multidisciplinary team meetings in oncology costly

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  • PharmacoEconomics & Outcomes News 690, p5 - 2 Nov 2013

    Multidisciplinary team meetings inoncology costly

    Multidisciplinary team meetings (MDMs) have beenshown to improve decision-making processes forpatients with cancer. However, results of a studypublished in the British Journal of Cancer suggest thatthe costs associated with MDMs are considerable.

    The study used data from 551 patients with solidtumours and lymphoma who were discussed at 52MDMs at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust inJune 2010. Salary costs for MDM members (based onthe time for each MDM) and overhead costs wereincluded.

    In 91.3% of instances, treatment followed that agreedto at the MDM; patient deterioration or comorbidities,and patient preferences were the major reasons fordeviating from the plans. The MDM cost ranged from2192 to 10 050 per month, with total cost of 80 850per month. The cost per patient discussed was 415.

    The researchers estimated that about 970 000 to2 745 000 per year is being spent on MDMs forpatients with solid tumours and lymphoma at theirinstitution equivalent to "the yearly NHS salaries of 50Band Seven nurses or 20 consultants", they say.De Ieso PB, et al. A study of the decision outcomes and financial costs ofmultidisciplinary team meetings (MDMs) in oncology. British Journal of Cancer :Oct 2013. Available from: URL: 803095120


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