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MSI Graphics Cards Product Marketing

Z97 OverclockingMotherboards12014 will be a great year for overclocking! Not only will Intel focus more at the Enthusiast segment by introducing a special Pentium K SKU but also they will also improve the Haswell Refresh K CPU for overclocking performance.A new era of REAL overclocking


Our 2013 Z87 Overclocking motherboards did what they needed to do: break world records! OC Records

3The yellow color-scheme of MSIs OC-Series was a great inspiration for many power-users.Cool Casemods


And on top of that we got many awards and positive comments from the media worldwide.Awards

5Despite their success, our Z77 MPOWER was a Z77A-GD65 on steroids and the Z87 MPOWER had too much of MSIs Gaming NDA. However, we believe MPOWER is capable of much more.

With the feedback of overclockers at MOA 2013 we managed to make real enthusiasts motherboards; our Z97 OC motherboards.Changing the game of overclocking


The new Z97 overclocking motherboards comewith an awesome M and X signature on the heatsinks and have a black finish completed with yellow highlights.

7OC Power


NEWThe new OC motherboards come with a high quality built in PWM water cooling solution which is copper based to maximize performance.Water Cooling


NEWThe new and improved MSI heatsinks create 1.5cm extra space. The open corners allow for bigger size coolers compared to the MSI Z87 OC motherboards.Bigger keep out zone


A perfect square rectangle CPU area and small form factor Hi-C Caps allow LN2 Overclockers to easily insulate the motherboard, greatly reducing LN2 setup time.Easy Insulation


DigitALL Power provides digital control andfeedback to the PWM, allowing VoltageOffset Control to improve the stability andlower power consumption.DigitAll POWER


13These high quality components ensure higher reliabilityand 100% stable performance.Military Class 4

Hi-c CapSelf-healing low profile Tantalum capacitors which offer 10x higher lifetime.SFC60 Amp Supper Ferrite Chokes which give 20-50% more current.Dark CAPPerfect stable under extreme (up to 260C) conditions.DrMOS 4This 3-in-1 MOSTFET is not only very power efficient but also powerful.


NEWProviding essential protection against hardwarefailure.Guard-Pro

CIRCUIT PROTECTIONECOPOWERHYMIDITYPROTECTIONHIGHTEMPERATUREPROTECTIONESD PROTECTIONEMIPROTECTIONCarefully selected materials used in our motherboards together with shielding prevent short circuiting.ECO Power lets you disable unused chips and functions used on your motherboard. By cutting off the power your motherboard will run more efficient. 10% Reduction in moisture absorption helps prevent "Conductive Anodic Filament". Untreated PCB's can have 10x higher failure rate.All MSI motherboards comply with stringent American FCC regulations and reduce the impact of Electromagnetic Interference.Each and every I/O port is protected against the hazards of Electro Static Discharge.All key components used in MSI motherboards have all passed military testing ensuring stable operation in the harshest environments.15

NEWUSB 3.0 signal integrity suffers with longer cable length. These special USB 3.0 Redrivers on your Internal USB 3.0 ports enable to use longer USB 3.0 cables, especially in larger chassis.USB3 Redrivers


NEWEach I/O Port on MSI's OC motherboards are protected by Dual ESD protective ICs. This prevents any possible ESD damage from plugging/unplugging.Double ESD Protection

17The MSI overclocking motherboards are OC certified which means that they are submitted to a 24 hour Prime95 burn-in test with a highly overclocked CPU. This enables us to deliver the most stable overclocking motherboards on the market. OC Certified


NEWIf the motherboard detects a failure from hardwaresuch as the CPU it will shut down and prevent booting.

Unique overcurrent protection prevents damage to other hardware from short circuiting whenever a failure occurs A red LED near the 24 power connector lets you know that overcurrent protection is activeEasier troubleshootingCPU Overcurrent Protection


NEWOverclocking Haswell is limited by Intel because all the internal clocks are linked and cannotbe changed separately.

Our new OC Engine supportsmore flexible BCLK adjustmentswith large stepping (100 /125 / 167 MHz) giving it a higher range.

Additionally the OC engineprevents VGA crashes whileoverclocking a goodCPU core.

OC Engine


Slow Mode decreases CPU ratio to 8x*. When usingCPU vCore Adaptive Mode, Slow Mode will also drastically decrease vCore to 0.8~0.9v. This single option helps to skip Windows loading bottleneck making subzero overclocking a bit easier.Slow Mode

*CPU lowest ratio vary on different CPU modelEnable Slow Mode8x70xCPU LoadingCPU RatioCPU vCore0.82.0Enable Slow Mode to pass through high loading of Windows booting sequence.Disable Slow Mode to restore CPU overclocking setting after booting.


NEWAfter removing your IHS the MSI Delid Die Guardprotects your CPU perfectly. This ensures the best fitting and highest mounting pressure whether its for 24/7 use or breaking world records. Delid Die Guard


NEWOC Fan Stand

With the OC Fan Stand you can easily guide the airflow to the components which need the most cooling. Never worry about knocking this OC Fan Stand over.Fan optional23When you benchmark in dual, triple or quad setup use this setup for maximal bandwidth provided by the Gen3 PLX 8747 switch chip.4-Way CrossFire / SLI

Single2-Way3-Way4-WayPCI_E1- X16X16X16PCI_E2x16- - - PCI_E3---X8PCI_E5-X16X8X8PCI_E7--X8X8


Easy disable VGA cards when benchmarkingwith CeaseFire without having to remove the card itself.

Z97 XPOWER AC comes with an easy switch while the Z97 MPOWER (MAX AC) has a BIOS option. CeaseFire



The 2nd PCI-E x16 slot gives the best performance when benchmarking with only ONE graphics card. This PCI-E slot is directly connected to the CPU and has no latency lag because the traffic skips the PLX chip.

Dedicated PCI Express x16

26Full real-time control


The MSI OC motherboards allow for even better control with both multiplier and BCLK Ratio.Direct OC

1 MHz Adj.0.1 MHz Adj.BCLK Ratio UpBCLK Ratio DownMultiplier UpMultiplier Down28

Under LN2 normal CLR CMOS buttons dont work, this is why many overclockers remove the battery to give it a complete reset. No need anymore, the MSI Complete Discharge button gives your Z97 board a true factory reset. Complete Discharge


ModePerformanceNo OC Genie100%Gear 14.0 GHzGear 24.3 GHz 4.5GHz*

Switch to Gear 2NEWOC Genie 4 will be more aggressive on HaswellRefresh CPUs. And with Gear 2 you will give even more performance depending on how many cores your application is using.

OC Genie 4

* Haswell Refresh30

OC Essentials

These small tools give everybody the edge when pushing your system to the limits. Easy button 3 V-Checkpoints 2GO2BIOSDebug LEDMulti BIOS 2Clear CMOS31

After MOA feedback we enhanced the V-Check Points with 2 extra ground connectors. This way overclockers can use 3 multi-meters at the same time. V-Check Points 2

32All the extras


The MSI OC motherboards come with Intel Gigabit LAN to help reduce CPU overhead and ensure a stable and fast responding internet and network connection.IntelGigabit LAN


The ultimate audio solution which actslike a dedicated sound card. Isolated Audio PCBEMI shieldingDual AMPsJapanese Audio CapacitorsGolden Audio ConnectorsAudio Boost


The MSI Z97 MPOWER ACand Z97 XPOWER AC comeboth with Intel 802.11ACwireless and Bluetooth 4.0 with support for Intel WiDi. AC Wireless & Bluetooth

36NEWM.2 is superfast storage based on a PCI-E Gen2 x2 interface and with speeds up to 10 Gb/s, much faster than SATA 3.0 (6 Gb/s). M.2 SSDs are widely available and all MSI Overclocking motherboards come with M.2 interface. Superfast storage: M.2

37NEWSATA-Express is PCI-E Gen2 x2 storage with similar speeds (10Gb/s) like M.2. Because the SATA-Express ECO system is not ready MSI offers flexible M.2 to SATA-Express cards. SATA-E SSDs sampling in Q2, for sales in Q3, affordable in Q2 2015No Intel support for SATA-Express3rd party host solutions delayedSuperfast Storage: SATA-Express


The best USB Charger is inside your PC, it even workswhen your computer is switched off. MSI Super Charger charges ANY USB powered device from the latest tablets to portable gaming consoles.Super Charger

X39Total control over all fans with 4-pin PWM connectors.Layout optimized and approved by enthusiastsSet your own fan profilesUse the automatic fan wizardReal-time Fan control (no reboots!)Control via Command CenterControl via Click BIOS 4Fan speed loggingVoltage loggingTemperature loggingTotal Fan Control


M-ShieldBack side of I/O panelForce Absorbing LayerEMI ShieldingSteel ShieldingOur new I/O shield not only comes with many improvements but also in black to match your chassis.

41BIOS & Software


Z97 Motherboards can boot in 2 seconds. Stop punishing your keyboard and just press the GO2BIOS button.GO2BIOS

43For overclockers, a finely tuned BIOS is the key for success. This is why weve doubled our resources of BIOS development on our Z97 OC series to deliver a new standard of BIOS ov