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There are many ideas in the world, but just take with a grain of saltMAPONYANE JACK

Keep telling yourself that you gonna make it,negative mentality brings failure MAPONYANE JACK

Convert your own life into 3D figure and be updated on all sides MAPONYANE JACK

Have a grease on your elbow for people to claim that you spent your time being a mechanik MAPONYANE JACK

Life is just like a breathing mechanism, it require us to give out in order to get in MAPONYANE JACK

No matter how stormy the weather is just carry on you will reach the summit MAPONYANE JACK

Being unique in life one will compare your lifestyle with an elevator music MAPONYANE JACK

Just be frank with two faced people,assume that they are the part of unknown species in the universe MAPONYANE JACK

There is no beneficial outcomes of being in a hurry MAPONYANE JACK

When things are tilted dont cut off ones nose to spite ones face MAPONYANE JACK

To achieve goals does not mean to change the goalpostMAPONYANE JACK

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