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  • 1. ENTREPRENEUR? SUCCESSIS CLOSER THAN YOU THINKWHATS PREVENTING YOU FROM REALISINGYOUR FULL POTENTIAL? OUR PROGRAMSUPPORTS SOUTH WEST, UK BASEDENTREPRENEURS...AIM OF THE PROGRAMMEWere recruiting entrepreneurs to join our 4th UK mentoringprogramme thatll take place in June 2013.The Mowgli Mentoring Experience (MME) comprises a 12-monthprogramme that begins with a 2-day workshop, where you willhave intensive learning, relationship building, meet other buddingentrepreneurs and connect with mentors prior to being matched withone for a year-long programme of mutual growth and development.During the workshop, youll also develop a framework to work with yourmentor throughout the year. You will drive the programme, and yourmentor will support you to achieve your goals and objectives throughfrequent mentoring sessions throughout the year, as agreed betweenyourselves.MOWGLI MENTORS ARE TRAINED, EXPERIENCEDAND SUCCESSFUL. THEYVE BEEN THERE, THEYVELEARNT AND NOW THEYRE HERE FOR YOU.BE A PART OF IT. IT MIGHT JUST CHANGE YOUR LIFE.APPLY NOWMOWGLI MENTORING EXPERIENCE(MME) UK PROGRAMME,JUNE 2013 (TBC)CLICK HERE TO f @mowglitweets t y

2. ENTREPRENEUR CRITERIA OUTCOMES> A developed business with a structure, secured funding Increased likelihood ofand vision business success Honing of skills; listening> Trading for at least a year communication & management Further development of> Personal qualities of leadership emotional intelligence> Commitment to mentoring for one year (minimum 2 hours per Greater self-awareness formonth plus the initial 2-day workshop)deeper leadership Access to the global Mowgli> Willingness to take part in regular monitoring and pass theFamily Network for support andphilosophy and benefits of mentoring on to others new business developmentLearn more opportunities Active member of the SW andVENUEUK entrepreneurial ecosystemTo be advisedTHE COSTSTotal Program Fee: 500 including VATPayments options:Two instalments of 250 including VAT (one pre-programmeand one after 6 months) or one pre-programme payment of 450including VAT. This receives a 10% discountPlease note: all mentors are volunteers who give their time for free.Entrepreneurs do not cover any cost associated with their mentors involvementSo come and join the Mowgli Family Network withover 500 entrepreneurs and mentors in the MENA region.FOR MORE INFOPlease contact us at or visit our website.APPLICATION DEADLINE: 12PM, 19 APR 2013All applicants must meet selection and eligibility criteria to be considered for this experienceIf you have registered already, we will be in touch with you before 19th April 2013 to confirmyour application status.Due to the high quality and number of applicants, should you not be interviewed for thisprogramme, you will be able to apply for future programmesAPPLY NOWMOWGLI MENTORING EXPERIENCE(MME) UK PROGRAMME,JUNE 2013 (TBC)CLICK HERE TO f @mowglitweets t y