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  • 1. Natural Disasters EARTHQUAKESMaria Marcos

2. My Presentation Introduction Lesson plan Content/Cognition/Culture Images Links Reflections 3. Introduction Here you have my presentation about Natural disasters I have presented in class. The lesson was focused on Earthquakes 4. Lesson Plan School: Escola Antoni Gaud Unit of study: Natural disasters Title of the lesson: Earthquakes Level of the group: 6th grade Aim: To know about earthquakes, its consequences and how to deal with them 5. Content/Cognition/Culture -CONTENT: Students will know How an earthquake happens. The parts of an earthquake: fault, seismic waves, focus, and epicentre. -COGNITION Students will be able to (thinking and learning skills) Summarise their knowledge. Extract information from a visual resource. Apply imagination to answer questions and to compare. -CULTURE Students will be aware of How to cooperate in a group. The value of others ideas and opinions. The fascination of the Earth and its processes. The arbitrariness of the world in which we live. The value of education. What they are learning. 6. Images 7. Links m/environment/natural-disasters/forces-ofnature/ v=VSgB1IWr6O4 8. Reflections In that lesson I have tried to do a real CLIL lesson I have had difficulties with the vocabulary. My students could not express themselves as they wanted to due the lack of vocabulary in English


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