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1. Elena Pardo Laura Romero Ana SnchezMYKONOSMYKONOS 2. Localitation Mykonos is a little island from Greece which belong to archipelago of the Ccladas islands, situated in waters of Egeo sea. Mykonos is one of the most turistics islands from Egeo and Greece. The most importants things in this island are the beaches, the parties and its localitation near to Delos. 3. Description Mykonos is also a wonderful destination for the people that is searching for a holidays to get away from it all in a dreamscape. One of the most famous images from the island are the windmills Super Paradise is a large beach with fine sand and beautiful clear waters. Here, mostly the young people, get sunbaths and enjoy the music, the cocktails and genrally the party 4. Description 5. Closing Mykonos is a very wise option. I recommend to visit it because is a beautiful place, you can visit interesting scenaries and you can enjoy the parties. You shouldnt miss see the beautiful windmills