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Jerrard Whitten, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, discusses how his regional commission used ArcGIS and related apps to keep track of curbside recycling, enforcement, etc. MA Planning Commissions should offer similar offerings.


  • 1.Inventorying Recycling ..using mobile devices Jerrard Whitten MVPC GIS/IT Manager

2. Reduce the time to collect info in the field Reuse previously assembled data and technology Increase Recycling rates in the municipality 3. promote the orderly growth of the region 4. Todays Discussion Recycling Inventory case study The mobile solution Lessons learned RPA support/DIY 5. Andover case study Goal to address issue of waste reduction Need statistics on current recycling efforts Desire to replicate work underway in Haverhill Make determination of how to enforce regulations 6. Finding the right app (the Goldilocks criteria) Not too complex (slow, costly, too many options) Not too small (lack of data/analysis) Not looking to design/build ourselves Just right robust system, good capabilities, flexibility of implementation, competitive cost 7. Mobile solution: Use of ArcGIS for iOS and Android (application) MVPC ArcGIS Server provides data connection Data dictionary based on community needs Provide GIS and tabular data reports 8. Analyzing Results Immediately available on mobile (symbolization) Tabular records and GIS data Potential for automated reporting 9. Analyzing Results (continued) 10. Analyzing Results Analyzing Results (continued) 11. Time/Date stamp and pictures document violations Analyzing Results (continued) 12. Time/Date stamp and pictures document violations Results provide basis for enforcement actions Analyzing Results (continued) 13. Desired Outcome Analyzing Results (continued) 14. Application functionality varies by OS (Android vs. iOS) Mobile data access fluctuates by location Field data collection should be efficient and simple Data results do not always match managers decisions Lessons Learned 15. Other Uses Quality of life Potholes, Graffiti, Debris, Illegal dumping Tree Inventory DPW based survey of maintenance needs Catch Basin For DPW inspection of cleaning, repairs Sidewalk Inventory Survey of extent and condition and more! 16. RPA Support MVPC Montachusett Regional Planning Commission Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Northern Middlesex Council of Governments Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Metropolitan Area Planning Council 17. ArcGIS Server license (and server) Parcel data and data schema (inventory questions) Use of ArcGIS for iOS/Android (free) Technically skilled staff to set up system (network operation, GIS software and mobile) Feasibility of using ArcGIS Online .Support through DEP WREC grant program! Doing It Yourself (DIY) (??) 18. Thank you! For more information: