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  • Mother’s Health During Pregnancy



  • What Should Mom Experience During Each Trimester?

    Trimester 1:

    Missed menstrual period

    Swelled breasts

    Frequent urination



    Abdomen growth

    Weight gain of 2-4 pounds

  • What Should Mom Experience During Each Trimester?

    Trimester 2:

    Continued change in size

    Early discomforts leave

    Increase in appetite

    Stomach growing becomes apparent

    Slight movements begin to be felt

    Weight gain of 10-12 pounds

  • What Should Mom Experience During Each Trimester?

    Trimester 3:

    Increased size affects posture

    Discomforting aches & pains are felt

    “lightening” is felt

    Uterus becomes the size of a small watermelon

    False labor pains may begin

    Weight gain of 18-30 pounds

  • The development of the fetus…

    Trimester 1:

    Cell multiplication begins

    Egg attaches to the uterus

    Internal organs form and heart begins to beat

    Arms and legs begin to form

    Embryo is ¼ to 1 inch long

  • The development of the fetus…

    Trimester 2:

    Fetus is 3-10 inches long

    Weighs up to 12 ounces

    Hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows appear

    Teeth develop

    Organs mature

    Fetus becomes active

    Breathing movements begin

  • The development of the fetus…

    Trimester 3:

    10-18 inches long

    Weighs 1 and ½ to 6 pounds

    Fetus may react to loud noises

    Fetus will move into birthing position

  • Mommy’s Nutrition Needs

    Take prenatal vitamins everyday!!

    Choose a healthy diet including fruits & veggies,

    whole-grain breads & pastas, milk products,& low-

    fat protein sources

    Take a 400 gram folic acid multivitamin before &

    during pregnancy

  • Mom’s Exercise Needs

     Participating in 30

    minutes of moderate

    exercise is recommended

     Exercise will lead to

    improves fitness and will

    prevent forms of diabetes

    & high blood pressure

     Examples include walking,

    swimming, yoga, etc.

  • What is appropriate medical care

    during pregnancy?

    Take folic acid Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or use illegal drugs Stay healthy Avoid infections, hazardous chemicals, & stress Seek prenatal care Gain a healthy 25 to 35 pounds Do not try to lose weight

  • Screening and Diagnostic Tests


    Quad Screening Test~

    a blood test that

    checks for AFP, hCG,

    Estriol,& Inhibin-A

    Triple Screen Test~ a

    blood test that looks

    for AFP, hCG,& Estriol


    CVS (chronic villus

    sampling)~ identifies


    abnormalities and other


    Amniocentosis~ tells

    whether or not specific

    disorders may be present

    in your baby

  • Sample schedule for health

    care visits…

    1st visit around first 8 weeks of pregnancy Visit every 2-3 weeks during the 1st trimester Visit twice per month during the 2nd trimester Visit weekly during the 3rd trimester

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