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  • Mumtaz Samad Head of Social & Financial Inclusion Marc Molloy Employment & Skills Development Manager

  • Why we do it? Our journey Our offer: Employment Boot Camp & CASH Employment Model Future plans

  • As a landlord we have a unique relationship with our customers we feel can be used to improve their Health, Wealth and Wellbeing through tailored interventions.

    Our Journey

    Does it work?

  • ‘Care and Support’ and ‘General Needs’

    Long term unemployed

    Caught in a poverty trap?

    Unprepared for welfare reform

    Our Journey

  • The challenge:

    Find an approach that works for our customers Involve the wider organisation Create a scalable model Design services that work directly with customers Empower and mobilise staff

  • 2005-12: 714 employed

    Developed our knowledge base

    Developed a responsive service

    Incorporated models of best practice

  • 2012-13: Launch 1,000 into jobs

    Opportunities pledge event

    Bigger and broader service

    Maintained personal touch

  • Personalised support Pre & Post employment training Job brokerage service Support the transition to employment

  • Point of Difference: Jobs for people, not people for jobs Customer led relationship Non competitive team culture

  • What is it?

    Innovative pre-employment course Aimed at long term unemployed 6 week intensive learning programme Increased motivation, confidence and positive outlook on life

  • Targeted Recruitment

    Pre Course Interview

    1 hour workshops for EBC 12 days or 10 consecutive YBC

    Incremental Holistic Learning


    Personalised Follow Up Support Package

    In Work Support

  • Confidence Module: Self Confidence Self Presentation Self Motivation

  • Nutrition and Wellbeing Module: Understanding different types of nutrition Healthy eating Wellbeing

  • Health Module: Fitness Health Vitality

  • Money Management Module: Money and debt management Bank account management Credit rating

    Personal action plans - 1:1 support

  • Employability Module: Effective job search CV & Applications Interview practice and Mock interview events.

  • Outputs: 301 into work (2012-13) 148 into work (2013-14; Q1-2) 91 apprentices 80% retention rate (3months)

  • 138into work

  • Outputs: 45% into Jobs (over 25’s)

    58% into work (under 25’s)

    50% training & work placement

    45% exercise regularly

    85% positive engagement

  • Taking part in the Boot Camp is the best decision I’ve ever made – no one has ever been able to motivate me in this way before.”

    “Boot Camp has changed my life. If I could go back and tell myself a year ago that I would now have a job, be exercising and enjoying life I would have never believed it.”

    “I was unemployed for years and no one was able to help me. I’d given up on myself and then Boot Camp saved me. I’m working again, can pay my way and can hold my head up high.”

  • Reasons for Success: Unique experience

    Understand audience needs

    Pre screen for suitability

    Remove financial barriers

    Follow up support

  • Background: Developed by support workers with experience of payment by results Builds on existing staff resources and support plan structure

  • Stage One – Training Support Workers

    • One day training course

    • Bespoke toolkit

    • Bespoke spreadsheet recording tool to capture outcomes

    • Positive staff feedback

  • Stage Two – Pre-Employment Course

    • Three week training course

    • Experts by Experience

    • Hands on CV building and job search

    • Live vacancies and guaranteed interviews

  • Stage Three – Trainee Programme

    • Paid traineeship programme

    • Three tiered placements, each lasting two months

    • Individual mentors

    • Bespoke workbook & learning portfolio

    • Accredited classroom training

  • 162into work

  • Primary Support Need

  • £200-400per outcome

  • Fixed Term Tenancies Business Boot Camp Childcare & Mobile Crèches Welfare to Work Partnerships

  • Get that Promotion Focus on over 50s Business Boot Camp (BBC) Mobile Crèches Promote Best Practice

    Mumtaz Samad Head of Social & Financial Inclusion Marc Molloy Employment & Skills Development Manager