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  • National Biodiversity Stewardship Conference

    Biodiversity Stewardship in KwaZulu-Natal

    Date: 27-28 September 2017

    Venue: Salt Rock Hotel, KZN

    Time: 08h00

  • Background to the KZN Biodiversity Stewardship Programme Drivers of biodiversity loss. Programme achievements. Land ownership within the programme.

    Examples of success: Synergies between programmes. Challenges in the KZN Stewardship Programme Examples of sites. KZN landowner workshop

    Presentation Outline

  • 1994 2000 2005 2008

    Habitat loss in KZN 1994 - 2008

  • 53% of important biodiversity in private/communal ownership, outside of state protected areas.

    PA expansion:

    20-year target 842,000ha

    Biodiversity in KwaZulu-Natal

  • Programme Achievements

    Sites secured:

    35 nature reserves proclaimed 74,885ha.

    Six protected environments proclaimed 19,542ha.

    Five biodiversity agreements 8,027ha.

    Total of 102,454ha secured through biodiversity stewardship to date.

    In final stages of proclamation:

    Nine nature reserves 47,985ha.

    Two protected environments 43,186ha.

    Total of a further 91,161ha will be secured in short-term.

    In negotiation:

    10 nature reserves totalling approximately 73,724ha.

    Five protected environments 4,676ha.

    Total of a further 78,400ha will be secured in the medium term.

  • Species targets

  • Land ownership within the KZN

    Biodiversity Stewardship Programme

    Private/commercial land:

    Number of stewardship sites 42 sites.

    Area of sites 135,991ha.

    Municipal/state-owned land:

    Number of stewardship sites 15 sites.

    Area of sites 6,150ha.

    Communally-owned land (Ingonyama Trust Land):

    Number of stewardship sites 6 sites.

    Area of sites 63,695ha.

    Land reform land:

    Number of stewardship sites 6 sites.

    Area of sites 64,581ha.

  • Importance of Partnership

    The KZN Biodiversity Stewardship Programme is not solely an Ezemvelo initiative.

    The success of the programme is highly reliant on its collaborative nature.

    Key partners include the KZN Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the SANBI CREW programme and all major NGOs operating in KwaZulu-Natal.

  • Challenges in the KZN Stewardship

    Human resource capacity


    Landownership in KZN

    Adequate incentives for communal landowners

    Political will


    The primary water source for Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

    High diversity levels, including a number of rare and threatened species.

  • Integrated land

    use activities

    Grassland and



    Umgano NR & BA

  • Nambiti Game Reserve

  • KZN Biodiversity Stewardship Workshop

    Cross pollination amongst communities.

    Toolbox for developing incentives for communities.

    Linkages/ expose to potential parties for economic benefit.

    Community resource utilization.

  • Issues emanating from workshop

    Lack of communication between traditional

    leadership and local government councillors

    Institutional functions

    Lack of wildlife and land utilization knowledge.

    Political interference.

    Damage to property, such as fencing.

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