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1. Downloadable Music Posted on November 27, 2010 by Music Records Online websites are favourites sites that get a lot of visits from teens and music lovers. Some sites boast of collections well over a million sound tracks and music files for anyone to download onto their portable digital player. This comes close to their promise of delivering unlimited music downloads. Downloading online music to play is a great way to fight boredom and to be entertained while waiting for your bus to arrive, taking a ride on the train or waiting for a friend at the cafe. Many companies were worried about the loss of profits from music fans downloading the music instead of going to stores and purchasing the entire CD, so many bands, record companies have tried to enact laws about people downloading from free music sites. When downloading music and you see that you can download music and it has the same quality as buying the CD and easier it makes sense to most people to sit in front of their computer and download the music. Downloading a song for 99 cents just wont go well with the current consumers of MP3. As such, there are now a couple of established music download sites that have started to accept membership. For a monthly fee, you can download music online to your hearts content. From rock to contemporary classics, pop, K-pop, J-pop and all, you can freely download all these music MP3s as often as you want and as many as you like. There are no limits and it is totally legal to do so. There are also other online music stores that offer similar downloading services. Each site can vary in the number of music MP3 downloads they have, the music genre, the customer service and so on. These sites allow downloading music online for a membership subscription fee. Most nowadays charge you a one-time fee for unlimited access. While you might get lucky and find the one song to download to your iPod that you were looking for on these sites, it is more likely that youll become frustrated with the poor selection and the constant advertising. Youll also find that you can pick up a variety of adware and spyware getting iPod music 2. downloads from sites like these, so if you choose to use them, make sure you have good removal tools and protection Music stores like Rhapsody and AOL are great places to download music online since they offer monthly subscription packages which are cheaper than those pay-per-download stores. If that is still too expensive for you, why not consider the new batch of online music download sites that offer unlimited music downloads for a lifetime fee? In other words, for a one time membership fee, you get to download unlimited music and songs from the music site as long as you wish even if it is 3 in the morning. Such sites are better known as free P2P or Peer to Peer programs. It is controversial to download music online from P2P sites. There are always two sides to a coin. While some argue that it is illegal to download music MP3s there, it is also arguable that some of these files do not carry any copyrights and therefore is legal for sharing. The music you download from these sites are free.