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  • Advent of Private Space Travel Markets
    • Aircrew & Passenger Training
    • Aerospace Medical Screening & Evaluation
  • Government Space Activities
    • COTS
    • VSE
  • B RAC Impact on Training For Defense Readiness
    • Several Centrifuge Facilities to Close
    • Constrained Defense Budgets = Less Flying Hours
  • Shift in Commercial Pilot Demographics
    • Less Military Trained Pilots
    • Introduction of VLJs & other advanced technologies

Emerging Opportunities 3. Markets

  • Space Flight Training
  • Military Aviation Training
  • Civil Aviation Training
  • Research Support
  • Serious Entertainment


  • The NASTAR Center is a Full Service Facility to Meet the Training and Research Needs of:
    • Space Crew & Passenger Training & Medical Evaluation
    • U.S. and International Companies Who Provide Space Travel
    • Private Space Travelers or Enthusiasts who Desire theSpace Training Experience
    • U.S. Military & Government Agencies
    • International Militaries
    • U.S. & International Civil Aviation Organizations
    • U.S. & International Universities & Research Organizations
    • U.S. & International Aircraft Manufacturing Companies


  • Space Training
    • Sustained Elevated G Training
      • Gx, Gy, Gz
    • Altitude Training
      • Hypoxia
      • Rapid Decompression
    • Spatial Disorientation Effects & Adaptation Training
      • Motion & Vestibular induced illusions
    • Adaptation and Desensitization to Motion-Induced Effects Training
      • Recognition
      • Countermeasures

6. Training: Creating Mental Sets

  • Physiological Aspects
    • Conditioning
    • Competence
  • Psychological Aspects
    • Overcome Fear
    • Establish Expectations
    • Develop Confidence
    • Enjoy Experience


  • Aviation Training
    • Tactical Flight Operations (military air crews)
    • High G Exposure (military fighter and aerobatic pilots)
    • Altitude Exposure
    • Spatial Disorientation
    • Aircraft Upsets and Recoveries
    • Night Vision and Night Vision Goggle Operations (military and paramilitary aircrew)
    • Situational Awareness


  • STS-400 Space Training System
    • STS-400 Cockpit / Cabin (TACModule)
  • GYROLAB Space Mission Simulator
  • Hypobaric Chamber
    • High Altitude Training System
  • Ejection Seat Simulator

Training Equipment 9.

  • The STS-400 is a high fidelity interactive virtual space flight simulator that is integrated into a high performance "flyable" centrifuge motion platform. The STS-400 features powered pitch and roll gimbals to precisely position the gondola so the trainee can experience accelerations in +/-Gx, +/-Gy, and +/-Gz.

STS-400Space Training System 10.

  • STS-400 Cockpit
  • The STS-400 is designed for interchangeable cockpit modules (TACModules) with floor level access.Various cockpit & cabin configurations are available in single or dual seats.


  • Space Mission Simulator
  • The GYROLAB provides a simulated space flight environment for training in rapidly varying flight conditions.Space crew are trained to maintain control of their spacecraft while ignoring false information from their vestibular system. Interactive flight profiles allow trainees to practice adaptive techniques and countermeasures.


  • The hypobaric chamber trains personnel in altitude indoctrination flights. This includes pressure breathing exercises, hypoxia training, rapid decompression, oxygen equipment use, and emergency procedures.

HYPOBARIC CHAMBER High Altitude Training System 13.

  • The ESS is a training platform to practice the decision making, psychomotor skills, and body positioning prior to making an ejection decision.It incorporates state of the art design and technology to assure safe, injury free and effective ejection training.

Ejection Seat Simulator 14.

  • World Class Instruction
  • The AeroMedical Training Institute (AMTI), which has been incorporated into NASTAR Center,remains the premier, worldwide training and curriculum development business unit of ETC.
    • AMTIs tailored training programs factor in customer training requirements, personnel and crew demographics, types of missions supported and types of aircraft flown.
    • AMTI offers courses that complement the use of NASTAR Center equipment as well as stand-alone courses.
    • AMTI produces all of the training profiles that are resident in the NASTAR Center equipment.

15. NASTAR CENTER TRAINING ACCOMPLISHMENTS 16. January 27, 2004 The centrifuge test team from left to right: Dick Leland -ETC VP Aircrew Training Systems Greg Olsen (Lawrence T. Richards) - Space Adventures Orbital Customer Chris Faranetta - VP Orbital Space Flight Program for Space Adventures Eric Anderson - Space Adventures President & CEO Dr. Clarence Jernigan - Aerospace Medicine Specialist for UTMB Glenn King -NASTAR Center Test Pilot Photo Courtesy of 17. Greg Olsen (right) is given final safety instructions before boarding the STS-400.Note the wires which he is wearing under his shirt to provide EKG monitoring data during the centrifuge test. Photo Courtesy of 18. The STS- 400 is brought up to idle speed with Greg Olsen inside. 19. The STS-400 accelerates to 4.5 Gx Training successfully completed January 27, 2004. Photo Courtesy of 20. Cosmonaut Selection Malaysia 21. Inaugural Space Launch Training Event 2-4 October 2007 22. NASTAR CENTER RESEARCH ACTIVITIES 23.

  • Current Projects
    • FAA / Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
      • Upset Recovery Training Research
    • NASA
      • Human Response in Dynamic Upset Conditions Research
    • U.S. Navy
      • R&D to Develop F-18C TACModule and ATFS-400 Tactical Training Applications

24. 25. Subscribe to the NASTAR Newsletter 26. See us in Aviation, Space,and Environmental Medicine 27.

  • National Space Symposium Colorado, April
  • AeroSpace Medical Association (ASMA) New Orleans, May
  • International Space Development Conference Dallas, May
  • New Space Washington DC, July
  • XPrize Cup New Mexico, October

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