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MSRA Intern Application Tracking System (MIATS). Compass Team. Outline. Compass Team MIATS Project Summary Demo Surprise. The Best Is Yet To Come!. Compass. Dev &Test Congxing Cai WSM Keep Smiling And Learn From Everyone. Dev Jiansong Zhang W&N Enjoy your life. DEV Yuan Chen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • MSRA Intern Application Tracking System (MIATS)Compass Team

  • OutlineCompass TeamMIATS ProjectSummary


  • Compass

  • MIATSReal ProcessDesignDevelopmentTestResults

  • Real ProcessDesignDevelop & TestReleaseRequirementVisionScopeFeatureRiskSchedule

    ArchitectureDataBaseFeature(P1)TestSearchTestDOCApril23thMay24thJune3rdAlphaMay 17thCCBeta1May 24thBeta2May30thApril13th

  • Vision

  • ScopeMaintain the applicants info on a public portalAllow recruiters and employees to search for inquisitive info based on keywordsKeep track of each applicationAutomatically send email notificationAllow recommendation

  • FeatureP1Online internship applicationReport latest info to relative roles Mix-mode authentication Automatic email notification Convenient referral Interview feedback recordKeywords search in database and documents (pdf &doc)

  • FeatureP2&P3)Priority2AJAX web application URL rewrite RSS

    Priority3Intelligent recommendation of system

  • Risk AnalysisIntelligent Document SearchPersonal AbsentDeficiency in ASP.NET & C#Communication

  • Architecture

    UI (Web)Components (BLL)Data ProviderDataBaseStore ProcedureMail SenderInternetSMTPRemote ServerMSN DesktopSearchDoc & Pdf

  • SolutionData Access3NFO/R mapping (Entity Object)Store procedure (59)SearchRemote ServerMSN Desktop SearchMailSenderWindow ServiceAsynchronous deliveringFactory PatternCustom Config Section

  • Key TechnologiesASP.NET.NET Remote.NET InteropMSN Desktop Search APIWindows Authentication + MembershipWindows ServiceO/R mappingCustom Configuration SectionSMTP mail senderSQL Sever 2005Store Procedure

  • TestTest ProcedureFeature TestEnvironment TestStability TestUsability TestTest ToolManually TestingVSTS Testing Suite

  • TestUnit TestEnvironment TestOperating System (WindowsXP, Windows 2003Server)Browser(IE6, IE7, FireFox, Opera)Resolution(1024x768, 800x600)Stability Test (Role responsibility)Usability Test

  • ReleaseAlpha70% of P1 featuresBeta1MailSenderReferralGeneral InfoBeta2SearchFixing bugsUI refinement

  • Work Item

  • DocVisionScenario (14)Func Spec (6Features)Test CaseMail FormatUser Guideline

  • Daily BuildOnce everydayApril 18th~June 2nd41 timesTwice failed

  • Code

  • Bug

  • SummaryProject Management and development


    Team Cooperation

  • AcknowledgementHarryMr. Zou, Mr. Hua, and Mr. HuangURALT, SevenStars and SevenSwords

  • Demohttp://msra-training/Springfield