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presented at Te Papa in Wellington, New Zealand on 23/11/09.


  • 1. NDF 2009 - Wellington [[edit]] this museum: Wikipedia and the cultural sector
  • 2. If people were passing out paints on the street for free every day, Im sure thered be a lot more painters. - Gregg Gillis (GirlTalk) in Good Copy, Bad Copy knowledge If people were passing out paints on the street for free every day, Im sure thered be a lot more painters. learning
  • 3. Wikipedia is... 100% F/LOSS, 100% open standards, 100% copyleft charitable foundation, volunteers, no advertising, no royalties, no permissions, available to use and re-use. GRATIS LIBRE
  • 4. I believe museums and Wikipedia have a lot in common (even if Wikipedias only been free to the world since 2001!)
  • 5. We too have scope creep...
  • 6. ...we curate exhibitions...
  • 7. ...and contextualise information...
  • 8. ...we deaccession articles...
  • 9. delete or keep?
  • 10. ...and we deaccession images...
  • 11. But were only just learning how to play nicely with others
  • 12. one more thing... Q. Why does Wikipedia have lots of educational resources about American culture but comparatively little from other countries (especially Australia/New Zealand)? (Its not a language or digital divide problem) A. 1. US is more available 2. US has greater copyright freedom
  • 13. AMERICAN Institutions: high resolution (inc .tiff) nuanced re-use policy no pseudo-TPMs default is open (esp. govt) AUSTRALIAN Institutions: low resolution .jpg format blanket claim of personal and private use only (water)marking/zoomify etc. Default is closed (esp. Crown)
  • 14. credits British Museum free to the world since 1793, Vintagedept, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Big Foot's camp three weeks after the Wounded Knee Massacre (Dec. 29, 1890), with bodies of several Lakota Sioux people wrapped in blankets in the foreground and U.S. soldiers in the background Library of Congress Public Domain Multimedia Usability Paris 2009 GLAM2, Polimerek Creative Commons Arrtibution Share-Alike Ty Cobb safe at third after making a triple, 8/16/1924 Library of Congress Public Domain SR71B Blackbird, December 1994, Sierra Nevada mountains EC94-42883-4 NASA Public Domain Portrait of athlete Marjorie Jackson c.1950 National Library of Australia Public Domain
  • 15. Thank you. [[user:witty lama]]


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