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  • P R O F I L ECreative and outgoing community service professional skilled at mentoring, organizational effectiveness, and team relationship development. Flexible and versatile team player who maintains a positive and focused attitude while working on multiple complex projects.

    H I G H L I G H T S

    A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S 2007 Stephanie Jowers Award for Innovative Campaigning Sierra Student Coalition 2007 Outstanding Leadership Award Associated Students of Portland Community College 2007 Certificate of Appreciation for Campus Sustainability and Organizational Change - Portland Community College 2009 Outstanding Leadership Award Associated Students of Oregon State University 2009 Joseph Barbosa National Youth Leader Award Sierra Club 2011 Namesake (first recipient and originator): Nathan Jones Award for Mentorship Sierra Student Coalition

    E X P E R I E N C EL E A D C O N S U LTA N T, N O RT H W E S T I N S T I T U T E F O R C O M M U N I T Y E N R I C H M E N T P O RT L A N D , O R 2 0 0 8 -P R E S E N TCollaborated with community leaders, organizations and public agencies to promote the organizations community service programs. Developed over 30 hours of workshop content focused on creating more fulfilling, meaningful, and rewarding experiences for catalysts and their communities. Clients included student groups, non-profits, community based organizations, and social benefit businesses.

    O R G A N I Z AT I O N A L D E V E L O P M E N T C O M M I T T E E M E M B E R & S U M M E R O F S O L U T I O N S P R O G R A M L E A D E R , G R A N D A S P I R AT I O N S C O RVA L L I S - P O RT L A N D , O R 2 0 0 8 - 2 0 1 1Developed youth leadership and programming focused on creating a just and inclusive green economy at a city level. Helped recruit, mentor, and train leaders who participated in over 50 programs during this time.

    E N V I R O N M E N TA L A F FA I R S TA S K F O R C E D I R E C T O R , A S S O C I AT E D S T U D E N T S O F O R E G O N S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y C O RVA L L I S , O R 2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9Helped engage student leaders in creating a more environmentally sustainable campus. Developed energy, composting, transportation, and recycling initiatives for the campus. Worked to bring in a diverse partner and stake-holder network that united student life centers (multicultural centers), Greek life, city organizations and bureaus, and campus faculty and staff. Also taught a student leadership class in lieu of a staff adviser for a term to provide volunteer opportunities for students.

    S T U D E N T S E N AT O R O F S C I E N C E A N D T E C H N O L O G Y, A S S O C I AT E D S T U D E N T S O F P O RT L A N D C O M M U N I T Y C O L L E G E P O RT L A N D , O R 2 0 0 6 - 2 0 0 7Organized multiple service days, events, and student activities. Served as a resource for students looking for help with their student experience. Participated in get out the vote and student text-book reselling programs.

    N AT I O N A L L E A D E R , S I E R R A S T U D E N T C O A L I T I O N P O RT L A N D - C O RVA L L I S , O R 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 7Served as a Activist Trainer, Training Director, Executive Committee Member, Trainings Curriculum Committee Chair, National Conservation Committee Chair, and Oregon Coordinator in my time as a volunteer with this organization.

    E D U C AT I O NBACHELOR OF SCIENCE: Oregon State University - Natural Resources, Corvallis, OR 2010Created a new degree specialization option for Social Justice and the Environment in the college of Forestry.

    ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE: Portland Community College - General Sciences, Portland, OR 2007Created a student group and ran a campaign to expand free and low carbon shuttle transportation services to students.

    Highly organized Excellent interpersonal skills Strong communicator

    Culturally-sensitive Collaborative Self-starter

    Adept multi-tasker Fast learner Skilled Mentor

    3 4 1 5 S E 7 4 T H AV E N U E # 2 0 P O RT L A N D , O R 9 7 2 0 6TEL 9 7 1 - 3 4 4 - 8 2 9 5 EMAIL N E J O N E S 7 @ G M A I L . C O M