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Music Videos

Music Videos

Availability of an ArtistDuring 1964, The Beatles starred in their first feature film A Hard Days Night which was directed by Richard Lester.A year later in 1965 The Beatles began to make promotional clips for the distribution and broadcast in other countries. They did this and it was successful because it enabled them to promote their record releases without having to make a person appearance. This is successful because when artists are unavailable to make an appearance to perform their song they are able to show the promotional video.

In the success of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody it then became regular for record companies to produce promotional videos for artists single releases. Once they then had promotional videos, when the artists were unable to attend the performance they would play their promotional video. The promotional videos were successful on shows like Top of the Pops which was was chart show, showing the latest most popular top songs of that week. On a Friday evening the viewers would regularly tune in to watch the show.In the most present time, Top of the Pops has lost its popularity and there is now new chart shows such as Top 40, and they also have chart shows updating that week for specific genres. For example: Rock, Pop, Dance, etc. Availability of an Artist

If the artist was unavailable to perform their song, they would have their music broadcast and accompanied by dancers such as Pans People rather than the artist being there. This was what happened before promotional videos.Brian May said that the videos were produced:so his band Queen could avoid miming complex songs on Top of the Pops.They were unable to perform on the show every week because they were scheduled to appear on tour and their song Bohemian Rhapsody was number 1 for 9 weeks.

Availability of an Artist

PromotionalMusic videos quickly became a key promotional tool for artists and for a while it was their main function.A music video is an advertisement.It is designed to draw attention to the music and illustrate the song.Music videos appeal to a visual audience.There are 3 types of music videos;Narrative: this style relies on imagery to tell the story to the audience.Performance: this style focuses on the footage of the artist or the band.Successful: this style is where the promotional video exceeds over 100 thousand views on YouTube.

Appeals to a Visual AudiencePSY Gangnam Style This was a good example of a video because it is repetitive which makes it stick in your head.The language is Korean, which doesnt seem appealing to the a majority of the audience but it was still catchy due to the words even though we dont know what it is saying.The dancing in the promo video is easy to remember.

Appeals to a Visual AudienceMiley Cyrus Wrecking BallIn this video Miley showing herself with vulnerability.You feel this from the video but not from the song itself. The video gives the song more of a message.

Creating a BrandOften artists/groups are sold as a brand. The music video acts as a product of that brand. They then hope that the audience will be inspired and like the brand and hope they will buy into the brand. They most often do this through mise-en-scene they extend the look of the video into the rest of their lives. The artist aims to have a consistent image across a range of platforms: music video, websites, cd covers and more. For some artists the image is more importance than the actual product. The spice girls are a good example of this.


Spice GirlsThe spice girls as part of their brand named themselves a name of spices.Posh SpiceBaby SpiceSporty SpiceGinger SpiceScary Spice

This made the spice girls stick out more to their audience as n individual as it was named due to their personality.

Creating a Brand ExampleJUSTIN BIEBER and ONE DIRECTIONJustin has merchandise out for his fans: bedding, dolls, etc.Well known artists have these because they are popular and they have a really large fan base.

Extension of Income Music videos help increase the income.Watching the video could encourage the audience to purchase a number of items.It rises the profile or artist/group which encourages audiences to attend tours, etc.It could be an opportunity for the product placement. For example: Beyonc and her release of perfumes.

Extension of OutletsThe music video allows the artist to extend the outlets to which people can access them through. For example: Music VideosWebsitesYouTube Smart Phones

Each one of these helps the audience become more of a fan.

Synergy Another purpose to the music video can be to provide opportunities for synergy. Synergy is when two media products work together to create a final outcome and to mutually benefit each other.

An example of this is Skyfall in the James Bond film.Adele and the producers of the film worked together to benefit from this arrangement.Adeles song promotes the film and the film promotes Adeles song.

Synergy ExampleAnother example is again the music and the film industries working together. Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth See You Again which features in the film Fast and Furious 7 from the death of Paul Walker.

Synergy Example 2Another example is Sam Smiths new song Writings on the Wall in the new Bond film. Again music and film industries working together to create a final piece.

The End of Music ChannelsBecause of the variety of online platforms, music channels are not really the strongest promotional platforms that they once were.In many ways the music video channels is in danger of becoming irrelevant and less popular. Online streaming and downloads mean that music videos and instantly more accessible.

Producers Strategies There are 3 types of artists:Major LabelIndependent Artist self-produced

Each of these artists music videos has a different purpose.Each of these uses a music video in different ways but for each of them the music video is a really important tool.

Major Record LabelsThe music industry is dominated by 4 multi national corporations:Universal SonyWarner BrosEMI

These are known as The Majors. The majority of these are backed by conglomerates with stakes in other industries such as; film, TV and electronics.

For example: SONY is a CONGLOMERATE which owns SONY MUSIC

SONYMusicGamingElectronicsEntertainmentComputer HardwareTelecomEquipment

Major IndependentsMost of these Majors own, or license, a series of smaller subsidiary companies in order to reach different kinds of audiences in different kinds of genre.Columbia Island SycoRCAVirgin

These 5 are known as Major Independents

Major Label Strategies - VEVOThe purpose of the music for Major Labels is clear. The videos provide a strong online presence and allow them to make more profit through advertising.A strategy is to use an online platform like VEVO.VEVO is a music website owned an operated by Universal Music Group, Google, Sony Music Entertainment, and Abu Dhabi Media.

IndependentsThere are a huge number of small companies with little or no financial connection to the majors. These companies often concentrate on a small number of acts that are specialised in the industry such as: Hip-hop/Rap/Electronics and Dance.An example of a highly successful independent is Warp Records.

Independent Label StrategiesIndependent or indie producers see their work as art form and not just an advertisement for the music industry.Their music video are often a stepping stone for up and coming directors to help them further their careers in the music industry.After mainstream actors these sort of producers often become well sort.Lots of them are independent.

Chris CunninghamHe made is directorial debut with the music video for Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin in 1997.It was praised, banned and raved about by lots of people in the business.From this his career then extended into making films and advertisements.

More on Chris CunninghamOne of the adverts Chris Cunningham has made is the Gucci - Flora perfume Advert. The advert is of a girl sweeping through a field of flowers with dramatic actions and facial expressions.


Spike JonzeAn American director, producer, screenwriter and actor. His work includes music videos, advertisements , film and television.He shot to fame with videos for Fatboy Slim including Praise You and The Rockfella Skank.His feature films are:Being John Malkovich (1999)Where the Wild Things Are (2009)Her (2013)

Artist Self ProducedThe videos of this have the smallest budgets and are usually unknown artists.Making a music video is vital to promoting their early career. It allows them to utilise the websites such as YouTube which can lead to success.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun.

One his videos from his channel Kidrauhl was With You Chris Brown