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My Girlfriend is a Tomboyby Junssi

Sulli is the new girl boyin town. Upon entering her new school, she stumbles upon Lee Junssi and immediately becomes the best of friends. During her stay in there, she meets her best friend's older brother, Onew, and his friend, Minho. Instantly, Onew and Sulli became friends. However, Sulli finds it difficult to befriend Minho though she doesn't know why until one day... Minho asks for her help.

No plagiarizing, printing, redistribution and saving allowed.Any similarity to other fanfictions is truly a coincidence.I own neither the characters nor the pictures used for the poster. I only own the plot and storyline.THIS COPY IS UNEDITED2013PROPERTY OF JUNSSI

CHAPTER ONE: INSTANTLY FRIENDS"Annyeonghaseyo, Choi Sulliimnida (Hello everyone, I'm Choi Sulli)," Sulli introduced herself and the girls."Omo!(Oh my!) Is she...he...a girl or a boy?" one girl squealed and blushed."He's so cute," another said. Sulli blushed at the compliment and shook her head."Ani (I'm not). I'm a girl; just kinda 'boyish' if that's what you want to know," Sulli answered and smiled at them."Okay, please take your seat now Ms. Choi," their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Park, said and assigned Sulli to her seat."Annyeong (Hello) I'm Victoria," a pretty girl with pretty eyes said as she looked at Sulli who sat beside her."Hey," Sulli greeted back and smiled. "Mind showing me around later during break time?""Oh, it's my honor," Victoria replied and blushed.After a boring hour of discussion Mrs. Park dismissed the class. Sulli packed her things up and stood up, ready to leave when four girls blocked her way; with the shortest girl slamming her hands on Sulli's table. Sulli was startled at the sudden action of the girl in front of her. Sulli blew her bangs away from her face and gave each girls a questioning look."What?" Sulli asked."Don't you 'what' me! Listen to me and listen well because I'll only say this once," the short girl said and glared at Sulli."Omo you're not confessing are you? Am I that charming?" Sulli joked and smiled. The short girl stared at her blankly. "Chill girls I was just trying to lift up the mood. So what's up? Did I do something wrong?""Just shut up and listen!" the tallest girl half-shouted and rolled her eyes."Okay, okay. Geez no need to shout," Sulli said and shook her head. "Can you tell me what's going on?""Listen newbie don't mess around in this school," the shortest girl started."I'm not," Sulli said and smiled. "Are you done?""Shut up!" the tallest girl said again. Sulli just sighed and nodded."Don't mess around with the four of us because we are the queenkas of this school and no one, I repeat no one, dares to lay a finger on us. We are the rule makers so you must follow us. If you try to mess around, you hope you haven't come into this school because I'm telling you, things will get ugly. So just stay away from us; we don't want to have your cooties. Ew, that's just gross. Oh, and one more thing... make sure to stay away from my Minho-oppa and his friends! Don't dare lay a finger on him too! Got that?" the short girl said and smirked. "Now if you may excuse us.""Yah seriously? What am I, a dog?" Sulli asked them that made them halt. The short girl turned around and smiled at Sulli."Oh, that was rude of us huh? We didn't even introduce ourselves. Well, Choi Sulli, our dog, meet your masters," the short girl said in sarcasm and pointed at her and her friends. "I'm Stephanie Hwang Mi Young or Tiffany in short; I'm the leader if in case you hadn't notice. This tall girl in here is Choi Sooyoung, this is Im Yoon Ah, and this...she's Kwon Yuri." With that said, they all walked out."O...kay? That was weird," Sulli whispered to herself and shook her head and stood up. "Those girls ruin my day.""Hey," someone said with a cheerful voice. Sulli narrowed her eyebrows and looked at the person."What!? Are you going to tell me off too!?" Sulli asked in exasperation. The girl was startled at the sudden rage of Sulli."S...sorry I was uh... I just wanted to ask you if you want to eat with me," the girl said with a soft voice."Oh," Sulli uttered, calming down and guilt washing over her.-"They're like that?" Sulli asked in disbelief. Junssi nodded and smiled."Yeah they are like that to everyone. Well, except for me that is," Junssi said."Really?But why?"Sulli asked."Just because," Junssi replied briefly.For the entire break time, Sulli and Junssi chatted about random stuff and eventually got to know each other. Junssi kept laughing everytimeSulli would tell her a funny story that happened to Sulli back in the states. People looked at the two weirdly because of the immediate closeness when in fact, the two just met!"Are they together now?" someone asked."Ew, gross," another replied."Hey Lee Junssi you're actually fun to be with," Sulli complimented which made the younger girl blush."Gomawo (Thanks)," Junssi replied shyly."You're actually the first girl I'm friends with in my whole life. I've been surrounded by guy friends since I was young so having a girl friend is actually kinda cool. Plus, you're not like those powderpuff girls who are so picky and stuff; you know what I mean?" Sulli said and giggled."Yeah I know what you mean. Oh, hey Sulli-ah?" Junssi said and looked at Sulli."Hmm?""Come over to my house after school. I want you to meet my brother and his friends. They're fun to be with too, I promise."CHAPTER TWO: MEETING HER OPPA AND FRIENDS"This is your house? Are you sure this is a house?" Sulli asked as she looked at the massivebuilding in front of her, which Junssi calls a house."Of course. Why?" Junssi asked and smiled. Sulli shook her head and just smiled."I almost thought this was a palace or something," Sulli joked."C'mon inside," Junssi beckoned. Sulli and her stepped inside the 'house' and both were greeted with tons of maids."Welcome home Junssi-ssi," one of the maids said and bowed. Junssi smiled in return and looked at the head maid."Ahjumma (auntie, Mrs.), is oppa home?" Junssi asked and grinned. "I want to introduce him to my friend.""He's upstairs with his friends my lady," the head maid answered. Junssi nodded and led Sulli upstairs."Oppa, I'm home!!!" Junssi shouted and opened her brother's door without his consent."Yah get out!" her brother scolded her but she just giggled. "I said...oh, yah you already have a boyfriend at the first day of school!?" her brother asked in disbelief and walked towards the two."You're so silly oppa. She's a girl; Choi Sulli," Junssi said, giggling. Sulli giggled a bit at Junssi's brother's silliness too. Because of this, her brother turned red."Sorry about that it's just kinda look like a boy..." her brother said shyly. Sulli shook her head and smiled."Gwenchana (it's okay)! I'm kinda boyish anyway. I'm Choi Sulli," Sulli said, still smiling."Hi Onew is the name," Junssi's brother introduced himself and shook hands with Sulli. "You're cute.""Yah oppa! Oh, hey actually oppa's real name is Lee Jinki. Call him Jinki-oppa," Junssi said and laughed."Yah you evil sister! Oh, please Sulli-ssi don't call me that. I hate that name," Onew begged. Sulli just stared at him and smiled."Why? It's such a nice name. I'll call you Jinki-oppa," Sulli teased and stuck her tongue out at him."But...! Yah Lee Junssi you're gonna get it later," Onew threatened and shot a death glare at his younger sibling. Junssi only laughed and stuck out her tongue at Onew."Whatever oppa, you always say that," Junssi teased and laughed."You and your sister don't always get along, hyung," one of Onew's friend said and turned to look at Sulli. "Hello Sulli-ssi, I'm Lee Taemin and I love banana milk...just to let you know," he said and winked at Sulli."Nice to meet you Taemin-oppa," Sulli politely said and smiled at Taemin. The mentioned boy blushed when he heard Sulli call him 'oppa.'"Hey mushroom boy you're being a playboy huh?"teased Onew's other friend. Taemin blushed more at the mention of his nickname."Yah Jonghyun-hyung don't call me that in front of a girl!" Taemin scolded and looked away from Sulli."Forgive my oppa and his friends, Sulli. They're a know, crazy," Junssi teased, earning a death glare from one of Onew's friends who was laying on the bed."Yah am I crazy for you?" he said and sat up. "Hey Sulli, the name is Key," he casually said and smirked."Oppa I didn't know you were here too," Junssi said and smiled. "Well, you're excluded from the crazy list," she added and blushed. Key stood up and patted Junssi's head."I'm jealous you have a boyfriend," Key teased making Junssi blush."A...aniyo (no). Oppa, Sulli isn't my boyfriend...I already said that earlier," Junssi explained and made a poker face. "Didn't you hear me? Oh, let me guess... my oppa is deaf!" she teased and giggled."Yah I'm not. I was just teasing," Key replied and chuckled. "Youmight want toexclude one of us from the crazy list too, Junssi.""Oh, right," Junssi said, remembering. "Sulli-ah...last but not the least, meet the mighty Choi Minho, the school's popular kingka," Junssi continued and pointed at a figure looking at a void space out in the balcony.'Minho? He's the guy those mean girls asked me to avoid right? If he is one of Onew's friends and Onew is Junssi's brother and she is basically my friend then it means... we're going to be hanging out once in a while too! No wonder those girls aren't mean to Junssi; she's close with Onew and his friends!!! Is it really safe to be friends with popular people?' Sulli asked in her mind. She had a lot of questions in her mind but couldn't speak them out and instead just smiled and said, "Great. I'm hoping to hang out with you guys some other time."CHAPTER THREE: BLUSHING DAYThe next day Sulli and Junssi arrived in school together. They were with Junssi's brother and his friends too. Sulli gulped as she stepped inside the school building. Everyone sent her death glares that pierced through her soul while s