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  • 1. NEW YEAR - NEW MENTORINGOPPORTUNITYHAVE YOU MENTORED A MOWGLI ENTREPRENEURBEFORE? DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE YOUR MEN-TORING JOURNEY? HELP MORE SOUTH WESTUK BASED ENTREPRENEURS SUCCEED ANDCONTINUE TO GROW YOURSELFAIM OF THE PROGRAMMEWere recruiting mentors from our existing pool of Mowgli Mentorsto work with us on a pilot for a new self-funded programme. Thisprogramme will see, for the first time, entrepreneurs pay to participate inthis valuable experience.Building upon your first experience as a Mowgli Mentor, the MME willrun over 2 days instead of 3, and will begin with a short mentor refresher.You will then be matched with an entrepreneur and together you willdevelop the framework that will form the basis of another yearlongrelationship of mutual growth and development.LET US DEVELOP YOU AND FIND YOUANOTHER ENTREPRENEUR YOULLSIMPLY LOVE WORKING WITH?APPLY NOWMOWGLI MENTORING EXPERIENCE(MME) UK PROGRAMME,JUNE 2013 (TBC)CLICK HERE TO APPLY w f@mowglitweets y

2. MENTOR CRITERIA OUTCOMES> Already an official Mowgli Mentor (who has already participated Honing of skills; listeningin the full yearlong MME) communication & management Further development ofemotional intelligence> A successful track record as an entrepreneur, senior executive or Greater self-awareness forprofessional with 5+ years of cash flow/P&L management experiencedeeper leadership Access to the global Mowgli> Breadth and diversity of network and cross-border professionalFamily Network forexperiencesupport and new business development opportunities> Full understanding of the Mowgli Mentoring philosophy, Increased access to and under-principles and practicestanding of SME marketsLearn more Active member of UKs entrepreneurial ecosystem> Commitment to the mentoring relationship for one year (minimumof 2 hours per month plus the initial 2 day non-residential workshop)> Willingness to pass the philosophy and benefits of mentoring onVENUETo be advisedTHE COSTSProgram Fee: 70 including VATThis cost only covers food and beverage during the programmeFOR MORE INFOPlease contact us at or visit our website.APPLICATION DEADLINE: 12PM, 19 APR 2013If you wish to submit an expression of interest, please contact usby email NOWMOWGLI MENTORING EXPERIENCE(MME) UK PROGRAMME,JUNE 2013 (TBC)CLICK HERE TO f @mowglitweets t y