Ms. Heyl’s Expectations and Classroom Norms

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Ms. Heyls Expectations and Classroom Norms. + Put Ups/Be Respectful (ex. Nice try) Use Respectful language (ex. I think you may have done #1 wrong, here is how I did it.) One mic rule Follow student code in the handbook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ms. Heyls Expectations and Classroom Norms

  • Classroom Norms+Put Ups/Be Respectful (ex. Nice try)Use Respectful language (ex. I think you may have done #1 wrong, here is how I did it.)One mic rule Follow student code in the handbookAsk for help from Ms. Heyl or other students (when appropriate) Mistakes they are okay, that means we are learning. I will make plenty of them so no laughing at my or your classmates mistakes.

  • Classroom Norms+Tell me if you need space (we all have bad days)Leave your Drama at the doorBe prepared, bring your materials to class everyday!Laugh at Ms. Heyls jokesAsk QuestionsRead the beginning of class slide and copy homework in your planner.Have FUN!!!

  • What I will do if you do not follow the classroom norms1st time- verbal warning or nonverbal warning2nd time- have a conversation with you and inform your advisor3rd time- call home, give a teacher detention, and inform your advisor4th time- send you to the office, call home

  • What I will do if you follow class norms and expectationscall your guardian to tell them how wonderful you aresend an email to your advisorMake class slightly more relaxed

  • Start of Class RoutinesWhen the bell rings you will have 1 minute to.Be in your seat and silentBe in dress codeHave your homework out, and start quietly working on the Do NowRemove backpacks and other non-math class related stuff from your desk.

  • During Class RoutinesDuring teacher led instruction you willSit upRaise your hand for questions, clarification, or response Track me with your eyes

  • During Group WorkAll members must be working on the same problem at all times. No going ahead, no leaving anyone behind, unless it is part of the assignment to work on different problems.You must have your own paper in front of you at all times. It is okay to say You have to multiply by 2. It is not okay to say Here, copy this.No off topic talking during group work or transitions into group work.Use respectful language when working with group members (no put downs)Everyone in the group must be working to solve the task at hand no matter what their group role is.

  • End of Class Routine:At the 1 minute warning bellPlease put back any materials you borrowed or used during classPush in your chairPick up any trash near your table

  • Tardy PolicyBe in your seats with your math materials (notebook, pencil, etc.) out when the bell rings. If you fail to do so you will be marked tardy. If you are tardy you will not receive credit for your Do Now which counts toward your homework grade.Your 4th tardy results in an incident report. Every tardy after that will also be accompanied by an incident report.The excuse, My teacher kept me late will only work if you come to class with a pass from that teacher.

  • Bathroom UseIf you need to use the bathroom during class, please ask. Fill out a pass and bring it to me to signAlso fill out the Bathroom Log before you leave the roomIf I am in the middle of teaching/giving directions this is not the time to ask. If it is an emergency, please signal or ask in a nonverbal way(ex. Like with a hand gesture)*** I will not always say yes, this is not because I dont like you or I am trying to be mean, there is a good reason why and I will try to let you know at that time

  • Class ParticipationClass participation is part of your grade Although there will be times for you to raise your hand and participate, most of the time you will be called on to participate. If you are called on, I dont know is not an answer. I expect you to be paying attention at all times and even if you may not have the correct answer I expect you to respond by either giving an educated guess or work out the solution verbally with help from classmates/teacher.

  • I have clear expectations and norms because I care for every one of you and want to see you fulfill your dreams. If you follow the norms then you will learn the content. So have fun, study, and enjoy the ride!