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MSI 9 Series Motherboards

X99 OverclockingMotherboardsMSI overclocking motherboards have a long history. We continue to improve our overclocking motherboards with the feedback of world class overclockers. Our X99 OC motherboards are built on the DNA of our successful and award winning Z97 OC motherboards.

Changing the overclocking game


2A fresh look & extreme performance

The new X99S MPOWER and X99S XPOWER AC motherboard comes with glorious looking, massive heatsinks up for any task.


Cool Casemods

The yellow color-scheme of MSIs OC-Series was a great inspiration for many power-users and casemodders.

4The MSI overclocking motherboards are OC certified which means that they are submitted to a 24 hour Prime95 burn-in test with a highly overclocked CPU. This enables us to deliver the most stable overclocking motherboards on the market. OC Certified


DigitALL Power provides digital control andfeedback to the PWM, allowing VoltageOffset Control to improve the stability andlower power consumption.DigitALL POWER



OC EngineOverclocking Haswell-E is limited by Intel because all the internal clocks are linked and cannot be changed separately.

Our next generation OC Engine, now with even lower jitter and power consumption for better stabilitysupports more flexible BCLK adjustments with large stepping (100 /125 / 167 MHz).

MSI OC engine preventsalso VGA from crashingwhile overclocking agood CPU core.


NEWSlow Mode decreases CPU ratio to 12x*. When usingCPU vCore Adaptive Mode, Slow Mode will also drastically decrease vCore to 0.68~0.8v. This single option helps to skip Windows or application loading, bottleneck making subzero overclocking a bit easier.Slow Mode

*CPU lowest ratio vary on different CPU modelEnable Slow Mode12x70xCPU LoadingCPU RatioCPU vCore0.68v2.0vEnable Slow Mode to pass through high loading of Windows booting sequence.Disable Slow Mode to restore CPU overclocking setting after booting.


Open PCI-E x1 Slot

NEWExtreme overclockers looking to achieve the absolute maximum CPU BCLK can easily make use of an entry level GPU using the open PCI-E x1 slot on MSI X99 overclocking motherboards.9


The Direct USB connector also allows for easy pre-testing of your hardware prior to installing it in a PC case.Direct USB allows for faster and more convenient ways of saving scores, flashing the BIOS and installing drivers & software when overclocking on an open test bed.10

NEWMouting a LN2 pot is a real hasslewith the standard X99 backplate.The OC Backplate is a low profilebackplate which is perfectly flatand gives full access to thescrew holes needed to mountan extreme cooling solution.OC Backplate (bundled)

OC Backplate

Standard backplate


NEWAfter removing your IHS the MSI Delid Die Guardprotects your CPU perfectly. This ensures the best fitting and highest mounting pressure whether its for 24/7 use or breaking world records. Delid Die Guard (bundled)


NVIDIA SLI certified, AMD CrossFire compliantand optimized PCI Express 3.0 configurationensures plenty of airflow toyour graphics cards

Easily disable VGA cardswhen benchmarking withPCI-E CeaseFire withouthaving to remove the carditself.Multi GPU & PCI-E CeaseFire


The MSI OC motherboards allow for even better control with both real time multiplier and BCLK adjustments.Direct OC / Complete Discharge

1 MHz Adj.0.1 MHz Adj.BCLK UpBCLK DownMultiplier UpMultiplier DownThe MSI Complete Discharge button gives your X99 board a true factory reset, where the CLR CMOS still leaves some settings behind. 14

OC Essentials

These small tools give you the edge when pushing your system to the limits. Easy button 3 V-Checkpoints 2GO2BIOSDebug LEDMulti BIOS 2Clear CMOSDirect USB15

NEWNo longer struggle trying to overclock your memory.Click BIOS 4 includes a big database of DDR4 memory OC settings compiled by MSI engineers and top overclockers. This allows for smart memory OC detection. Simply set CAS latency and memory frequency and let us do the rest. BIOS: Memory Try It!


More overclocking featuresExtreme OC SetupDisable unneeded Items for OCOC Profile Preview 2See easy changes in your profilesMemory presetsOptimized DDR4 performanceXMP buttonEasily enable XMP mode17

Convenient features

Change Setting InfoTrack your latest changes

Hardware Monitor 2With 4 point fan controlMy FavoritesEasy access to most used options

Simple / AdvancedHide all difficult settings


Many overclockers dont prefer to install bloatedsoftware which slows down their system while setting world records. This new version includes an unique hotkey function which makes it the perfect solution for die-hard overclockers.

Command Center Lite



Keep track of your memory timings with this lightweight application. Command Center Lite Memory helps you to tune your memory to perfection and reach new heightsCommand Center Lite Memory

20True overclocking spirit

2x 2nd place(after Asus)

5960X World Records Broken!6BenchmarkOverclockerMotherboardCinebench R15BenchBrosX99S XPOWER ACwPrime 1024mTaPaKaHX99S XPOWER ACwPrime 32mTaPaKaHX99S XPOWER ACSuperPi 32MTaPaKaHX99S SLI PLUSSuperPi 1MTaPaKaHX99S SLI PLUSPiFast TaPaKaHX99S SLI PLUS


Your Stream.Your Game.Your Fame.22