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My Vampire Girlfriend

thegirlwithnofears: Hey! So, heres the soft copy of My Vampire Girlfriend! I do have some rules for you to follow. The rules are; DO NOT REPOST, DO NOT PRINT A COPY, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE, DO NOT EAT PIZZA (just kidding with the eat pizza part XD). Please do follow these simple rules. If you disobeyed one of those rules, I will immediately report you. So without further ado, enjoy reading this story!


[INTRODUCTION~PROLOGUE]~~~~"I'm a vampire, I drink every sweet blood of a person. But don't worry, I MIGHT change."-Katie Forbes~~~~[ MACKYS POV ]Gabi na. Madilim. Nakakatakot. Naglalakad ako pauwi na ng bahay, ng bigla akong nakaramdam ng KILABOTdahil parang may sumusunod sakin. Pabilis ng pabilis ang paglakad ko, pati na rin siya. Nag-simula na akong tumakbo, ganun din ang ginawa niya. Nabigla nalang ako ng may babaeng biglang nasa harapan ko. Nakakagulat! >oo:C""(whispers) BAMPIRA AKO!"HUH?! Hanudaww!? Medyo matagal pa bago magsink-in yun sa utak ko ah. Ano daw yun?!Loading1....2....3....4.....5.....6.......7..........8.............Ano ba yan?! Ang tagal mag loading! >v_< Tapos may biglang lumapit samin."Uy pare! Girlfriend mo?"tanong nung isa kong kabarkada."Oo, hindi pa ba obvious?"tapos tinaas ko yung kamay namin ni Katie."Ayy, sorry naman bro! Hehe. Ano name niya?""I'm Katie Forbes."tapos nakipag-shake hands siya."Ahh, ang ganda ng name mo ah. Pang-American.""I'm half-American. I'm from New York. But now we really need to go the register. Excuse us."Ang taray talaga neto. Well, she's nice too.We're here in registration. Katie told me to stay here in a bench. Ugh."Hi! I'm Katie Forbes. I'll be studying here from now on. Here's my forms and here's the tuition fee. And I want to be in section A."di ko naman masyadong marinig yung sinasabi niya kasi medyo malayo ako sakanya eh. Hayy! Ano na kaya pinagsasabi nun? =_=Tapos biglang lumapit sakin si Kate. -______-"So? What happened? Ano sabi mo? At ano sabi nila?""You're too curious, Macky. Don't worry, I didn't say anything stupid. I talked to her nicely and she answered me nicely. She said I'll take an exam first." she chuckles right after saying that then she went inside of the office. Wait, what section is she in? I'm in section A. I hope she's not in there! >_o< I better make sure that Demmy will not love this full of CAMERAS and VOICE RECORDER! Or else, our friendship will be GONE! >o< It'll be gone just because of those reporters and paparazzis or should I say, life ruiner!xxx*SCHOOL -Monday*Where is Demmy?! HMMM... Where is she?!"Hey, Macky! Did you see Demmy around here?" -I asked my Macky."I don't know. I didn't notice her around here. Why? Is there a problem?" -Gosh, he really do care about this issue. >:("Just some personal business. Anyway, thank you! " -still stress. Where will I find her?! GRR!*Walking down the stairs* What?! Why there's a lot of people there in the corridor?! Don't tell me...?! WHAAAAAAT!? What the?!!!!"Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me." -walking forward through the crowds. -___-"Katie! Glad you're here!" -Demmy said. >:["Dem!!!!?! *fake smile* What are the reporters and news casters doing here in our school?" -It's my fault. I shouldn't let her feel thesocial media lifefeeling. You know, where lots of people idolized you, took a lot of pictures of you but worst, they'll ruin your life!"I told them to get out. But since they brought camera, I have this fake smile right now. You know, I've been looking for you. And at last you're here, could you do something?!" -really?! That's insanely hard, Dem! >:O"Oh great! --- Hey reporters! We would like to have some privacy for a sec. please! *the guards push them away from us*" -thank you guards!xxx*Classroom*"Hmm.. We should use the *DISGUISE MODE*?" -si Demmy unang nag-salita! Aheeeem! T^T"You know, please stop pretending to be a good girl. I mean, I know you really wanted that. But, don't you know what will happen when you accept that chance? I loved my slightly normal life but not the "FAKE WORLD", where actress and actors act and pretend they're happy. Believe me, you won't love that life." -I read her thoughts. She's pretty mad that I came. She even pretended to have a fake smile with the reporters and news casters, but the truth is, her FAKE SMILE was meant for me. GRR!"Uhh.. And so what? You're just envy with me. You can't accept that you're not the #1 anymore, that's because I'm the new #1!" -pathetic. -__-"Ican't believe you just said that!I thought you are my best friend, but I guess you're really not. Excuse me, I have to go. *UMALIS NA*" -Playing safe girl! GRR!*AFTER CLASSES*"Katieeee! Katieeee Forbesss! Wait!" -What the?!Biglang lumapit sakin si Demmy. Psh. -_-"What?!" -DUH. Kailangan ba naming mag-usap?! Matapos niyang...."I just wanted to say sorry... You know, it's because it's my first time and you know the feeling of that. And it's better not to have the life you're talking about than losing you." -Yeah right! -____-"Tss. Fine. But promise me you won't entertain any reporters again because they might really ruin your normal life."Hmm, I'll just forgive her and forget her mistake.


Chapter 11: I regret this

Demmy's POV*CLICK CLICK CLICK*UGH. The camera's flash, please..... Can somebody help me?!Maybe, Katie was right. Being popular is hard enough! >o< Can somebody help me down here?!Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?! Pero I kinda like it.. UGH!!!xxxI'm here in our house and it's already 8 pm."Mom! Dinner's Ready?! I'm hungry. *sighs*""Not yet sweetheart. I'm still cooking down here. Just please do wait patiently."GRR! At least, we're best friends again. Katieeeeee... Why do I always think about you?! You're just a simple girl. I mean, not a simple girl, but an incredible one. Why this guilt happening to me?!Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!Can somebody answer me?! Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo!?!After some minutes, ready na rin ang dinner namin."Honey, what's wrong Dem?""Uh. Nothing. I'm just tired.""Is there anything wrong with the food? If you don't like it, I'll just cook your favorite.?""No. I'm fine. Thank you."Maybe Katie was right, Iwas being selfish. But why? She's my best friend. She should be proud of me. Not that envy attitude! But, I feel....AWFUL and sorry. Gosh. What I've done to our friendship. It's all my fault............ but I shouldn't feel this way since she already forgive me.. but ughh I feel so pathetic!"I better take a nap. Excuse me.""Aren't you going to finish your dinner first? Swetie, if ever you have a problem... just come to me. Maybe I can help?""Nope. It's just some personal business."*ROOM*What I have done. This guilt is killing me now! What's happening?!Life's too short to live, so live happily.But do I?xxx*SCHOOL*Where's Katie?! Katiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :'("Demmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :)"HUH. Who's calling me? Is it Katie?!"UHH. *looks at the girl* Katie?""Yeah girl. xD Hey, Y U LOOK SO UN-HAPPY? o(ToT)o"Is this true?! Ohmy! I must be dreaming! But, I hope I'm not!"UHHH...""Don't worry.. I'm not mad at you anymore! Look, when I say "Apology Accepted", it's true. Really true! So come on bestfriend! Let's have a date. And start all over again. I mean, the normal ones. Not the popular ones. xD""I'm dreaming right?! I'm just dreaming!""Nope. You're not! This is true! x)""Okaaaaay! Thank youuu! Bestfriends again?!" then suddenly, the guilt inside of me is gone! And now I feel so happy! :)"Yeah. x"D"WOOH! I'm lucky! Yeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! We're now heading to our classroom but then Sam & Liam came and blocked us. Those pathetic jerks again. -_-"Hello Ladies! How are you this morning?" -Sam"Hi. We're fine thank you. But, we're in a hurry. So please, step aside." -Katie :)"Nu-uh. Not until you accept me." -Sam"Accept what?" -Me"Accept me as your boyfriend. Why, aren't we cute enough?" -Sam and Liam."Nope! We guess not! DUH." -Katie"AHH. Ganun?!" -Sam"HUH?! LOL. Stop that non-sense Sam. Why you so feeler?" -Me"Cause I'm too handsome to say this. Oh. Your boyfriends are there in the classroom. And they're busy. They would not mind if I kiss you. Right Liam?" -Sam"Yeah. xD Just this once. xD" -Liam"Don't move any closer. Or else, I'll do some kung fu moves! xP" -Katie (Go Katie! Go Katie! Go Katie!)"Kung Fu moves? Alright, let's see what you got there pretty!" -Liam && Sam"GRR!" -KateNung susuntok na si Sam, naiwasan ni Kate at sinipa yung kanyang tiyan. Sumugod si Liam na si Kate ay muntikan nang matamaan. Buti nlang, nahawakan niya yung kamay neto at kaagad napigilan! Hala! Nagka-wrestlingan na dito.. 2 on 1! 2 boys vs. 1 girl! And finally! Natalo na ni Katie silang dalawa. Ayun, tulog silang"Katie! San kayo nang-galing?" -Macky"UHH. Downstairs. Bakit?" -Katie"Uhmm.. Sige Katie, punta na'ko sa seat ko. Thanks for saving me again! x)" -MeThen nag-usap na sila. I can't hear them since medyo malayo ako sakanila. And I won't bother rin naman. :)


Chapter 12: Super Hero!

*Macky's POV (Con't of their convo)*OKAY. Where's that girl? (KATIE) Hmm... Bakit wala pa siya dito?! Ano nanaman kaya nangyare dun?! Halaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Lagot ako kay mama pag may masamang nangyari dun! Pero teka lang ahh, bampira naman siya. Kaya niya na siguro protektahan sarili niya. xDHuh?! Bakit hingal na hingal sila Kate at Demmy? Ano kayang nangayri?! >> xO"Katie! San kayo nang-galing?" ang pagtatanong ko kay Katie. Curious ako eh! >oooo< Tapos 6:00am na ngayon. Bale mga 6 hours lang tulog ko! 5 and a half siguro?! Basta! Gusto ko pang matulooooooooooog!!! >oo:)"Arf! Arf! Arf!" BWAHAHAHA! Nakakatawa talaga to! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! >:)"OYYYY! Sige ka talaga! Gagawin kitang hotdog! Sige ka! >:O *pouts*""Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!""Raffy! Come here boy! Tsk tsk! Bad dog!" Luh?! Sino naman yung lalaking iyon?"Ayt. So that's your dog?! Psh.""Uhmm. I'm sorry miss. This dog re