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  • 1. 2010 Oracle Corporation

2. QuickTime?and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.MySQL Scott ChenGreat China Regional Sales ManagerMySQLGlobal Business Unit+86-13911785595 +886-975418467 MySQL MySQL 3. MySQL 200810Sun Microsystems Sun MySQL5.1, MySQL Cluster 7.1 2009 - 73Dell SQL server MySQL 2010MySQL 2009 MySQL 2009MySQL 2009MySQL 70% 2010 MySQL MySQL Oracle MySQL 5.5 MySQL724 MySQL GPLv2 2011MySQL MySQL 2011300MySQL 20121,000 MySQL 2012 MySQL Cluster 7.2 2012 2010 Oracle Corporation 4. OracleMySQL2011Oracle 5. More Products Releases Than Ever BeforeMySQL MySQL Database 5.6 MySQL Database 5.5 DMR* MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5and MySQL Labs! MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3MySQL Cluster 7.2 MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1All GA! MySQL Workbench 5.2GA! MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2 MySQL Cluster 7.1 MySQL Cluster Manager 1.0 A Better MySQLAll GA!*Development Milestone ReleaseQ2 CY2010Q3 CY2010 Q4 CY2010Q1 CY2011Q2 CY2011 6. Who is Using MySQL The Top 20 Websites 201. Google11. Twitter2. Facebook12. Yahoo JP3. 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MySQL Enterprise Expert Advisors AdministrationMySQL ClusterPerformance Monitors and Advises on Monitors and Advises onOptimal Configuration Monitors and Advises on status/ performance of MySQLOptimal Performance Cluster Data Nodes. Variable SettingsCustom Replication Built by DBA to Enforce Organization specific best Monitors and Advises on practices.Master/Slave Latency.Upgrade Security Monitors and Advises on Monitors and Advises on Bugs/Upgrades that affect Unplanned Security current installationChanges/LoopholesSchemaMemory Usage Monitors and Advises on Monitors and advises on Unplanned Schema optimal memory/cache Change settings140+ Rules, 40+ MySQL, OS specific Graphs 2010 Oracle Corporation 16. MySQL Query Analyzer 2010 Oracle Corporation 17. Query Execution Drill Downs Example query exec with variable substitution Trace query exec back to source code Full exec EXPLAIN 2010 Oracle Corporation 18. MyOracle MySQL Support Diagnostic Reports Quickly collects/packages MySQL, OS and query diagnostics into portablereport for Oracle Support/ MySQL, Attach to new or existing SRs Quicker diagnosis/fixing of problems/ 2010 Oracle Corporation 19. MySQL Enterprise MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 2010 Oracle Corporation 20. MySQL 2010 Oracle Corporation 21. MySQLWorkbenchMaking MySQL Better Today 2010 Oracle Corporation 22. MySQL Workbench: Unified Database IDEMySQLDatabase Admin Single Integrated GUI Unified IDE - like MS SQL Server Management Studio 2010 Oracle Corporation 23. + 2010 Oracle Corporation 24. MySQL 2010 Oracle Corporation 25. 2010 Oracle Corporation 26. Scale-Out on Commodity Hardware 4.3M QPS 8 Intel servers Dual-6-core CPUs @2.93 GHz 24GB RAM 2 Data Nodes per server flexAsync benchmark 16 parallel threads, each issuing 256 simultaneous transactions Read / Write 100KB attribute Access via NDB APICopyright 2011 Oracle Corporation26 27. 1 BILLION QPM 8 x Intel Servers 2 x 6-core 2.93GHx, x5670 processors (24 threads per total) 48GB RAM Infiniband networking Linux 6.1 flexAsynch benchmark, C++ NoSQL API (NDB API) 1 billion QPM (17.2m Reads per Second) 114m Updates per Minute (1.9m per second) 28. MySQL Cluster 7.2 70x Higher Complex Query Performance: Adaptive Query Localization Native Memcached API MySQL 5.5 Server Integration Multi-Threaded Data Node Extensions VM Support Multi-Site Clustering Simplified Active / Active Replication MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1.4 Consolidated Privileges 2010 Oracle Corporation 29. 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