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Music Magazine Genre

Music Magazine GenreEmily Capon{Alternative, rock and pop are the most popular. NME, is one of the biggest magazines currently around, and falls under the categories of mainly alternative and rock however producing issues based upon common music genres such as chart music, house music etc. which signifies that NME appeal to a wider audience. Other popular magazines include Rolling Stone, Kerrang!, Q, and Rock Sound, all of which are considered rock magazines due to the connotations upon the cover for example dark lighting and the mise en scene style, therefore having just a niche market. A notable pop magazine is the BBC magazine Top Of The Pops, aimed at a younger generation and target audience. These are Music magazine genres and sub genres.Music Genre

Masthead placed at the top - usually behind the main image Edited pictures of a band or lead singer - medium shot of the band or close up if its just one person/ possibly a low angle looking up towards the artist however this is quite unusual for a magazine but it infers the mood upon the image and what its trying to represent. usually the artist not looking at the camera in a dark setting upon a stage. Simple font for the headlines; San serif's upon the Masthead creating a rock image. Text colour reds ,yellow or black/ The band or artist featured would be expected to be wearing clothes that connote the rock genre; hoodies, shirts, skinny jeans, Converse shoes etc. The colour scheme would be iconic, representing the genre of the magazine would in include blacks, reds. Targets at a middle aged audience or older teenager- middle aged.Rock

The masthead is usually situated over the image. The text size is moderate, the font of the text can vary depending on the image of the artist or header for example on the Rock & Folk magazine is fairly similar to the main header within the same colour giving the representation there just as important as each other.The house style colours are subtle creating a calm image as well as the body posture and facial expressions from the artistsThe amount of text is limited and less clustered, like the music genre its much more relaxed within colours and atmosphere such as rock or the amount of text like pop. The magazine has a formal mode of address giving the connotation the age of the reader.


Generally Pop magazines are presented in bright fun colours , such as pink or purple implying youth and energy. Giving the representation that the target audience for a pop magazines are young girls possibly (7-14) The pop magazine usually features a singer or celebrity with a recent release of album or movie whom the teenage girls admire or idolise, promotional give -away and tends to be more life style then music based as the reader is of a young age. Informal mode of address -The usage of language is rather simple as it is understood easily by a young reader. Short and snappy words create a fun and energetic vibeThe composition of the image is thought out including the angle as pop magazine tend to have images to signify the sub headingsPop

The Classical Music Magazine are aimed to inspire the older generation as classical music is slow and relaxing. The colour scheme of classical music magazine are very soft and subtle for example white, black and other light shaded colours giving a sophisticated look. The image is usually of an artist with recent performance that features as the main highlight of the magazine or a music composer usually a medium shot from waist/shoulders upwards. The artist is usually male more than female, the artist represents the classical genre by holding a string instrument. Text size is usually moderate but again keeping the stereotypical magazine convention of the main headline being the biggest usually contrasting with the artist that is within the image showing domination over the magazine. The age of the artist is normally middle aged signifying the target audience. Formal mode of address the language would be appropriate and sophisticated due to an older reader and creating a calm read for the classical music genre.Classical

The composition of the image is very simplistic however the tone of the colours create a balance between the dark tones of the image and the bold yellow and red colours. The artist here is middle aged therefore giving the connotation of the age of the target audience and how it markets the reader in values of try to appeal and relate to the readers interests. However in this issue of NME it represents Reading and Leeds festival therefore suggesting its open to a wider audience from 16 to middle age however only showing indie style music.Using the yellow and red house style contrasts with Masthead as well as the font style and sizing ratio between the main headline and subheadings which is stereotypical of any magazine. Although the composition is simplistic the positioning of it is incredibly different than other genres of music usually in the middle section however this suggests the music type is different. The amount of text is on the left third again the most important part of the magazine stereotypically however is very clustered with text but is easy to read furthermore this may only occur fro an event such as Leeds fest as a selling point to those who are interested in the music genre.Indie