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Download My requests: Accenture Transport Services Transport Accenture in India provides transport services to its employees, as per Accenture’s Transport Policy 1155. Transport services

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  • Accenture Transport Services A Quick Reference Guide

    Quick Response Team A quick response team (QRT) has been put in place to manage emergency situations or accidents that may occur on the road. The QRT team is available, with an exclusive patrolling vehicle, between 19:00hrs hours to 07:00 hours*. The QRT also conducts regular audits to monitor drivers vigilance and compliance with security procedures.

    If you are involved in an incident or accident, immediately call the helpdeskA local QRT will be mobilized and requisite actions will be taken *QRT is available at BPO locations only (For all employees between19:00hrs07:00hrs)

    Reaching the Transport Helpdesk Call the 24/7 helpdesk (refer the numbers mentioned overleaf) The Helpdesk records the query and provides a SR # Resolution will be provided on the basis of the query

    FeedbackFeedback is always anticipated and appreciated. Listed below are the various options that an em-ployee can utilize to provide inputs

    Call helpdeskLogin to the TMS portalSend an SMSLog request in myRequest

    Useful Links TMS:

    My requests:

    Transport policy:

    Important Phone Numbers: Accenture location: 66666 option 1Outside Accenture: 1800 419 0666 option 1Womens helpline: 1800 103 1036 (transport emergency only) Drop SMS # : +91 99809 02020

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  • OverviewAccenture in India provides transport services to its employees, as per Accentures Transport Policy 1155. Transport services include shuttle services between office locationswithin the same cityand cab services (pick-up and drop facilities), between employees residences and office locations

    Availing Transport ServicesTo avail of transport services, all employees must enroll on the Transport Management System (TMS) website and provide the following details:

    SAP IDsCurrent residential addressPrimary and alternate contact numbersIn case of changes in personal information, i.e., a change in residential address or phone num-ber, employees are required to email and inform their respective project SPOCs.

    Please note the following enrollment requirements: Shuttle services: All employees need to enroll on TMS by logging onto the TMS website

    Cab services: Please contact your project transport SPOCs* to enroll for TMS and to get pick-up and drop schedules uploaded

    *Employees aligned with Delivery Centers of Technology in India and the Enterprise Workforce (EWF) must enroll for this service and self-schedule to avail of cab services.

    Employee ResponsibilityPlease follow these guidelines at all times while availing of Accenture transport services


    Sign trip sheets; it is an acknowledgement of the use of transport services by an individualWear your photo ID at all times while availing of transport services from AccentureEmployees may travel only in their designated vehicleInform your supervisor/ helpdesk immediately in case of an accident/ incidentUse seatbelts during travelWomen employees are requested to follow instructions given in the Safety and Security for Women Employees section

    DontsTransport services are strictly for employees and not for relatives, friends or guestsSmoking/ consuming alcohol inside the company vehicle is prohibitedAvoid arguments and discussions with the driver contact Helpdesk in the case of any issueDo not share your mobile number with the driverDo not ask the driver to make unscheduled stopsDo not encourage the driver to drive fast or rashlyDo not keep the driver waiting for more than two minutes at your pick-up pointDo not board a cab if your name is not listed in the trip sheet

    Safety and Security for Women EmployeesEnsure the cab driver has an photo / ID badge Women employees have access to a dedicated helpline number in the case of any transport- related issue/ emergencyIf a woman employee is scheduled to use a cab between 20:00hrs to 06:00hrs, a male employee will be assigned as a first pickup and last drop. In case there are no male employees travelling during this time, a guard will be deployed In the event that no guard is deployed, the employee must demand a guard by calling the transport desk for a drop. If this occurs during a pickup the female employee should decline to board the vehicle and must inform the transport desk Insist that you are dropped off at your door step or escorted till your residence. In case road conditions do not allow the vehicle to travel to your residence, please ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside your residenceCalls are made to women employees by the helpdesk after they are dropped at their residences to verify for the safe arrival (generallybetween 20:00hrs06:00hrs)SMSs can also to be sent by women employees updating the helpdesk team of safe arrival by typing DSY (drop safe yes), if they chose not to answer the call from the helpdesk

    Other Security MeasuresPeriodic training for drivers to refresh their driving skillsDrivers undergo background checksA random breath-analyzer test is conducted to prevent drunken drivingAll vehicles are compliant with local regulations


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