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MSI 9 Series Motherboards

Z97 CLASSICMotherboards

Look & FeelMSI Classic series continue with a black & blue design.

Military Class 4These high quality components ensure higher reliability and 100% stable performance.

Hi-C CapSelf-healing low profile Tantalum capacitors which offer 10x higher lifetime.SFC60 Amp Supper Ferrite Chokes which give 20-50% more current.Dark CAPPerfect stable under extreme (up to 260C) conditions.

Dark ChokeHigh power chokes, heat resistant.Solid CapHighly efficient Japanese capacitors.

Guard-ProProviding essential protection against hardware failure.

CIRCUIT PROTECTIONECOPOWERHUMIDITYPROTECTIONHIGHTEMPERATUREPROTECTIONESD PROTECTIONEMIPROTECTIONCarefully selected materials, multiple PCB layers and shielding result in the best circuit protection for our motherboards.With MS ECO Center you can physically cut the power to unused chips to save up to 29% power usage.10% Reduction in moisture absorption helps prevent "Conductive Anodic Filament". Untreated PCB's can have 10x higher failure rate.Each and every I/O port is protected against the hazards of Electro Static Discharge.All MSI motherboards comply with stringent American FCC regulations and reduce the impact of Electromagnetic Interference.All key components used in MSI motherboards have all passed military testing ensuring stable operation in the harshest environments.

CPU Thermal ProtectionCPU Current Protection

With especially designed circuit protection, the MSI motherboard protects the CPU against overheating and USB devices from short circuiting.Guard-Pro: Circuit Protection


DeviceON(W)OFF(W)save watt(W)USB HOST28.827.31.5USB HUB28.825.53.3SATA 28.827.71.1PCIE HUB28.827.31.5PCIE CLK_GEN Enable28.828.40.4WIFI30.528.81.7CPUFAN*28.828.10.7SYSFAN1*29.528.80.7SYSFAN2*29.528.80.7SYSFAN3*29.528.80.7Total28.820.48.4

ECO Power could help users to manage their hardware. Cease those unnecessary hardware could not only lower the power consumption but also avoid short circuit and signal noise.Guard-Pro: ECO PowerUSBPCI-E x16PCI-E x1SATA

Save up to 29%Test SituationMotherboardZ97 MPOWER MAX v1.1(BIOS E7888ims.116 ) CPUi7-4770KMemoryCORSAIR 2800 4G *2VGAIntel HD Graphics 4600 via HDMIHard DriveTOSHIBA 128GB via M.2 slotPower SupplyCORSAIR CX 600WOSUEFI WIN7

Cease the interfaces which is not necessary in order to save energy and money.ECO Power

Cease USB 3.0 and PCIe x16

10% Reduction in moisture absorption helps prevent "Conductive Anodic Filament". Reports show that untreated PCB's can have 10x higher failure rate after ~1100 hours of testing.Humidity Protection

MEPTEC.ORG Q4 report


Military Class 4 Components not only pass stringent MIL-STD-810G testing standards, exposure to 260C temperatures is also part of their testing procedure guaranteeing maximum stability.High Temperature Protection

MC4: ~260C~150-180CMilitary Class: 80-90C

Each and every I/O port on MSI's 9 series motherboards is protected against the hazards of Electro Static DischargeESD Protection

OC Genie 4

OC Genie 4 overclocks your entire system and puts it into overdrive. Tuned by professional overclockers, with one click your CPU, Memory, Integrated graphics and disk drivers become faster!

Software: Unified GUIAll MSI software got a huge graphic user interface update, now all have the same look & feel.

Software: Live Update 6

Remove all the hassle of keeping your system up-to-date. Live Update 6 Scans your PC and downloads the latest Drivers, BIOS and Firmware files straight to your system.

Command CenterCommand Center allows easy visual adjustment of system settings, automatically tune fans or give complete freedom. It features an integrated unlimited RAM disk.

Command Center RAMDiskEvery application will benefit from this amazing speed boost!10 GB / Second

Sequential Disk Read Speed (1000MB file)


Command Center MobileCommand Center also goes on mobile devices. You could download the app in your smart phone and operate the command center as a remote control to your desktop.

OC RemotePower RemoteMedia Remote


Click BIOS 4

Updated InterfaceBoard ExplorerHardware Monitor

Are your USB Bitcoin ASICs drawing too much USB power resulting in losing bitcoins? USB Steel Power offers a stable 5 volt via an extra PWM so that you never will suffer bitcoin loss.USB Steel Power

Rear I/O USBStable 5vStable 5VStable 5VPOWER SUPPLYFront USB connectorUSB 5V PWMFront USB connector12V

Welcome to the 10 Gb/s era!!Push Your SSD to The Limit



Storage: SATA Express onboardSATA Express is PCI-E Gen2 x2 storage (10Gb/s)SATA-E ECO system still not readySATA-E SSD devices possible in Q3, affordable in Q2 2015No Intel support for SATA ExpressAsmedia chip delayed, technical issues


One MSI Z97 model will have SATA Express onboard the Z97S SLI PLUSWhen using SATA Express the M.2 slotwill be disabled (shared slot)

Storage: SATA ExpressSATA Express is PCI-E Gen2 x2 storage with similar speeds (10Gb/s) like M.2. Because the SATA Express ECO system is not ready MSI offers flexible M.2 to SATA Express cards. SATA-E SSDs sampling in Q2, for sales in Q3, affordable in Q2 2015No Intel support for SATA-Express3rd party host solutions delayed


Storage: M.2Next gen. mSATA based on PCI-E Gen2 x2 interface Up to 10 Gb/s, much faster than SATA 3.0 (6 Gb/s)Healthy eco system, M.2 SSDs widely availableNotice: M.2 devices are available in SATA3 interface (slow) and PCI-E interface (fast)All newly designed Z97 motherboards come with M.2


Intel Gigabit LAN

The MSI Z97S SLI Plus motherboard come with Intel Gigabit LAN to help reduce CPU overhead and ensure a stable and fast responding internet and network connection.

Z97S SLI Krait Edition

Dare to be Different

Introducing a stylish designed motherboard perfect for case modders, featuring SLI support, SATA Express and M.2 storage.

Something new for the case mod community

Looking for that creative, one-off build? Black & white design makes a system look classic, sophisticated and full of class. Famous case modders around the world cheer for black and white design.

Match perfectly with a lot of other vendorsOther vendors are also releasing black & white designed products, perfect to create a full black & white system.

Not just on the outside

We are going all out to create a unique black & white look and feel, not just on the outside. Our BIOS and software also comes in black & white Krait style design.

Classic series ATX overviewZ97S SLI PlusZ97-G55 SLIZ97-U3 PLUSZ97 Guard-ProH97 Guard-ProH97 PC MateZ97 PC MateZ97-G43Z97M-G43H97-E35H97I ACZ97I ACMicro-ATXMini-ITXATXSATA-Express, SLI, Intel LANCheapest SLI model12x USB 3.0 ports6x PCI-E slots for coin miningCheapest CrossFire model Cheapest ATX for SImATX with CrossFireCheapest mATX model for SIMini-ITX power with AC WiFi & BTH97M-G43Z97S SLIKrait EditionBlack & White model

Classic series ATX Z97S SLI PLUSZ97-G55 SLIZ97S SLI Krait EditionZ97U3 PLUSZ97/H97GUARD-PROZ97-G43Z97/H97 PC MateGuard-Pro - --Display InterfaceD-SUBDVI-DHDMID-SUBDVI-DHDMID-SUBDVI-DHDMID-SUBDVI-DHDMID-SUBDVI-DDisplayPortD-SUBDVI-DHDMID-SUBDVI-DHDMISLI / CrossFire2-Way / 3-Way2-Way / 3-Way2-Way / 2-Way- / 2-Way- / 2-Way- / 2-Way- / 2-WayPCI-E x163x3x2x2x2x2x2xPCI-E x12x3x3x2x4x2x2xPCI2x1x2x3x-3x2xGbit LANIntelRealtekRealtekRealtekRealtekRealtekRealtekSATA 6 Gb/s6x6x6x6x6x6x6xSATA Express - ----M.2 --USB 3.08x10x6x12x6x6x6xUSB 2.08x8x6x6x6x6x6xUSB Steel Power - ---V-Check Point 29 points7 points-7 points7 points-7 pointsSuper Charger---- --

Classic series mATX / ITXZ97M / H97M-G43H97M-E35Z97I ACH97I ACGuard-Pro ---Display InterfaceD-SUBDVI-DHDMIDisplayPortD-SUBDVI-DHDMIHDMIDisplayPortHDMIDisplayPort CrossFire2-Way---PCI-E x162x1x1x1xPCI-E x12x2x--PCI-2x--Wi-Fi + BT--AC +BT4AC +BT4Gbit LANRealtekRealtek2x RealtekRealtekSATA 6 Gb/s6x6x4x4xSATA Express----M.2 ---USB 3.06x6x6x6xUSB 2.08x6x4x4xV-Check Point 27 points---Super Charger ---

Classic series mATX / ITX overview

Best motherboard protectionBest stable USB power delivery

Best future storage supportBest BIOS compatibility

Best quality components

Best Feature set supported

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