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Mrs. Hays Math Classroom

Mrs. Hayss Math ClassroomClassroom Expectations1Classroom RulesAttend class on time

Come prepared with pencils, paper, and completed assignment


Treat others with respect

Complete assignments on time

2Homework policyHomework is expected to be done the day it is due (almost always the very next day)Each assignment is worth 5 points- 70 to 100% correct gets 5 points- 50-69% correct gets 3 points- 30 49% correct gets 2 points- Below 30% correct gets 1 point if assignment was complete and on time3Make-up PolicyEach assignment may be redone for full credit.To redo an assignment, you must redo the problem/problems missed on a separate piece of paper. ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN! If there is no work that can be shown, you must write an explanation as to why you are correct or what you had done incorrectly the first time.The purpose of making up an assignment is to go back over your assignment and see what you did incorrectly so you will understand.4Test Make UpYou have the option to retake tests.The retake will be a different test, but will test over the same conceptsThis retake will replace the old score, unless it does not improve it.The reason I do this is because I want to emphasize learning. I dont want you to ever give up on me because of a low score. There is always a way for you to improve! I want you to learn the material!Before you may retake a test, however, you must schedule a time to meet with me to review the first test so we can see what you missed and how to improve. Advisory is a good time for this!5Grade WeightsHomework is worth 25% of your scoreTests/quizzes are worth 75%I view homework as a way for you to practice what you have learned. Tests and quizzes are where you can prove the learning to me. While it is a large percent that test/quizzes are worth, remember, you can retake them!Also, use the opportunity to redo homework! It will really help you learn from your mistakes!6HOT SheetsIf you come to class and do not have your assignment completed or it isnt here at all, you will have to fill out a HOT sheetThe HOT sheet and your assignment will go to your advisory teacherWhen you get to advisory, you will be expected to complete the assignment. No other privileges will take place until it is done.

Panther PassesEach quarter, you will receive 5 passes out of the room. These you will use for purposes such as restroom, drink, locker, etc. You MUST have the pass to leave the room.If you do not have a pass or have used all your passes, then you will have to serve a lunch detention for needing to leave the room.Any unused passes may be turned in at the end of the quarter for extra credit.Do not lose the punch card!

ClickersEach of you will be assigned a clicker number. At the beginning of class each day, you need to go to the back table and pick up your clicker and begin working on the problem of the day. Your clicker number is attached to your name and information so it is very important you use the correct number! At the end of class, you need to shut the clicker off and put it back in the correct place on the back table.Also, remember to take extremely good care of the clickers. They are very expensive and it is a privilege for us to be able to use them in class. Please handle them with care and do not mark on them!Class InformationI have created a Wiki where you can log in and check on class information.The wiki address is: ahays.wikispaces.comYou can either create your own account and join my class (ahays), or just view it as a guest.On this site, you can access the class calendar, helpful websites, and also videos of various class lessons for review or to help you if you are absent.Please check this website often!

Thats It!!I am really excited to get the year going!Remember, I am here to help. Always come to me with questions or concerns and Ill do my best to help you!I hope you have a great year!11