myamg showroom (the virtual car showroom) ... the main idea is the creation of a virtual showroom to

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    Thesis of SAMI LAAJILI


    MyAMG Showroom (The Virtual Car Showroom)


    Academic year 2017/2018

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    I would first like to thank my thesis supervisor Prof. Mario Covarrubias for his guidance, patience and kindness throughout the whole duration of my research. The door of Prof. Covarrubias office was always open whenever I ran into a trouble spot or had a question about my research or writing. Finally, I must express my very deeply gratitude to my parents and to all my friends for providing me with unfailing support and continuous encouragement throughout my years of study and through the process of researching and writing this thesis. This accomplishment would not have been possible without them. Thank you.



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    Web and multimedia businesses become nowadays not only a new opportunity, but also a necessity for the progress of the sector of communication and information in the world. The operation of these tools requires great professionalism, a good know-how, and a good entry opportunity. The key to the success of a multimedia project is the good management of the project while considering the financial constraints, deadlines, and resources available to implement the project. In order to focus on this concept. This project will allow us to achieve the knowledge and skills acquired. The main idea is the creation of a virtual showroom to give information and presenting high end cars so the creation of the project is accompanied by a 3-dimensional interactive tour of the exhibition hall modeled with 3Ds max and developed with Unity3D.

    Gli affari Web e multimediali diventano oggi non solo una nuova opportunità, ma anche una necessità per il progresso del settore della comunicazione e dell’informazione nel mondo. Il funzionamento di questi strumenti richiede una grande professionalità, un buon know-how e una buona opportunità di ingresso. La chiave del successo di un progetto multimediale è la buona gestione del progetto, considerando i vincoli finanziari, le scadenze e le risorse disponibili per implementare il progetto. Al fine di concentrarsi su questo concetto. Questo progetto ci consentirà di raggiungere le conoscenze e le competenze acquisite. L’idea principale è la creazione di uno showroom virtuale per dare informazioni e presentare vetture di alto livello in modo che la creazione del progetto sia accompagnata da un tour interattivo tridimensionale della sala espositiva modellata con 3Ds max e sviluppata con Unity3D



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    Table of contents


    Acknowledgements Abstract List of figures List of tables

    CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION General Introduction

    1. General context of the project 2. Presentation of the Project 3. The objectives 4. The targets 5. Structure of the report


    CHAPTER 2 : STATE OF THE ART I. Study of the website « »

    1. The website 1.1. Analyzing the logo 1.2. Analyzing the website 1.3. Technical study Of the web Site

    1.3.1 Features 1.3.2 Technologies Used

    2. Study of the virtual visit of the site CarVRtour 2.1 Technical analysis 2.2 Navigation and buttons 2.3 Pros and cons

    II. Video game Analysis Silent Hill: Home Coming 1. Game details 2. Overview 3. Synopsis 4. Graphics 5. Gameplay 6. Soundtrack 7. General opinion

    III. 3D virtual tour of «Tisindia» company 1. Analysing the sequences and the shots 2. Pros and cons

    IV. Other existing showrooms Pros and cons


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    P.52 P.54 P.55 P.57



    CHAPTER 3 : THE DESIGN 1. Graphical research

    1.1 Search for the accessories to be modelled 1.2 mock-up scenario of the Showroom

    2. Modelling 2.1 Modelling the Showroom 2.2 Modeling of The Environment

    3. Texturing 4. Exporting the scene into FBX format


    CHAPTER 4 : THE REALIZATION I. Software and hardware environment

    1. Software Used 2. Hardware Used

    II. Realization of the Virtual tour 1. Why did we choose Unity3D to develop the project 2. Integrating 3d Objects 3. Texturing 4. Light-Mapping (lighting) 5. Setting up the camera 6. Scripting in Unity 7. Final render


    CHAPTER 5 : USER’S TEST 1. SUS-The System Usability Scale 2. Analysing and calculating the results




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    List of figures

    List of tables


    Figure 1 : carVRtour logo Figure 2: Home page of the website «carVRtour» Figure 3: car VR tour examples Figure 4: Technologies used to build the website Figure 5: Example of Virtual Tour (Outside) Figure 6: Example of Virtual Tour (Inside) Figure 7: Pop-up Video Figure 8: Clues of navigation Figure 9: Indices of Icons Figure 10: The poster of the game Figure 11: The main character in action Figure 12: Details of an object in the game Figure 13: Different shows room found on the net Figure 14: Prototype of a car carrier Figure 15: Sketch of the left view of the showroom plan Figure 16: Sketch view from the top of the showroom plan and car stands Figure 17: Modelling the interior of the showroom Figure 18: Modelling the exterior facade of the showroom Figure 19: Texture 360 ° of the sky Figure 20: A half-sphere that represents the sky Figure 21: Table of V-Ray materials Figure 22: FBX export panel Figure 23: Oculus Wireless VR headset Figure 24: The scene imported in Unity3D Figure 25: Scene after putting the textures Figure 26: Point light settings Figure 27: Directional light settings Figure 28: Spot light settings Figure 29: Wireframed lights Figure 30: « Generate Colliders » Checked Figure 31: Settings of the « Character Controller » Figure 32: Setting up the camera Figure 33: Scripts folder Figure 34: Build settings panel Figure 35: MyAMG VR test ready Figure 36: MyAMG SUS form Figure 37: MyAMG SUS forms filled Figure 38: MyAMG SUS result

    Table 1: Study of the «carVRtour» logo Table 2: The study of the w ebsite Www.CarVRtour. com Table 3: Analysing the video shots

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    General Introduction

    In a society that is increasingly concerned with research and the publication of information, the new communication and information technologies have invaded several economic and cultural sectors. Several national institutions and centres have adopted this new technological trend to make themselves known more easily by a large public. In fact, modeling, interactivity in 3d and the development of dynamic websites have greatly contributed to an exchange of information between Internet users and the institutions concerned. With a varied and precise information each user can not only have a clear idea about the association of 3d interactivity but also manipulates and uses the application that is made available to him.

    1. General context of the project:

    The professions of the web and multimedia become nowadays not only a new opportunity to seize but also a necessity for the progress of the sector of communication and information in the world. The exploitation of these trades requires a great professionalism, a good Know-how, and a good grasp of the opportunities. The key to the success of a multimedia project is the good management of the project while taking into account the financial constraints, the delays, and the resources available to set up the project. In order to emphasize this concept. We are oriented to carry out a professional project in the framework of Master of science in communication design Within the Politecnico Di Milano.

    2. Presentation of the Project:

    In this project we will allow the realization of the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired. The main activity of my project is the creation of a showroom MyAMG Specialized in the Presentation of cars MERCEDES AMG E63 2018. The creation


    of a virtual environment is accompanied A three-dimentional interactive tour of the showroom.

    3. The objectives:

    The main objectives of our project are: • Build a consistent and attractive Virtual Reality Platform: A simple, intuitive and concise interface, ergonomics facilitating easy and fast navigation, assisting the user, to accomplish his Spot and directly reach its goal (Have information, Change color...). • Promote And Communicate The Tour Of Products de The company MyAMAG : Do Know the different Options and Colors Exposed cars.

    4. The targets:

    The project exposes two aspects of communication and sales: • Rich and business people: The Project Aims The rich and business people in the first place since the cars destined to sell are high Ranges. • Young drivers and