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My Trio Rings is the source for authentic diamond and gold jewelry! With four generations of expertise and dedication to the diamond and jewelry industry, My Trio Rings is the market leader in offering quality matching wedding bands and matching trio ring sets at affordable prices to brides and grooms-to-be!


  • 1. How to find a wedding band to match your engagement ring!

2. The Perfect Wedding RingYoure engaged! Now you need to find your wedding band. The engagement ring and wedding band should complement each other while also reflecting your personal style. We have put together a list to help you decide which wedding band goes with your engagement ring. 3. Simple Solitaire Princess, Round or Emerald No matter what the cut, a solitaire engagement ring is the most versatile to match. Nearly any wedding band will look amazing next to your bauble. We like the idea of a thin pave diamond band along side your simple solitaire it adds some sparkle and a touch of drama. 4. Modern Styles If your engagement ring is uniquely shaped which has seen a new light in recent years be sure to pick a wedding band that moves with the shape of your engagement ring. You want the pair of rings to complement each other and sit flat on your finger. Unique Shapes Modern rings are simple and clean. These rings draw attention because of the mastery behind them. Opt for a band with minimal decoration and steer clear of flowery designs for a sharp, clean modern look. 5. An engagement ring that embraces an eternity or half eternity diamond band will look great next to a simple band, free of gems It will allow your current diamonds to stand in the spotlight. Engagement bands are definitely trending these days. If your engagement ring has no center stone, we like the idea of choosing a thin wedding band in the same metal but in a style that adds a flash of color! Heavy Bands 6. Three-Stone Colored Stones For an engagement ring that showcases a colored gemstone, try a band style that involves the same gemstone. A fun choice, that doesnt distract from your engagement ring, might be a band that interchanges white gems and colored gems. For a three-stone engagement ring choose a band that embraces similarly cut gems. 7. The Show Stopper Some engagement rings are best unrivaled on your finger a band might make your hand look too cluttered. If you have a ring that deserves to be worn alone consider using this ring for your wedding ring during the ceremony and get a beautiful band for your other hand. 8. Vintage Whether it is vintage or vintage-inspired, these rings can incorporate intricate details like filigree, or engraving. Vintage rings will look great next to a band that complements and highlights your favorite design elements in your engagement ring, like engraved flowers. 9. If you havent picked your engagement ring yet there are plenty of ring sets to choose from. Choosing a set can be a great option for those who want a matching, seamless look. Sets are made to fit each womans own personal style and budget. Bridal Ring Sets 10. 855-MY-RINGS My Trio Rings was started to provide hardworking Americans with high quality, affordable jewelry. The creator of My Trio Rings, Vipul Lakhi, saw how large retailers overcharge their customers, and decided to put four generations of diamond know-how to work. Customers save money by cutting out the middleman. 11. Attributes Side 1 - Side 2 - Side 3 - Side 4 Side 5 - Side 6 - Side 7 - Side 8 - Side 9 - Side 10 - 12. Summary This presentation lays out the different options for wedding bands and how they can be used to compliment engagement rings.