National Hispanic Heritage Month 2015

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Gateway Galley Special Menu National Hispanic Heritage Month.


<ul><li><p>National-Hispanic Heritage Month 29th September 2015 @ 1100-1300 </p><p> -Beef Fajitas -Chicken chimichangas -Taco, Taco Salad -Bean and Beef Burrito -Shrimp (Paella) -Refried Beans w/ Cheese -Mexican Rice -South of the Border Broccoli -Mexican Corn -Texas Tortilla Soup/Gazpacho Soup -Potato Salad -Pico de Gallo -Hot Dinner Rolls -Rice Pudding -Flan /Special Cake </p><p> Note: In observance of National Hispanic Heritage Month, all </p><p>authorized Galley patrons are invited to a Special Lunch Meal at the U.S. Naval Station-Rota Gateway Galley, on Tuesday , 29 September 2015, from 1100-1300. </p><p>This special lunch meal is open to all authorized Galley customers, including all sponsored-dependents, U.S. Civilians, and Retirees. Current meal rates apply: Lunch Meal: $5.55 Lunch Meal </p></li></ul>