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Please begin in the Cataloging module; you may open the Cataloging module by clicking on the MARC icon at bottom of screen; you will now have two windows open; Cataloging and Serials

Please begin in the Cataloging module; you may open the Cataloging module by clicking on the MARC icon at bottom of screen; you will now have two windows open; Cataloging and Serials

1Moving Serial issue/items from one Bib record to another1Search for the two titles you need to change; if there was a name change, even if the titles have different names, they are tied together with an 7XX field so they will file together if you use the browse function; highlight your titles and then send to show menu to double check your titles

Notice the number 22You can choose both titles by holding down the Control/Ctrl key; notice they are both highlighted; then send them to the Cataloging function

3Both of your titles are now in the Cataloging function; notice the Edit Records area to the far left; in order to see/edit both titles you will need to split the screen, this will aid in moving the items from one title to the other; click the icon that looks like an open book

Both system numbers are listedThe open book icon is the split screen4After the screen is split you will want to populate each screen with a title; click inside the empty square; notice that it is outlined in red; then click on the system number of the other (which is the one not highlighted) title on the Edit Records area

RED square Click on system number 5In order to move issue/items from one title to another, several changes need to be made in the Serials module

6Click on the title that has the issue/items that need to be moved; (notice it is not grey and is surrounded by the red line); then push your title to the Acq/Serials module (doing it the following way saves you from searching for you title (again) in the serials module)) by clicking the four triangle icon at the top of the Aleph screen (not the bottom)

Acq/Serialsmodule7As you know there are many ways to get into the Serials module; from this screen I usually click the stack icon

8Once in Serials you need to be in the Item List; click on TAB 6, this shows you what holding record your issue/item is linked to as well as the Holding Record number; then click on the Global Changes button

1) Item List2) HOL Links Tab4) Holding Record number5) Global Changes3) Linked9Before you can move serial issue/items you need to unlink the issue/item from the holdings records and also remove the subscription number (basically unlinking the issue/item from the subscription); all of those things can be done globally

10Remove the information from the fields you do not wish to change; in this case you need to change the HOL Link, Copy Number , and Subscription No.; use the default arrival date; the number of the digits IS important; CLICK OK when finished

00000000000000001/01/190001/01/190011Issue/items are now unlinked and the subscription number is now 0 (basically unlinked); now the issue/items are ready to be moved to the other title

Subscription information is found on TAB 4No check means unlinked12Back to Cataloging; Overview; Cataloging

1213In order to move the issue/items you MUST be in the Overview Tree View

Overview Tree14Notice that the issue/items to be moved are no longer in a HOLding record but are listed under ITEMS (because we unlinked them); you cant move items to a HOLdings on a different record you must move them to the items area on the other record

15Highlight the barcode you wish to move (each one needs to be done separately); drag and drop to the ITEMS area of the title you wish the issue/items to reside in; you will then see TREE item dialogue box; click yes

16 and once again to confirm; click OK

17When all issue/items have been moved to the new record, you will see No ITEMS available on the old record; on the new record you will see two different types of issue/items, HOLding record (linked) issue/items and ITEMS (unlinked) issue/items; now back to the Acq/Serials module; you need to push the new record/title by clicking the serial icon at the TOP

18Make sure you click/highlight one of the issue/items you moved; go to TAB 6 HOL Links and record the Holding Record number of the new record; notice also that the moved issue/item is not linked to it; notice also that the collection code may be different than the collection code of the new record; to get the Global Changes dialogue box remember to click Global Changes

19Remove anything that populates fields that you do NOT wish to change; click OK when all changes have been made; confirm that you want the changes to be performed

The HOL Link MUST have 9 digits; even though the Holding Record shows no 0s; whatever you put into the HOL Link there must be added zeros to make up 9 digitsThe new subscription number may not always be 1 check your subscriptions to confirmDefault date 01/01/1900You may need to change the Collection Code20Your issue/items are now linked to the correct Holding Record, subscription and Bib record



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