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    Start With A Great HaircutAdd The Right Product For Your HairDry Hair ProperlyLightly Hair ScrunchFinish Off The Hair StyleEnjoy Your Awesome Curls! Hair

  • Start With A Great HaircutA great hair stylist will know what to do, so be sure to find one that knows curly hair styles, a great haircut is the foundation for great curls. So that hair from the top of your head remains shorter and lighter so can curl better.

    If you have problems where your hair on top is straight or wavy and the hair underneath is super curly, then you need to cut your hair into layers, but truly layers are great for curls.

  • Use Right Product For Your Hair

    Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for curly hair is hard. If its too bright, your hair will be frizzy. If its too heavy, your curls will go limp. Therefore your hair must still be quite wet and should end up being combed out.

    Every day shampoo and conditioner that has really helped my hair be healthy. It offers the mild water with out considering the idea straight down along with facilitates define my personal curls.

  • Dry Hair ProperlyWhenever you escape the actual shower, the actual most severe thing you can do is actually take your typical terry cloth bath towel and stroke flowing hair, then cover the idea all around flowing hair.

    so this particular really recognize it's rather a sturdy behavior. Although finally stopped as soon as noticed in which its appalling with regard to curls.

    Here is the solution to presenting excellent curls, people dont desire to dry smooth hair too much.

  • Lightly Hair ScrunchWomen may perhaps disagree with scrunching as soon as you put good stuffs.After use conditioner and shampoo, Lightly scrunch curl with casually towel. Dont go crazy while using the scrunch, just once for every single area of hair is sufficient.


  • Finish Off The Hair StyleOnce nice hair style is done, it could need a spray. Contrary to numerous pomades, this doesnt seem oily as well as excellent sparkly, so you can use many spray for finish off your hair style.

    Max Green Alchemy Pomade: This pomade is more of a traditional pomade. A little goes a very long way and provides a good hold with lots of shine.

    Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz: This is a lighter hair spray than Intelligent Nutrients, but also doesnt leave the wet look so you can spray it a lot.

  • Enjoy Your Awesome Curls HairEnjoy your awesome hair curls. There is something very liberating about letting curls do their thing and not worrying about drying and scrunch and forcing hair to be curling. Enjoy your curls and you will see your curly hair become much more healthier and happier.

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