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Practice test drive-Australia

Apex test drive-AustraliaBy: a drivers licence in Australia is not an easy task. It may take many years!

The safer drivers course is designed to make the process of obtaining a drivers licence relatively less difficult.

A candidate wanting to get a drivers licence must initially pass a practice theory test on road rules known as drivers knowledge test DKT.

The Safe drivers course has a handbook and practice available for this.

There are many sites online which offer practice for the candidate.To pass the DKT practice is given at another practice testing location so that the applicant knows road rules thoroughly generally guidance is taken from driving schools like Driving School in Midland, which have enough practice to ensure that their client gets the license at the first go .Once the DKT test is passed, the candidate is now a learner.

He also receives a learners handbook/ log book to record his total driving hours.He is allowed to drive in declaring areas with the vehicle bearing a yellow plate of the size specified according to rules, with a black L printed on their car roof plates.

The learner is to complete 120 hours of driving including 20 hours of night driving.

The learner can now drive with supervisor, but at limited speed, zero alcohol and not more than 4 d- merit points.Best way to avoid D merit points to drive under a Qualified supervisor. Check out on to provide Quality driving in Perth, Australia.

There is added advantage if done under trained provides very experienced supervisors at very reasonable rates.

The advantage of using an instructor is that one hour of driving with an instructor is equivalent to 3 driving hours.The hours of driving are recorded in a learners log book.

On completing this stage the learner gets his red or P1 that is first provisional licence.He can now drive with a white plate of the size specified according to the rules, bearing a red P on the vehicle roof.

The provisional license holder or the P 1 holder goes to the next Stage.

For getting green P2 the driver has to be careful that he gets no more than 8 D merit points or he/she has to begin all over again as licence will be cancelled.The penalties are heavy.

According to the rules the license holder can carry one adult passenger along with or without the supervisor, but having a trained supervisor has an added advantage.On completing this stage the P 1 holder gets his green or P2 that is the second provisional license.

He can now drive with a white plate bearing a green P on the vehicle roof.

The final license is obtained after 2 years of holding p2 licence.

Getting a permanent licence comes along with great responsibility.

Being a full fledged driver means a driver who knows his duties, rules and follows them strictly so as to minimize road hazards and risks.