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Motorbike riding. What is ‘cc’?. races. Evil kanievel. biography. Robbie maddison. cc. Road bikes. Dirt bikes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Motorbike riding

What is cc?biographyccRoad bikesDirt bikesracesEvil kanievelRobbie maddisonWhat is cc? Cc is engine size for motorbikes, it stands for cubic centimeters

Road motorbikesRoad motorcycles are bigger and normally faster so they can stick to road speed limits

Fun factDodge tomahawk is one of the worlds fastest motorcycles

racesTypes of racesMoto GP (road)Enduro (dirt)Supercross (dirt()Freestyle (dirt)Motocross (dirt)Hill climbing (dirt)

Evil kanievel Evil kanievel was a famous motor bike rider. He is known because of the daring jumps and motorbike records. Born: October 17, 1938 Died: November 30, 2007

Robbie maddisonRobbie Maddison is a famous freestyle rider and record motorbike jumper. He has ridden in red bull x-fighters and other races. He was born in Australia but moved to america to join the crusty deamons Born 14 July, 1981

There are many more famous riders

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