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F ind some adjectives (words that describe nouns) from the books in this reading journal and decide if they are positive or negative. Then, write down the words in the correct column.

Positive (e.g. happy)

Negative (e.g. sad)

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Title: Jim Nasium is a Football Fumbler (Jim Nasium) Author: Marty McKnight Call no.: JS MAC Jim Nasium is determined that nothing can stop him, not even his clumsiness. He volunteers for his school football team and hopes to be a success, but things are not looking good for him. Can Jim overcome the odds? All Rights Reserved, Stone Arch Books, 2016.

Title: Football Crazy Author: Tony Bradman Call no.: J BRA When football legend Jock Ramsey arrives to coach the Rovers football team, Danny and his friends get more than they were expecting. Can the team survive the intense training and become football champions? All Rights Reserved, Barrington Stoke, 2013.

Title: The Kingfisher Book of Soccer Skills: From Warmup to Final Whistle The Essential Guide Author: Clive Gifford Call no.: J 796.334 GIF Find out more about the basics of soccer and great techniques to improve your game in this book. There are also photographs that show you what to do, as well as highlights of famous soccer legends from around the world. All Rights Reserved, Kingfisher, 2012.

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Unit 7

Sports Day


Title: The World in Infographics: Sport Authors: Jon Richards and Ed Simkins Call no.: J 796 RIC Learn about fun facts, world records, as well as the technology and science behind various sports through interesting infographics. All Rights Reserved, Wayland, 2013.

Title: The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Crazy Critter Race (Flying Beaver Brothers, Book 6) Author: Maxwell Eaton III Call no.: JS EAT The Flying Beaver Brothers are taking part in an island-hopping, tree-planting competition. With their eyes set on the grand prize of a houseboat, the beavers will do anything it takes to win. However, they discover that they are helping to cause trouble instead and have to figure out how to save the day! All Rights Reserved, Alfred A. Knopf, 2015.

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Title: Cinderella: The Terrible Truth (Race Ahead with Reading) Author: Laura North Call no.: JS NOR Think you know how the story of Cinderella unfolds? What if the famous version is just a big conspiracy and the real story is much more despicable and gnarly? Uncover the terrible truth in this retelling of Cinderella. All Rights Reserved, Crabtree, 2015. (This book is also available on eReads at

Title: The Meanest Birthday Girl Author: Josh Schneider Call no.: JS SCH Dana is a mean-spirited girl who likes to pinch others and call people names. At her birthday party, she picks on her classmate, Anthony, and steals his desserts. Dana is surprised to receive a gift from Anthony at the end of the party, but she soon realises his gift is too large for her to handle. All Rights Reserved, Clarion Books, 2013.

Unit 8

StatuesTitle: Youre Invited Authors: Jen Malone and Gail Nall Call no.: J MAL Sadie loves planning parties and helping out with her mothers wedding planning business. However, when Sadie bungles up a wedding reception, her mother fires her. Devastated, Sadie teams up with her best friends to set up their own party-planning business, RSVP. Will Sadie be able to remind her mother just how good she is at planning parties? All Rights Reserved, Aladdin, 2015.

Title: Incredible Illusions (Secrets of Magic) Author: Stephanie Turnbull Call no.: J 793.8 TUR Want to find out how you can trick your friends into believing that you have superhuman strength? What about stretching your thumb to impossible lengths? Find out how to perform these illusions and more with the step-by-step guides in this book. All Rights Reserved, Smart Apple Media, 2012.

Title: The Games Book Author: Huw Davies Call no.: J 790.1 DAV This extensive guide includes classic games, interactive outdoor games, as well as simple card games for everyone to enjoy. Play these fun and exciting games such as Charades, Blind Mans Bluff, and Musical Statues with your friends now! All Rights Reserved, Scholastic, 2008.


Title: Hurricane Harry (Wendys Weather Warriors, Book 6) Author: Kathryn Lay Call no.: JS LAY Wendy wins an essay contest and gets to go to Texas with her friends. However, when they get there, they are faced with a storm that rages into a hurricane and their hotel becomes unsafe. Wendy and her friends hurry to a shelter, but will they arrive before the hurricane hits? All Rights Reserved, Magic Wagon, 2011.

Title: Peril in Pompeii!: Nickolas Flux and the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius (Graphic Library. Nickolas Flux History Chronicles) Author: Nelson Yomtov Call no.: J YOM Nickolas Flux is a history buff who has an uncontrollable ability to travel through time. When an unplanned time leap plops Nickolas down moments before the devastating volcanic eruption that wiped out the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, he finds himself running for his life. Will this be the last of his adventures? All Rights Reserved, Capstone, 2015.

Title: Savage Tsunamis (Angry Earth) Author: Michael Portman Call no.: J 551.4637 POR Tsunamis are giant waves of water that are powerful enough to tear apart houses and uproot trees. Learn interesting facts about tsunamis and the technology that has been put in place to warn people about them. All Rights Reserved, Gareth Stevens, 2012.

Unit 9

What is a Tsunami?

Title: Surviving Natural Disasters (Shockzone. True Survival Stories) Author: Marcia Amidon Lusted Call no.: J 363.34 LUS Ever-changing climate conditions cause natural disasters to take place more frequently. Read about how people survive these catastrophes. All Rights Reserved, Lerner, 2014.

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Title: Earthquake Shock (Disaster Strikes) Author: Marlane Kennedy Call no.: JS KEN Joey is on his way home with his friends when an earthquake strikes. Separated by a collapsed overpass, Joey has to find a way to help his friends out of the rubble. Will he be able to do so before the aftershocks hit? All Rights Reserved, Scholastic, 2014.


Title: Fire: Chicago, 1871 (Survivors) Authors: Kathleen Duey and Karen A. Bale Call no.: J DUE Nate is an orphan who lives with his aunt in Chicago. When the city goes up in smoke, he is separated from her and worries about her safety. In the chaos, Nate meets Julie, a rich and spoiled young girl who seems helpless. Can Nate ensure that everyone survives the inferno? This book is based on the historical Great Chicago Fire of 1871. All Rights Reserved, Aladdin, 2014.

Title: The Astounding Broccoli Boy Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce Call no.: J COT Rory Rooney is not only the smallest boy in class, he is also the most prepared when it comes to any situation. However, he fails to expect that his body would become as green as broccoli after a fall into the river. Doctors are unable to figure out what is going on. Is Rory terribly sick? Or is he turning into something way more amazing? All Rights Reserved, Walden Pond, 2015. (This book is also available on eReads at

Title: Can People Count on Me?: A Book about Responsibility (Show Your Character) Author: Robin Nelson Call no.: J 179 NEL What does it mean to be responsible? Whether you are at home or out with your friends, the clearly illustrated examples in this book will help you make responsible choices. All Rights Reserved, Lerner, 2014.

Unit 10

Rats NestsCheck out these books at the public

libraries! After you have read each book, tick the box next to it.

Title: Starbounders (Starbounders, Book 1) Authors: Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson Call no.: J EPS Zachary Night is thrilled to be enrolled at Indigo 8, a classified training centre for aspiring Starbounders to learn how to protect the galaxy. However, things go horribly wrong on a mission and Zachary and his group of friends are kidnapped by aliens. Moreover, Zachary uncovers a terrible plot to destroy Indigo 8 while being held captive. Will they be able to save themselves and Indigo 8 in time? All Rights Reserved, Harper, 2013. (This book is also available on eReads at

Title: Rachel Carson: Environmental Crusader (Superheroes of Science) Author: Nancy Dickmann Call no.: J 333.95 DIC Rachel Carson is best remembered as the biologist who first highlighted the importance of conservation and successfully persuaded the United States government to limit the use of harmfu