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Breakdown of timelines, comparative analysis and UX Experience (including strategy and audience profile) for the Minneapolis-based Architecture Firm MS&R


  • 1.Weve discussed the idea of collaborating on a filmproject that will celebrate MS&Rs legacy. While the project is still in ideation, here is our timeline.01

2. One 10-minute film Story of MS&ROur Six 2-minute videos based on issuesDELIVERABLES Launch by August for AnniversaryToday 02 3. Pre-Production Writing Storyboarding Location Scout Interviewing Copyright/Legal Approval Process Content GatheringProductionProductionSCHEDULE Filming (by August 15th) Post-Production Editing Coloring Master Cutting Formatting Launch 03 4. MAYJUNE JULYAUGMay 1June 15July 1Pre-Production Production Post-ProductionRecap04 5. Today were here to share our Strategic Concepts & our Creative Concepts. We will also shareour findings from the last phase, and how they supportour recommendations. 01 6. Understand ScopeMeeting Understand Process GOALS Understand Choices/Reasoning Commitment to Plan Today02 7. MS&R has contracted Mind of Klein tobuild its website and social presence Strategy Documents Site Map Wire framesSummary of Page Layout TemplatesDELIVERABLES Technology Spec Documents (by August 15th) Creative Concepts Technical Architectural Document QA Specs Website LaunchRecap 03 8. Recap 04 9. What weveDONE SO FAR March 24 April 8 Review shareholders meeting Innovation Happy Hour with MS&R marketing team feedback session April 1April 12 Progress review meeting with Review meeting with MS&R principal shareholders marketing team April 5April 19 Review meeting with MS&R Review meeting with MS&R marketing team marketing teamRecap05 10. ProcessSYSTEMDISCOVERY DESIGN STRATEGY U/XRecap 06 11. In the Discovery Phase, we used explorative tools tosurvey, interview and analyze what the staff and principals are looking for in a new website. Heres what we learned. 07 12. PRINCIPAL INTERVIEWS Design is what we are known for Goal of site is business development Highlight adaptive reuseWhat we Honor how long buildings lastHEARD Help potential clients dive deep into us Firm should be more proactive MS&R is where the old meets new Show that work is relevant in todays world Site doesnt show the depth of thoughtDiscovery 08 13. STAFF INTERVIEWS Website needs more personality Current CMS is clunky and slow Design has changed dramaticallyWhat we No consistency of visionHEARD Highlight eclectic group of people Times are changing Simple website thats witty MS&R is diverse with many voices Blog needs to be a bigger part of site Discovery09 14. CLIENT/VENDOR INTERVIEWS Most collaborative partner yet Multiple points of view make them strong Know how to adaptWhat we Diverse vision leads to good designHEARD Appreciate the younger voices Other architecture firms are stagnant Credit needs to be given to the buildings Collaboration is inspirational Focused on design not personal opinion Discovery10 15. collaborative strong adapt visionyounger inspirationaldesignpersonality vision eclectic changesimplediverserelevant thought (tone words)Discovery11 16. In the Strategy Phase, we used what we learned fromour discovery phase to put together strategic concepts which then informed creative concepts. Here are our recommendations. 12 17. PositioningSTATEMENTCulture at MS&R is forged by strong voices and diverse opinions. Thought Leadership,Social Interaction and Business Developmentbuild a pathway to theProjects and Issuesthat differentiate MS&R. Strategy13 18. ThoughtLeadershipCultureBusinessSocialDevelopmentInteraction Strategy14 19. Tangible ways to show this on the website: Blog Posts/Articles/Case StudiesThought Design Process Independent PublicationsLEADERSHIP Speaking EngagementsThe capacity of creating Other people doing this well:and sharing original Architects:content that is HOKthought-provoking , Genslerinspiring and showsMS&R is an industryNon-Architects:change-maker. IDEO FuseProject Strategy15 20. ThoughtLEADERSHIP (Architects) HOK Thought Leader Section Video Base Knowledge Center Development Process Highlight SystemsStrategy 16 21. ThoughtLEADERSHIP(Architects) GENSLER Viewpoint Video Base Insight Research Publications Strategy17 22. ThoughtLEADERSHIP(Non-Architects) IDEO Design Thinking Designer Insights News TED Integration Top Picks Strategy18 23. ThoughtLEADERSHIP(Non-Architects) FUSE PROJECT Innovation Approach Business Model Practices Case Studies Strategy19 24. ThoughtLeadershipCultureBusinessSocialDevelopmentInteraction Strategy 20 25. Tangible ways to show this on the website: Blog/Facebook/Twitter InteractionsSocial Community Leadership Design/Community InteractionINTERACTION Conference ParticipationThe act of integrating Other people doing this well:and immersing within Architects: both the physical and the BNIMinteractivecommunity in order toNon-Architects: initiate and facilitate Blu Dot Swap Meet conversations about Pepsi RefreshMS&R and the industry. Warby Parker Strategy21 26. SocialINTERACTION(Architects) BNIM Multimedia Integration Social Media Presence Blog as a hub Authors Page HierarchyStrategy 22 27. SocialINTERACTION(Non-Architects) Blu Dot Swap Meet Bidding System Building Network Bringing Fans Earned Media Press Increase Awareness Strategy 23 28. SocialINTERACTION(Non-Architects) Pepsi Refresh Social Experiment Community Building Feel-Good Press Engaging Social Network Earned Media Strategy 24 29. SocialINTERACTION(Non-Architects) Warby Parker Buy One-Give One Unique Selling Point Engaging Physically Interesting Concept Great ProductStrategy25 30. ThoughtLeadershipCultureBusinessSocialDevelopmentInteraction Strategy 26 31. Tangible ways to show this on the website: Project DetailsBusiness Differentiated Services/Design Staff/Principals as Issue LeadersDEVELOPMENT Consumer PerceptionUsing social interaction Other people doing this well:to share MS&RsArchitects:knowledge leadership to HOK Renewspecifically share metrics Studio Gang on past projects toinitiate and bring in newNon-Architects:business. GreenTeam USA Element Six Media Strategy27 32. BusinessDEVELOPMENT(Architects)HOK Expertise Featured Projects Details at a Glance Social Integration ProcessStrategy28 33. BusinessDEVELOPMENT(Architects)Studio/ Simple Design Movement At a Glance Bullets Photos/Concepts SketchesStrategy29 34. BusinessDEVELOPMENT (Non-Architects)G Article Heavy Opinion Poll Tools for Interaction Demographic NicheStrategy30 35. BusinessDEVELOPMENT (Non-Architects)Element Unique Selling Point Earned Media Client Dosier Events Calender Social Media Integration Strategy31 36. ThoughtLeadershipCultureBusinessSocialDevelopmentInteraction Strategy 32 37. Tangible ways to show this on the website: Staff/Principal ProfilesInternal Design Process Community InvolvementCULTURE Insightful Multimedia Displays If culture at MS&R isOther people doing this well: forged by strong voicesArchitects: and diverse opinions, the Rice Daubneyamalgamation of these HMC Architectsforces creates a living HOK Lifebrand. Communicatingthis culture is vital for Non-Architects:future growth. Studio GangStrategy 33 38. InternalCULTURE (Architects) Rice Daubney Dynamic Favorite Project Link Options Identity through Photos Cohesion Strategy 34 39. InternalCULTURE(Architects) HMC Architects Culture Page Play Link Idea of Balance Professional Option History Option Strategy 35 40. InternalCULTURE (Architects) HOK Life Micro-Site/Depth Multiple Contributors Event Recaps Network Immersion Social Media Options Strategy 36 41. InternalCULTURE (Architects) Studio/Gang Studio section Non-serious Team Awards Videos Drawings Strategy37 42. In the User Experience Phase, we explore who our key users are, and how they will interact with the website, by understanding what they want.Heres what we learned. 38 43. Website Entrance Sitemap39 44. User Experience (or U/X) is the experience aUseruser will have interacting with a website. Itdeals with planning a site-map that isEXPERIENCE? intuitive so that each key user can interactand follow a flow that is contextual to themand what they are looking for.U/X40 45. Two Types of UsersKey Buyers are primarily concerned with Projects:IdealUSERSCorporate Institutional Residential (and what they are looking for) Passive Users are primarily concerned with Issues:AcademicsDesigners Librarians U/X 41 46. Aspirational Clients Urban Outfitters Carmichael Lynch IDEOCorporate Fuse ProjectBUYER(KEY USER) What are their needs/expectations? Energy Consumption Business Metrics Productivity/ROI Profit ShareU/X42 47. MetricsDesignCase Study Metrics UrbanAdaptiveOutfitters Reuse PROJECT ISSUEIssues ProjectCorporate User U/X Flow43 48. Aspirational Clients Madison Public Library United States Senate Library MCADInstitutional Masdar CityBUYER (KEY USER) What are their needs/expectations? Sustainability Urban Renewal/City Planning Certification/Cost Government Engagement U/X 44 49. MetricsDesign Case StudyMetrics Madison Library Sustainability PROJECT ISSUEIssues ProjectInstitutional UserU/X Flow45 50. Aspirational Clients High-Income Bracket Awakening Consumer Loft and CondosResidential City SlickersBUYER(KEY USER) What are their needs/expectations? Adaptive Reuse Issues Reputation/Certification Word of Mouht/Conversation PieceU/X46 51. Metrics DesignAboutMetricsLofts &CondosSustainabilityPROJECT ISSUEIssuesProject Residential User U/X Flow 47 52. What are their needs/expectations? Career Opportunities Student Internships Collaboration OpportunitiesAcademic Knowledge BaseUSERS Published Media Case Studies(PASSIVE) Problem Solving Methods Issues Exper