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<ul><li><p>Michael Duffy| +61 408989615 </p><p>Summary Structural concrete works for civil infrastructure. Roads and rail, mines, commercial, </p><p>industrial and residential projects. Pavements for industrial and local government </p><p>roadways. Water treatment plants for town water and natural gas applications. </p><p>Electrical substations. </p><p>Skills Managing up to 60 personnel, including sub-contractors. </p><p> Scheduling and co-ordination of all work being conducted on site. </p><p> Scheduling of machinery, allocation of materials and quantities for various </p><p>works/trades. </p><p> Reviewing of prices and sub-contractor profiles for various works. </p><p> Manage and Completion of ITP's for clients, in keeping with the specifications. </p><p> Receiving and distribution of plan revisions and site instructions. </p><p> Regular meetings with stakeholders, reviewing progress, resolving design issues, </p><p>operational matters, safety, health and environment, updating our schedules. </p><p> Requests for information and logging of variations. </p><p> Compiling daily project machinery and labour data and submitting it to our office </p><p>and to the Project Management Company. </p><p> Understanding of, and conveying drawing details to employees and sub-</p><p>contractors where questions are raised or misunderstandings may occur. </p><p> Site Inductions, daily JRSA's. Tool box meetings. Setting up SWMS in consultation </p><p>with Safety Officers. </p><p> Verify that the subcontractors undertake consistent risk management. </p><p> Daily Site Diaries. Time sheets, Incident reports. </p><p> Delegation of tasks to leading hands, tradesman and labourers. </p><p> Training and upgrading skill levels of employees </p><p> Monitoring of safety aspects in accordance with our work method statements. </p><p> Monitoring of environmental aspects relevant to our contract. </p><p> Qualified First Aid officer. </p><p> Qualified Carpenter. </p><p> Associated Diploma of Applied Science Building. (Incomplete). </p><p> Diploma of Building and Construction. (Incomplete). </p><p> Approx. 35 years experience in the building and construction industry. </p></li><li><p>Experience 12/13 Current </p><p>Jasons Towing </p><p>Truck Driver Driving LR and MR vehicles </p><p> Delivering parts to mining companies. </p><p>05/13 12/13 </p><p>Self-employed Carpenter </p><p>07/11 03/13 </p><p>Epoca Constructions Pty/Ltd. Mackay </p><p>Site Supervisor </p><p> Managing the site activities of these contracts in conjunction with a project </p><p>manager / contract administrator. </p><p> 2011 2012:- Structural Concrete Works of steam turbine block (360m3 of </p><p>concrete) cooling tower, pump bases and column bases. Excavation for pipelines, </p><p>cable pits and electrical feeds at Racecourse Sugar Mill for its Co- Gen power </p><p>generation project? (Expected to supply Mackay with 30%? of its power needs </p><p>from sugar cane waste). </p><p> Manage concrete subcontractors, supervise the excavations, RL's and set outs for </p><p>formwork and concrete levels, material supply and deliveries, flow chart </p><p>adjustments, consultation with clients. </p><p> 2012 2012:- Road widening, grubbing, clearing, batter cut to extend the </p><p>roadway further into the hillside. Traffic Control, replacement of road base and </p><p>grading to surveyed levels, compaction and asphalt, environmental management, </p><p>gabion wall, S/W. pits and drainage, kerb and channel plus kerb and guardrails </p><p>for bike way at Grasstree Beach. (Near Sarina). Weekly meetings with Mackay </p><p>Regional Council. </p><p> 2012 2012:- Road Stabilisation works around Mackay. </p><p> 2012 2012:- Complete road base and asphalt seal on by- pass road near </p><p>Dysart. </p><p> 2012 Current: - Reclaimer and Stockpiler Storm cradle foundations for </p><p>Dalrymple Bay Coal. Bulk excavation, Formwork, reofix, concrete to RL's and </p><p>FL's, bolt installation, plinths. Rehabilitation of the sites. </p><p> I finished with Epoca Constructions in April 2013 when they were unable to </p><p>secure new contracts which would have secured my continued employed with </p><p>them. </p></li><li><p>2006 2010 </p><p>N.F. Corbett Pty/Ltd. Brisbane. </p><p>Site Supervisor </p><p> Managing the Site Activities of these contracts - </p><p> Construction of an Energex Substation at Boval. </p><p> Construction of Water treatment plant, pump station and associated works for </p><p>Origin Energy near Chinchilla. </p><p> Construction of an Ergon Substation at Glabella. (Architect designed) </p><p> Construction of an Ergon Substation at El-Arish (Architect designed). </p><p> Construction of a Energex Substation at Tanah Merah </p><p> Construction of a Energex Substation at Indooroopilly.( Architect designed). </p><p> Finalise the construction of an Energex Substation at Browns Plains. </p><p> Finalise the construction of substations at Toowoomba South and Oakey. </p><p>Works under my control, (scheduled for sub-contractors or delegated to our </p><p>employees) - </p><p> Set Out of Buildings, and Harmonic Yard. </p><p> Excavation works for cable trenches, conduits, building footings and services. </p><p> Construction of Transformer bay's and installation of below ground Electrical and </p><p>Communication Conduits. Construction of cable trenches from harmonic yard to </p><p>the Sub- building. </p><p> Excavation of trenches from transformer bay's for pipelines to oil separator pit. </p><p>Excavation and construction of oil separator pit. </p><p> Installation of pipelines. </p><p> Sheet Piling and bulk excavations </p><p> Excavation and installation of reinforcement, concrete and hold down bolts in the </p><p> Harmonic Yard for bus bar frames, including earthing of reinforcement. </p><p> Checking on levels and Grid lines for hold down bolts. </p><p> Construction of building basements with conduit feeds and ground slabs. </p><p> Construction of suspended slabs and stairs. </p><p> Earthing of all reinforcement </p><p> Block work and Brickwork. </p><p> Electrical feeds through building walls. </p><p> Roof beams, roofing, eaves and roof plumbing. </p><p> Amenities / facilities for staff rooms. Associated plumbing work, water storage </p><p>and reticulation. </p><p> Fire Doors. </p><p> Construction of road pavements for entry and exits. </p><p> Finishing trades, painters, renderer's, fencers. Etc. </p><p> Finalising form 16's and as cons. </p></li><li><p>John Holland </p><p> Railway Line Construction, North and Western Qld. </p><p> Coal Loader at Gladstone. </p><p> Airport Pavement Brisbane domestic. </p><p>Construction Services Civil </p><p> Conveyor belt footings from Boyne Island Aluminum smelter to the harbour </p><p> Concrete storage tanks for potline feeds. </p><p> Amenity buildings under the potlines </p><p>Armstrong Enterprises </p><p> Bridges for railway electrification and Main road overpasses. </p><p> Caloundra turnoff overpass (M.R.D.). </p><p>QCGC </p><p> Palmwoods Water treatment plant </p><p>Building Partnership </p><p> Doing homes and Townhouses around the Sunshine Coast </p><p>Leighton Constructions </p><p> Water reservoirs, treatment plant for Moranbah. </p><p> Gunpowder mine infrastructure to double its output. </p><p> Tunnel exits, retaining walls, building extensions, sag mill footings. </p><p> Roadworks and associated infrastructure at Townsville. </p><p>SCCW </p><p> Gunpowder mine infrastructure to double its output. </p><p> Supervisor for a Sunshine Coast company </p><p> Building commercial and industrial buildings. </p><p> Mostly slab on ground, tilt panel construction, some high-rise. </p><p>Lo-Go appointments </p><p> Carpentry maintenance and office fit outs of local council buildings </p></li><li><p>Education </p><p>Asia Pacific Training Institute / Acquire Learning </p><p>Diploma of Business </p><p>2016 Present </p><p>Carpentry Trade Certificate. </p><p>House Building Attainment. </p><p>Construction Site Management. </p><p>Project Safety. </p><p>Concrete Technology. </p><p>Construction Measurement and Estimating. </p><p>Apply Site surveys and set out procedures to building and construction </p><p>projects. </p><p>Identify services layout and connection methods to medium rise </p><p>construction projects. </p><p>Select and Manage Building and Construction Contractors. </p><p>Manage Construction Work. </p><p>Supervise and apply quality standards to the selection of building and </p><p>construction materials. </p><p>Tully State High School </p><p>Referees </p><p>Available upon request </p></li></ul>