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  • 1. { My Job Roles and Responsibilities Props Mistress Ann Brown

2. Job Description As the props mistress it is my job to manage the sourcing, managing and collecting of props. The props are essential in creating a dynamic and interesting performance apace as well as enhancing the narrative. Which in turn creates understanding for the audience. The props mistress talks with the director to make sure that I know about every single prop that they need in enough time to get them. I must also have effective communication skills, be self efficient, motivated and creative. Managing the props budget Making a list of the props needed. Ordering or going out to buy props. Liaising with the director and production manager. Attending rehearsals to assess changes to be made to props. Instructing cast members about how to operate or take care of props. Supervising other staff in the props department and making sure that every prop is being collected. 3. Examples of Props Tables It is important when creating a props table that it is marked clearly with either masking tape or yellow LX tape so that it is easy to read especially in a dark back stage area. It is also important that they organised and kept tidy throw-out show week. 4. The following are the duties and responsibilities of the Prop Master: The Prop Master will read the script and become familiar with it prior to meeting the director. The production meeting will be attended by the Director, Assistant Director, Musical Director , Set Technician, Costume Designer and Prop Master. These people must communicate in order to make sure that every element of the set in terms of design is linked effectively. The Prop Mistress will determine the specific prop needs as outlined in the script and create a props list and a props plot spreadsheet. The Prop Mistress will maintain a list of volunteers and contact information that routinely work on the prop crew. As well as this The Prop Master is responsible for supervising the property crew in the making, gathering, borrowing and placement of all props that meet the design requirements of the show. 5. The Prop Mistress is responsible for ensuring that all necessary props are given to the Director to rehears with to ensure that they adhere to the creative concept as well as practically. The Prop Mistress is responsible for creating a props table /s at different points of the back stage areas so that they are easy to access for the performers. The Prop Master is also responsible for ensuring the props are stored at night as necessary. The Prop Mistress must attend all dress rehearsals and be available to make repairs or changed to any props that are needed during rehearsal week. Or if the Props Mistress is not available to do this the props assistant, DSM or SM will take their place and report back. The Prop Mistress is responsible for returning any rented or borrowed prop pieces to their rightful owners. The Prop Mistress is responsible for ensuring all props are removed from the performance venue at the end of the last show. The Prop Mistress is also responsible for ensuring that within 2 weeks after the last performance and strike of the set, the prop pieces are not only returned to the props store but the prop store is organized and cleaned. 6. Relevant Documentation It is also necessary to create props lists that detail the costing's of props and where they are acquired from and the total budgeted cost of the props. The props manager will also need to create a props list that documents when each prop is needed and where it needs to be set at the start of the production and where it needs to be at the end.