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<ul><li><p>8/14/2019 Name: Vikram Singh Rawat</p><p> 1/2</p><p>.RESUME</p><p>Name: VIKRAM SINGH RAWAT</p><p>1. ADDRESS : RESIDENCE : H.NO= A-119/1 Ashok Nagar</p><p>Roorkee , Uttarkhand Dist., HaridwarMobile : , 09997160442, 09997985021</p><p>Email :</p><p>2. DATE OF BIRTH &amp; AGE : 01.11.1969, 38 yrs</p><p>3. RELIGION &amp; CASTE : Hindu , Rajput</p><p>4. Nationality &amp; Place of Birth : Indian, Dehradoon</p><p>5. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION :</p><p>BACHELOR OF ARTS</p><p>(Passed from Hemanthi Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University,</p><p>Srinagar, Uttaranchal in 1993)</p><p>6. TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE:</p><p>Knowledge and work experience in different Operating Systems</p><p>of Computer, such as MS Dos, MS Word, MS Excel etc.</p><p>Enough working knowledge in MS Excel formats. EMS.</p><p>7.FIELDS OF EXPERIENCE:</p><p>NAME OF THE</p><p>ORGANIZATION</p><p>PERIOD OF</p><p>SERVICE DESIGNATION</p><p>Minda Industries Ltd,</p><p>Delhi,</p><p>Minda Industries Limited</p><p>(Switch Division)</p><p>Plot No.20, SIPCOT II,</p><p>Hosur</p><p>Transferred to:Minda Industries Limited</p><p>(Switch Division)</p><p>Plot No-5 Sector-10</p><p>IIE Pantnagar.</p><p>Era Building System Ltd</p><p>Plot No-11 Sector-9</p><p>IIE Pantnagar. U.K</p><p>01.04.1993</p><p>01.11.2003</p><p>TO</p><p>31.03.2007</p><p>01.04.2007 to</p><p>12.07.08</p><p>From 28.07.08 to Till</p><p>now.</p><p>OFFICER STORE</p><p>Sr. OFFICER</p><p>MATERIALS &amp;</p><p>STORES</p><p>ASST.MANAGER</p><p>STORES</p><p>ASST. MANAGER</p><p>STORES</p></li><li><p>8/14/2019 Name: Vikram Singh Rawat</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Contd.. 2.</p><p>Page No. 2.</p><p>8. NATURE OF EXPERIENCE :</p><p>a. Issue of Schedules to Vendors, follow up and arrange materials in</p><p>time, with out affecting any shortage to line. b. Discussions with Local Vendors and Transporters and to make</p><p>agreements towards transportation and supply of materials.</p><p>c. Management and Accounting of Stores Receiving Store, Transit</p><p>Store, Consumables Stores, RM Main Store, FG Store - Material</p><p>Receipt, arrange for QC Verification, Segregation, Line Rejection,</p><p>Issue to Line, Maintenance of various registers.</p><p>d. Knowledge of Monthly Stock Valuation for bank Purpose and the</p><p>Procedure for Physical Stock Verification.</p><p>e. Experience in Preparation of Six in One Register consists of SRVRejection, FG Rejection, Line Rejection, Scrap, Segregation,</p><p>Re work etc.</p><p>f. Experienced in Dispatch of Materials - RM for Job work,</p><p>Returnable, CCGP, Excisable Invoicing etc.</p><p>g. Exposure in maintaining various registers required for Central</p><p>Excise Purpose such as RG1, RG23A &amp; C Part I &amp; II, annexure for</p><p>Job work, challan etc.</p><p>h. Experienced in maintaining registers required under Service Tax,</p><p>Credit, and Payment of Transporters etc.</p><p>i. Maintaining material consumption status project wise as well asproduction station wise</p><p>9. SELF ASSESSMENT:</p><p>Responsible, Trustworthy, Hardworking, Efficient in Carrying out</p><p>the Job entrusted, Accommodative Attitude to subordinates and</p><p>having serious attitude on Responsibilities.</p><p>I hereby declare that the details furnished in my CV are true and</p><p>correct.</p><p>Date: Vikram Singh Rawat</p><p>Place:</p></li></ul>


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