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  1. 1. E-creations Private Limited
  2. 2. When you plan to launch an e- commerce website, there are certain aspects you need to take care of. Do not let myths and fallacies ruin your vision, before you take a plunge. Debunked here are a few myths that cloud your vision and do not let you take the right decision.
  3. 3. Hiding the Check Your Price List Works: This puts the visitors off. Most of the visitors are window shoppers, they make the list of the items they like and come to the website again to buy when their budget allow. So, it is totally unwise to hide the check your price list
  4. 4. Providing Long Descriptions and Big Pictures is good People thinking like this need to take a leaf out from the king of the virtual selling market: Amazon. The site that rules the e-commerce market uses only a thumbnail picture, a very brief discussion and a link to purchase. If the visitors feel interested in buying the item then they click the link and read the longer description.
  5. 5. Allowing Customers to Browse Sites in Multiple Ways and Generates Sales The usability of such websites is very low as they follow high- pressure sales tactics as these sites tend to give visitors a bad taste.
  6. 6. Force the users to fill up personal information for place an order Most of peoples dont like to fill up all personal information on ecommerce site. Apart from that it is bad idea to force the users to sign up for placing the order.
  7. 7. Not to Give Quick overview of product Many of the ecommerce sites dont have quick product overview feature so users are force to scroll the whole page. On contrary, user do not have that much of time for scrolling so ecommerce site should give quick overview of products.
  8. 8. Place your products on the navigation bar. If there are too many products that fit into one page then you need to create category pages. Price List boosts the usability of the site. About us page is mandatory because you are selling things and need to have this page to establish your authenticity. Place a link to a page from where your customers can contact you for queries.
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