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Natural Hair Support Group

Taste Test and Discussion on Sea VegetablesNatural Hair Support Group

When: Saturday, August 20, 2011Where: Flossmoor Public LibraryTime: 2-4pDress Attire: Country Chic ~ Wear the hairstyle to compliment this look and wear confortable clothes to participate in yoga movementMeeting Details

Some of the many roles we playShoppers, Researchers and Writers

Option A*Visit a grocery store, such as health food store and purchase any small bag. Enjoy this item with family and friends.Tell us what you thought about it:Would you buy it again?Was it worth the price?Did you eat it with something else (dip or pate)?AftertasteBitter taste, salty

Option B*Visit a grocery store and ask the sales associate or store manager for the most popular/best selling item. Enjoy this item with family and friends.Write a letter to the manufacture:Tell them about our Natural Hair Support GroupShare your positive feedbackAsk for sample, product literature and coupons Note: Once you decide the product please email and reply to everyone in our group regarding your choice. We dont want to send letters to the same companies.

Select either option A or B

If you suffer from any type of medical condition ask the sales associate or manager staff questions regarding purchasing these items. There is a lot of information on the internet regarding this subject matter as well. Options A and B

The Benefits of Sea VegetablesSea vegetables reduce the risk of breast cancer. They empower immune system function and have been credited with increasing energyImproving general well beingAccelerate wound healing.Maximize the body's metabolism and anti-aging defenses. They have anti-inflammatory effects and help in the treatment of certain skin conditions.

The Benefits of Sea Vegetables (Cont.)Sea vegetables have minerals like zinc, boron, tin, selenium, chromium, antimony and bismuth, which are missing in modern food. An unusual amount of full spectrum vitamins, including E, A, C and B12 are also present in sea food. Certain enzymes and the full range of essential amino acids is found in the vegetables.

Discussion for the month of AugustUsing the Internet to become knowledgeable about this subject and contribute to next months conversation

Click on and visit these websites for more information on sea vegetables

List of sea vegetablesChlorellaDulse KelpNoriSpirulinaWakameKombuAgar AgarHijikiArameIrish Moss

Some of these items are available to purchase as a snack at your local grocery store or health food store. Why not visit a store and sample* a small bag?

*If you have any health concerns be sure to consult your medical provider/physician or a sales rep on duty. The sales representative can prove to be a valuable resource.

Natural Hair Support GroupTravelling on this journey together

We believe women should not feel forced or pressured to conform to anyone elses standard of beauty. We also believe a person should learn what it takes to care for their own personal beauty needs, by practicing a hands-on approach to grooming.

What we believe

Classify your hair to better determine your needs and expectations#1 Discover your hair type

Type 3 (Curly)S patternShiny with soft, smooth curls and strong elasticityLot of bodyWhen wet usually straightens outHumidity makes it curlier or frizzierCan easily be straightened with a blow dryer into a smoother styleType 3A ~ Very loosely curledType 3B ~ Medium amount of curl

Type 4 (Kinky)Very wiry, very tightly coiled Very, very fragile Quite fine with lots of thin strandsDensely packed togetherFewer cuticle layersType 4A ~ Tightly coiled S pattern more moistureType 4B ~ Z pattern with less defined curl pattern and wiry texture

Get the results expected from your hair type

#2 Create hair goals and then make them a realityWant to know how to create attractive hairstyles for work and playWant to grow long hairWant to know what things work best for my hair typeWant to know what foods will help promote healthy hairWant to know what exercises will help promote healthy hairWant to be around others who are health conscious and have a passion for life Want to live my best lifeYou name it!

Concentrate on finding your goal, then concentrate on reaching it ~ Michael Friedsam

Thanks for doing such a great jobkeep up the good work!To our natural hair models and photographers

All of the models featured in this sculpture garden styled their hair themselves.Model #1 standing is wearing a pull back afro puff and model #2 sitting has locks.

Tammika Shelby and Lisa Porter

Model #3Shingled and finger styled hair using Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

Kimberly Wayne

Model #4Is wearing a twist out, created by twisting 2 strands of hair with Cantu Shea Butter leave-in conditioner and then unbraiding hair the next day. The look is topped with a miniature glittered cowboy hat to demonstrate a festive hairstyle.

Hollijoy Johnson


The sky is the limitkeep rising to the top!

Natural Hair Support Group

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