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1. IntroductionHello my name is RafiqWhat am I presenting?I will be presenting my knowledge of research the knowledge I applied to the games I researchedand the different types of research available (Primary/Secondary).What is the point? 2. Its important to research if youre going to do anything from getting a game review for the gameyou have just created to writing a news report. If youve just created a game without researchingthat game most likely wont be any good; the reason being you havent gone and researched whatpeoples likes and dislikes are and also where you got youre inspiration from.Research in generalWhat is research?Research is simply getting background information on whatever youre creating. Looking at key facts,opinions, where people got their inspiration from and looking at videos, blogs and reviews onsomeone else researching.Its ok to reference quotes but you can only do that to a minimum because research has to beeverything that you found and taking information from someone else is unoriginal because itsmeant to be your research findings its illegal in universities and colleges and could get youblacklisted from education in the country.Why is it key in the industry?Research is key in the industry because it shows where you got your inspiration from and also thefeedback you got. This is all to improve games and find out what people want in games.What general research can I use?Anytime I do any research I will turn to the internet first where i can look at blogs 3. I can look at YouTube videosI can do surveys and look at other survey reviewsAnd I can ask a family member or a close friend or someone with a mutual interest.Research can differ based on time, if I created a modern game but got my inspiration from an oldgame that came out years ago then I would have to look at the available resources and researchtechniques that artists and game makers used at that time. The way the game was advertised forexample posters, TV. Ads, magazines, books and how popular the game was and the sales it made.Classic Game Research overviewWhat did I research?I researched Super Mario World (released in 1990 by Nintendo)What special research techniques did I use?For this task I had to do primary research on a classical game. Primary research involves getting allthe information on my own without looking at research thats already out there. I did create a surveyand distributed it online and to the public. The first and most important thing I did was play thegame. I also got a picture of me playing the game to prove that its primary research and original. 4. Classic game research in depthPrimary research?Doing primary research on a classical game involves looking at what media was available at thattime. In this case I looked at what media and technology was available in 1990. Compared to todaytechnology wasnt very advanced pixel art was main stream and the graphics at that time wasntarguable. For artists and game makers to do primary research they would look at books, magazines,do photo-shoots and also play games. I looked at how this game was advertised, they used posters,and TV ads, also put it on their website.What did I learn?The obvious thing I learned was how to apply primary research to an old generation game; this alsoexpanded my own knowledge of research because when I was younger, I used to just use theinternet all the time. I also learned that primary research is strict like everything has done byyourself and you have to have proof that it was done by you.How can I apply this knowledge to my game?I think id add a controller to my game because I liked how the super Nintendo controller providesstability it was so easy to control the character, I could easily navigate the player 1 around objects. 5. Modern day research overviewWhat did I research?I researched Call of Duty GhostsWhat special research techniques did I use?The research I did for Call of Duty Ghosts was secondary. Secondary research involves gettingbackground information from sources that are already out there and also from blogs and sites likeReddit. 6. Modern day research in depthWhat did I learn?Today doing research is a lot easier because of the internet being so accessible.Whilst doing my research I learned what reliable sources are out there and where to look its mainlyopinions and reviews. What I did was look online at reviews of what people liked and disliked andjust taking quotes and I wrote why people disliked certain aspects and features of Call of DutyGhosts.How can I apply this knowledge to my game?By taking peoples dislikes if I was to make multiplayer maps for my game I would make themmedium sized and also make the spawning fair so no ones getting killed a few seconds after theyvejust spawned and also make the players movement speed equal. 7. Research EvaluationI found that doing primary research was easier than doing secondary because the first-handexperience. Like When I played Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo I got to experience thecontrols and it also helped me think of questions that I could ask on my survey.Another thing I liked about doing primary research was I didnt have to look at research thatsomeone else created. Everything that I did was original. I liked how I could create a survey and askquestions that I wanted to know.During my research for both primary and secondary I think that I struggled with writing what I thinkabout something and what the public think about the same point. So it ended up taking me a longtime to write a paragraph on lets say for my secondary research I wrote about a few mul tiplayermaps and why people disliked it. I took to the internet to look at what people thought and then tooknotes from them all and put what people generally thought.Research was never really my strong point but when I started doing this it has helped me learnwhere I can look for quality information and also how I would get my questions and point out to thepublic.