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  1. 1. MY RESUME COL WILSON T MENDOZA PA (Ret.) B47L25 Dreamland Subdivision, Hagonoy, Taguig City, Philippines 5236 83rd St., Elmhurst New York City 11373 Tertiary Education: Lyceum of Aparri AB Major in Math/English 1985 Isabela State University, Echague, Isabela 1981 BS in Agri. Engineering (4th Year) Secondary Education: La Salette of Cabatuan, Cabatuan, Isabela 1972-1976 Rank/Designation Job Description Inclusive Dates KB Chairman Ist elected Kabataang Barangay 1975-1979 Chairman. Leader in the barangay youth sector and member, barangay council of my birthplace. Private-Corporal Instructor, Admin and Training NCO 1982-1986 Tactical NCO for 2 ROTC/CMT Units. Garnered the Most outstanding CMT units in Cagayan (School year 1984-85) 2LT Platoon Leader An officer that leads platoon size of 1988-1990 combat troops in the front lines (54IB and 48IB, PA) 1LT - Company A seasoned infantry officer that do not 1991-1992 Commander only lead company size troops in combat but also served as leader of men and manager of resources. S1 Assists his commander in the person- nel administration of battalion size Troops (48IB) in the combat zone. Signal Intelligence In charge of the overall SIGINT 1993-1995 (SIGINT) efforts in Region 6 (Western Visa- Brigade Signal that complimented other EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Work Experiences 11111 11111
  2. 2. Officer efforts in gathering information about the Communist Terrorists in the region.The job involved a combination of tactical and tech- nical proficiency in combat and the interception and exploitation of the enemy's use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Concurrent signal officer of 302 Infantry Brigade in Panay island, Philippines. CAPTAIN The lone staff officer that assisted 1995-1997 Personnel/Opera- his battalion officer in managing tion/LogisticsOffi- the affairs of a signal battalion cer & Coy Comdr deployed in the Visayas and Mindanao. Concurrent duty as the operation officer, Spearhead CATV system in Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz. Coy Comdr/Bri- Dual function as unit commander 1998-2003 gade CEIS Officer and staff officer of a unit composed of elite cavalry troops that are deployed all over the country. Operation of the COD/Armor CATV System, a self-supporting CATV system as OIC. This is the only non-commercial CATV System owned and operated by an Organic unit of the Phil Army. MAJOR Personnel Officer of the premier Signal 2003-2005 S1/Divison Chief Unit of the Phil Army, the Signal Group And Ex-A Chief, Admin Division, OJ6, AFP 2005-2006 Concurrent Executive Asst to the Depu- ty Chief of Staff for CEIS, J6, AFP. Asst Chief of Staff for CEIS, U6, Nor- thern Luzon, Command, AFP 2006-2007 LT COLONEL G6, ASCOM ACS for CEIS, Army Support Command, 2007-2014 PA. Accomplishments include the DATA Connectivity of all ASCOM Offices and Units deployed nationwide and the ins- tallation and operation of the ASCOM Inventory Management System for Supply Electronic Recording & Viewing (AIMS for SERVE), a very comprehensive & automated system for the processing (in and out) of military supplies in all The magazines and warehouse of the PA nationwide. The system includes the Electronic planograph that can pinpoint
  3. 3. locations of a single piece of supply in a storage facility. This is the first out- sourced automated system implemented in the AFP. Other Concurrent Jobs/Positions Member, 302 Inf Bde Trng Directorate (Signal Officer) for Bn Retrng 1993 Member, Awards and Decorations Board, 302 Bde, 3ID, PA 1993 to 1995 Member, BAC for Special Projects, LABde, PA May 1993 Feb 2003 Chairman, Reenlmt Board, 2Sig Bn, 2ID, PA 2003 Member, Reenlmt, Schooling, Promotion & Assignment Board, SGPA 2003 to 2005 Member, PMT for Army Signal Opns Manual - 2004 to 2005 Member, Program and Budget Advisory Committee, ASCOM, PA 2008 to Jun 2014 Member, PMT for 100 Watts HF Base Radio Acquisition Project 2007 to 2011 Team Leader, Defense Acquisition Assessment Team for 100 Watts HF Base Radio 2011 to 2014 Member, Technical Inspection and Acceptance Committee for the PA Night Fighting System -2011 Course/Nature Name of School Incl Dates Remarks *ASCMT MS43Pre Entry 2HDU, ARESCOM 1 Apr Mil Training 31 May 81 Nr 2 (81) = 91.16% *Offr Prep Crse CTW CAS, TCPA 11 Jul 87- Scout Ranger Orientation 19 Feb 88 Nr 13 (63) = 87.67% Course-Pre Posting Trng as Infantry Offr Air to Ground Opn Sem 1/5 Bde, PA 1987 Graduated Trng on Guiding Mil Air- craft in providing Close Air Support Rifle Company Training DTU, 5ID, PA`May-Aug 89 Graduated *Communication-Electro- nics Officer Basic Course CES, TRADOC, PA June to Sept 1993 Nr 5 (23) = 86.08% Radio Direction Finding Trainors Course CMS, G2, PA Jun Aug 04`Graduated Pers Family Seminar 3ID, PA 1995 Graduated ESPA Seminar 3ID, PA 1997 Graduated *CEOAC Advance Crse For Signal Officers CSS, TRADOC, PA Sept 97 To Feb 88 Nr 5 (9) = 91.78% Light Armor Opns Trng LABde, PA July to Aug Graduated 1998 Federation of Int CATV Assn of the Phil Congress World Trade Ctr Apr 2000 Finished Project Mgt Seminar/ OAMPMO, PA 2007 Graduated Senior Staff Officer Jun to Sep Nr 10 (40) = 91.90% Course 2007 SCHOOLING, SEMINARS AND TRAININGS ATTENDED (Military and Civillian)
  4. 4. Explosive Ordnance Oct 2013 Graduated Disposal Spl Crse Jan 2014 (Executive Level) 14th Federation of Intl Manila Hotel 2-6 Mar Finished CATV & Telecoms 2014 Assn of the Phil Knowledgeable on the Government Procurement System (RA 9184) Professional Driver Written Communication Skills = Poetry, Essay & Feature Writing Pistol and Rifle Sharpshooter Computer-literate: MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel CATV Head End Equipment and Outside Plant Installation & Operation and Maintenance Fixed Communication (Telephony) Central Office and Outside Plant System Installation, Operation and Maintenance Data Communication Installation, Operation and Maintenance Audio-Video Installation and Operation Explosive Ordnance and Disposal Operation and related investigation activities Gen Efren L Abu AFP (Ret) Former Chief of Staff, AFP Lt Gen Danilo M Servando AFP (Ret) Former Commander, ASCOM, PA MGen Arnulfo Palmea AFP (Ret) Former Commander, ASCOM, PA MGen Gamaliel S Cruz AFP Commander, ASCOM, PA COL Manuel A Tayag OS (GSC) PA Commander, HHSBN, ASCOM, PA SKILLS CHARACTER REFERENCES