected to be published in the prestigious PPA loan collection. "Going

    loan" is one of the most respected awards in professional photography.

    July/August 2006, San Jose

    Stefanie passed her CPP Certification exam. Only 2500 of all professional photographers (less than 3%) are certified.

    March 2006, Jeff & Rhonda, Lake Tahoe CA

    There are no words for the amazing photographs you took of us. Your photos are magnificent; you truly captured our joy & all the wonderful

    feelings, family & friends that surrounded us for our wedding. Being in the wedding business in Tahoe I see weddings every week, see

    photographers every week - you are simply the best Ive ever worked with. You relished & understood the simple, intimate idea we had for our

    ceremony; you are incredibly easy to get along with yet stunningly professional. What a joy to have met & worked with you, what a privilege

    to have such pure talent record our wedding.

    All our Best,

    Jeff & Rhonda

    Nikki & David, Woodside CA

    Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer. We got your first set of sample photos and we can't believe how beautiful they are!

    We both consider ourselves to be unphotogenic people and can't believe how you were able to transform us on film. We are looking forward to

    geing the rest of our photos.

    Love,David and Nikki

    San Jose

    Stefanie Herzer wins 2 Gamma Awards for Professional Photographer. The 2 categories are "Best Single Cover - Gold" and "Best

    Photography - Silver". The Gamma Awards are carried out by MAGS (Magazine Association of the Southeast).

    San Jose

    Stefanie Herzer Photography moves to an exciting new location

    The new studio, a large loft in Santa Clara (just 3 miles from downtown San Jose) is part of a historic Walnut Factory and just perfectly

    suited for the use as photography studio. Stefanie will continue to be available in San Francisco to provide the best possible service to her

    existing clients.

    US release of "Bone"

    Timothy Booth, London, GBTim's Label decided to use my photograph for Tim's first solo album. Tim Booth released over 20 TOP 100 hits with his band James.

    San Francisco

    Stefanie Herzer Photographer is the first SF Bay Area Photography studio to earn a well know customer satisfaction award, which is only

    given to companies that score highest in quality in an independent rating of client satisfaction. I t means we really satisfy our clients!


    Stefanie photographs chosen to be one of the 10 photographers to provide images for the "Professional Photographer 2005 Press Kit". It is a

    great honor to be featured alongside talents such as the world renowned star photographer Mahew Jordan Smith.

    "Lines of Time" has been chosen to be the cover photo of the August issue of "Professional Photographer". Also check out the wonderful

    article about natural light in that issue of "Professional Photographer", it features another of my photographs.

    Justin and Cindy Lin, San Francisco

    We will definitely be heartily recommending you to everyone we know and of course please feel free to use us as a reference if necessary. We

    feel so fortunate that we found you last winter and also that we had the chance to do the engagement session really made working

    with you at the wedding so easy. We are certain that your great start and exciting success upon turning pro in the last few years is definitely a

    testament to your talent and ability to work with subjects, and we are convinced that this is just the beginning for you. We have come to think

    of you as our "personal photographer" of sorts, and we look forward to the future as Cindy and I build our lives together with the many

    photos to come.

    MDA, San Francisco

    The cover looked FANTASTIC! We will mail out some copies of the program to you along with a donation/tax leer.

    Jessica Rust, San Francisco

    Tom and I want to thank you from the boom of our hearts for all of your hard work! You're passion for photography shows in every one ofour pictures, and we are so happy that we found you!

    A very happy client, San Francisco

    Thanks, Stefanie!! I can hardly believe this is a photo of ME, it's so gorgeous!

    Justin & Cindy (Session in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco)

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  • 8/13/2019 natural light portrait photography


    Again, we're thrilled with the shots!

    Jen Comoo, (A wedding guest)

    ...(the bride) sent me a link to the photos of her wedding, and they are amazing! You are a wonderful photographer!

    Basia & Brad (Wedding at Pebble Beach, Monterey)

    You did a fantastically fabulous job. What an artistic flare--everything from the sunrise, makeup display, Marianne's store window logo, to

    the kids playing, to those gorgeous shots of our friends...

    Blackrock City

    Burning Man Wedding

    Dear Stefanie, We can't thank you enough for the awesome job you did photographing our wedding at Burning Man 2003. You were sowonderful, professional and efficient. You got so many excellent shots and we can't wait to recieve the CD. We hope to see our photo on your

    website someday. thanks again for a spectacular job. Thanks J im & Melissa. You're the best! :=)

    San Jose

    Stefanie Herzer is proud to be the first wedding photography studio to receive the Gold Award of Excellence by TopWeddingLinks who was

    recognized by Yahoo! as a Most Popular Wedding Directory .

    Mountain View

    Rengstorff House

    (We were Jessica's wedding photographer at the Rengstorff house Mountain View)

    The pictures are beautiful!! My eyes started watering when I saw them! Thank you so much for making my wedding pictures so magical!

    Trish & Shonn(San Francisco Wedding photographed at the Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park and Baker Beach)

    Sorry we didn't write you sooner. The albums are beautiful and the pictures came out great. We are very pleased with your work. Just a lile

    tid bit. Shonn and I are going to be expecting a baby in January. I wish we lived in California so you could shoot pictures of my pregnancy

    and baby.

    Erik Laimon - Visitor (find the complete entry in the guest book)

    "I view your fotos and they thrill me with the meticulous waiting, the timing, the moment captured when the finger itches and the time isn't

    right and you keep on waiting until the universe explodes directly in front of your lens and you finally press the trigger and capture that most

    magical moment. The most amazing thing is that you do this time after time and I admire your persistence, your dedication and wonder about

    your family life? ... I sincerely tip my hat to you, and after having seen your foto on your site, I am intrigued for I have not ever seen Eyes

    like yours which look into the heavens of Earth and Person."

    Andrea Ferreira - P hotography Student

    "I am very impressed by your talent and style. You are able to capt