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Minority Postdoc Social Media Audit

By: Sabre Marketing Group

OverviewBy: Holloman Niles

Growing Market for Diversity


Increase ad sales to clients

Add incentives for donations

Increase new readers

Network Effects

Competitive AuditBy Natasha Bertolucci

Marketing Audit

The marketing audit is fundamental to any companys marketing planning process. To audit your marketing is to analyze and evaluate each step of a firms marketing approach, activities, aims and results achieved. In order to develop an effective marketing audit strategy, the company should write a report about a brands digital presence in relation to its competitors digital presence.


Minority Postdoc Tweets per day


Channel Data AnalysisBy: Janice Adams


33%Of visitors come from a search engine.


Bounce Rate: enter the site and then leave the site instead of staying and clicking on other links.



What do we recommend?

SEO: How it fits into minoritypostdoc.orgBy: Travis Smith

SEOGoogleWhere landsSearch TermsPostdoctoral PositionsMinority Postdoctoral Positions

Minority Postdoctoral Positions#1 AND #2 Organic Search Result

Postdoctoral PositionsListed as #18Second page


Social Media : twitter onlyReasonsTimeChanges

ObservationsBy: Ugwu Uche

Main ChannelsDirect Email MarketingEvent Networking

Results OverallBy: Theresia Goode

Other Social Media SitesCurrently, Minority Post Doc is not on Facebook, Pinterest or Google+

Objectives and Results

ConclusionBy: Holloman Niles

Filling in a needed gap

Only national organization focused on aiding minority postdoc students

The market for diversifying STEM fields continues to grow

Their impact has the potential to be HUGE

RecommendationsBy: Ugwu Uche

Update Website to Web 2.0/3.0 ProfileOrganize and Share ContentIncorporate Blog features in content (Share, Comment, Like)Create and incorporate CTA plan

LinkedInAs of February 2015, there are 347 million users on LinkedIn. 107+ million are in the U.S.A. LinkedIn has a reported 187 million Unique visitors per month.Only 13% of LinkedIn users are considered millennials (15-34 year olds) and close to 39 million users are current college students or recent graduates.41% of millionaires are registered users of LinkedIn.13% of users dont have a Facebook, 59% dont have twitter, and 83% dont have a Pinterest94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to get candidates for positions and 40% of users use LinkedIn to search for Jobs.

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