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  • Volume 2, Issue 5 Newsletter Date Nov2011

    2011 Calendar 2 CMA Committee 2 Chairman’s Report 3 Qld National Tour 4 –8 National Co-Ordinator -Lisa Clarke 9 Ride Contacts - MESS report 10 Gippsland-Coming Events 11

    Snowy’s ride 13-14 Bikes for Pastors 15-18 National Run — Tasmania 19 Aust Christian Clubs registration 20 CMA INDIVIDUAL profile 21-22 CMA Membership form 2011-12 22


    Ride reports—Gippsland 11-12

    Inside this issue:

    Mount Tambourine CMA National Run October 2011 The destination is much anticipated but the journey is everything. Continues page 4

  • CMA Victoria Committee 2011-2012

    Page 2

    President Harold Major 03 5852 1530 04 2860 7804

    Vice Chairperson Greg Grist 04 2131 8568

    Secretary Colin Berris 03 5244 5118 04 3803 9829

    Treasurer Jo Henderson 03 5762 3339 04 0902 2639

    Committee Member (1) Penny Van Houts 04 1339 3075

    Committee Member (2) Colin Max well 04 3891 7043

    Committee Meeting (Yea) 26th November 2011 10.00am

    Committee Meeting (Yea) 14th January 2012 10.00am

    Motorcycle Blessing Mass 4th March 2012 9.00am

    Committee Meeting (Yea) 17th March 2012 10.00am

    Ulysses Club AGM ( Mildura) 26th March — 1st April 2012

    Easter 6th-8th April 2012

    Triennial Christian M/Cycle Clubs ( Forest Edge) 20th — 23rd April 2012

    Committee Meeting (Yea) 5h November 2012 10.00am

    Teaching Weekend ( Camp Wilkins– Angelsea) 3rd– 5th August 2012

    AGM 4th August 2012

    Prostate Cancer Run (Wodonga) September 2012 9.00am

    Committee Meeting Yea 15th September 2012 10.00am

    National Run Tasmania (Camp Clayton) 5h-7th October 2012

    Post National Run Tour 8h-12th October 2012

    Snowy’s Run 3rd November 2011

    Committee Meeting Yea 15th September 2012 10.00am

    Victoria’s National Run 8th –11th November 2013

    2012 Calendar

    Bikes for Pastors Jim Veitch 04 1518 9721

    Prayer Co-ordinator Merv Webster 04 0754 2249

    Church Visits Barry Huggett 04 1723 1657

    Website Neville Weeks 04 2771 2392

    Newsletter John Krause 04 1445 0224

  • Hello to all CMA’ers and guests who read this newsletter. The National Run has come and gone and I was sorry to have missed it

    – what a shame to miss riding to sunny Queensland. However I understand it was a great event and I look forward to catching up with those of you who attended, and share in your memories and perspectives of the weekend.

    It seems a little while since I wheeled the ST out of the shed but the coming CMA committee meeting at Yea will change that, and it will be good to catch up and fellowship with all who can attend on the day.

    The past weekend has been interesting for me with the first event being the inaugural “Harvest-fest” music weekend, organised in

    Kyabram, by the local ministers fellowship. The musicians entertained the youth on Friday night, then moved into the street Saturday morning to delight the shoppers with their singing. On Saturday afternoon, there was a continuous singing and music afternoon at the Fauna Park – musicians including Steve Grace, Sky Pilot, Adrian Murley, and others combined to provide a wonderful day of hearing

    praises sung, and spoken, to a large audience. On Sunday morning the groups attended various local churches, and then a final musical service was held at the local Plaza Theatre in the afternoon.

    What impressed me, apart from the singing, was the freshness and enthusiasm of the musicians when they spoke to the various crowds of their obvious love for the Lord, and why they wanted to share with others, what Jesus had done in their lives. Then they encouraged others to take Jesus at His Word, and follow Him too. The message was simple, but expressed with great sincerity and passion. For me, there was a great encouragement to

    stand up for God, wherever I might find myself, and .......”not be ashamed of the Gospel”...

    The other matter of note was a visit to my old home town Cohuna, to share in the local Uniting Church service. It was a time of wonderful fellowship with many friends of my parents generation, as well as several of mine. Their congregation is only small but there is no doubting their sincerity and warm welcome to all who cross their paths. I see in the Cohuna community, they are a witness to the love of Jesus in their lives, and an encouragement to others to follow.

    Are we doing what we can in our communities and fellowships? Are we sharing and encourag- ing each other, supporting each other, seeking to find ways to reach out to the rest of the hurting community? The need is great and “we” are called. God could clearly do it all Himself, but He extends to us the privilege to assist Him in this vital work of Kingdom building, wherever we are!

    Bless you for the work you are doing, where you live.

    Happy and safe riding – may God bless you.


    Chairman's Chat

    to stand up for God, wherever I might find myself, and .......”not be ashamed of the Gospel”...

    Page 3

  • Tuesday October 11th, bright and early. Peter and I ( Penny ) van Houts of Morwell, South Eastern Victoria, in steady rain, set off to meet John Krause at the Neerim Junction ( great name ), an hours ride away. True to good Gippsland tradition, the weather was sunshine and roses by the time we arrived at the little Neerim general store. We inspected each others gear and packing, comparing notes as you do, and finally set off on our Queensland adventure. Destination that night, Wagga Wagga. It was glorious riding through the Noojee and Powell Town forests on the generous sweepers and tight corners. Had to watch for loose gravel and some inconveniently placed potholes; aargh....a motor cyclist’s lot. Our first coffee stop was Healesville, and then one of the greatest rides that exists; The Black Spur. Doesn’t get much better than mid morning on a week day, virtually no traffic. Lunch at Mansfield, North East of Melbourne; then another amazing ride to Whitfield on our way to Milawa and the vineyard district. I personally rate this ride as one of the best there is and we have- n’t even left Victoria. Sadly it became much more straightforward as we progressed through Wodonga, Albury and finally on to Wagga Wagga, arriving at 6ish. After inspecting our designated camping spot a few times trying to decide how best to erect our camp, up it all went. How and where

    to place “ the hutchey “ being the source of much passionate discussion! Finally dinner, and a 1 K walk from the park, and a very welcoming pub with a large deck area semi enclosed with large plastic blinds and gas radiators to keep an

    incorrigible coldy like me snug. We shared our camping with Colin and Jacqui Berris and Colin Maxwell, C1 and C2 for those in the know. Wednesday; heavy dew, great sleep and beautiful weather. We breakfasted in Junee and followed the route to Cootamundra and Young, stopping for lunch at Cowra. Beautiful old historical towns west of the Blue Mountains. It must have seemed for the early explorers like paradise after finally conquering the big hills and the discovery of the large tracts of pastoral and agricul- tural land. No more confines of the coast and its limited land availability. Now pastoral pursuits could be seriously contemplated. It always amazes me that the Blue Mountains proved to be such an obstacle for so long. Our progress to Gilgandra, our destination that evening, took us through Canowinda, Molong, Wellington and Dubbo. Magnificent country, only enhanced by the incredible season we have had since the drought broke

    Page 4 Qld National Tour

  • Page 5 Qld National Tour

    Thursday, headed north. Our destination Warwick in Queensland. Breakfast in Coonabarabran, in the open, in the sunshine is a real treat for us southerners. Truly sumscious. Our bikes were going superbly. John’s Honda VFR, although loaded to the hilt, was still managing to perform wonderful acts of balance and performance. Peter’s Yamaha FJR was packed with great precision, panniers and top box and everything neat and tidy. Penny’s Triumph Thunderbird was a work of female art. Everything a girl needs including the pearls plus a swag. “The Bird” has a smaller fuel capacity to the Honda and Yammy and I was about to find out how much smaller it really was. I should have fueled up in Coonabarabran but foolish optimism and bravado led me to head for Narrabri where the boys were planning to fill up. Well the inevitable happened, 25 K’s out of Narrabri, somewhere in the Pilliga Forest she started coughing and wheezing and until a couple of K’s further down the road she coughed her last. I had underestimated the heavy toll on my fuel with the idling at the frequent road- works and all the road-train overtaking. Needless to say the fuel can John procured for my rescue


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