Movements and suprematism

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<ul><li> 1. -ISMs/MovementsA group of people Notable -ISMs collectively belonging to Cubismsomething larger. FeminismThey change and evolve overCatholicism time Surrealism People can workTotalitarianismcollaboratively within Marxismthe groups Communism</li></ul> <p> 2. CubISM Started in Paris; 1907***How can you describe an ism? 3. The ability tosee.The ability to hear.The ability to taste.The ability to smell.The ability to feel. 4. 5 5. 6 6. 7 7. 8 8. Supremacy overthe forms of nature 9. MATCHING FUNTIMES!*** Match the titles on the left with their corresponding1915 compositions! Good luck, comrades! *** 1. Painterly Masses in Motion2. Painterly Realism of a Boya) b) with a Knapsack: ColorMasses in the 4th Dimension3. Self Portrait in Two Dimensions4. Suprematist Composition c) d) 5. Suprematism: Airplane Flying6. Painterly Realism of aFootball Player: Color Massesin the 4th Dimension e) f) 10. Kasimir Malevich I have overcome thelining of the coloredsky...swim in the white freeabyss, infinity is Suprematist Composition:before you. White on White (1918) 11. SUPREMATISMthe supremacy of pure artistic feeling Started in St. Petersburg, Russia; 1915 Only when the habit of ones consciousness tosee in paintings bits ofnature, madonnas andshameless nudes hasdisappeared, shall we seea pure painting composition.-Kazimir Malevich 12. Kazimir MalevichSuprematist Composition: White on White(1918) 13. AleksandrRodchenkoAleksandr RodchenkoNon-Objective Painting No. 80: Black on Black (1918)</p>