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  • Mother’s Day Theme for Preschool From Miss Cheryl at Preschool Plan It

    Those special songs, Mother’s Day activities of poems or gifts made by a preschooler and given to Mommy, Grandma or other caring woman is priceless!

    You’ll need some tissue paper and tape for the children to wrap the many gifts they will make this week! As we celebrate Mothers, please remember that this day may be difficult for some children. Do any of your children have a mother deployed in the military? A mother who has passed away? No mother in their home? Two mothers in their lives? It is important for us, as teachers, to be aware of and be sensitive to these situations. I would suggest making parents aware of this theme in advance so that you can work on alternative arrangements if needed. Example: Make 2 gifts for children with a biological and a step mother. If you celebrate by inviting Moms for a Mother’s Day Tea or a picnic, be sure to include all female caretakers to the children. Let’s celebrate our mothers and mother figures! On the following pages you’ll find over 30 themed activities for all of your Interest Learning Centers—enough for at least a week’s worth of planning!

    You’ll also find the following printable items:  Themed Activities for Your Interest Learning Centers  Mother’s Day Calendar Pieces  Mom Match File Folder Game  Soap Dough Recipe  Activity Mat #1: How Many? (House)  Activity Mat #2: Mom & Mommy Cards  M-O-M-M-Y Song Poster & Song Card

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  • Let the lesson planning begin!

    Butterfly Picture Materials Needed: Finger paint paper; finger paint This is a cute Mother’s day activities theme idea! Have the children dip their hands in finger paint and then press their hands side by side (with both thumbs next to each other) and press down. Remove paper to dry...let them continue free style finger painting! When their hand prints are dry, add this poem to the picture: (Adapted from a poem written by Elaine Magud) This isn't just a butterfly As you can plainly see. I made it with my hands Which are a part of me. It comes with lots of love Especially to say I hope you have a very, very Happy Mother's Day Thumbprint Flowers Materials needed: washable inkpads or just paint and paper. The children press their thumbs into different ink pads or paint and then press their thumbs onto paper. They can make many shapes by repeating this process. Remember that not all flowers look the same! Do not tell them how to make flowers--they might be making a bouquet whereas might make a daisy! Have them print their names as best they can on the paper. Make a card that says “Thumb-body loves you” and encourage the children to place thumbprints on the letters on that card and then tape or staple the card to the flower art. Candle Collage Materials Needed: Cleaned baby food jars, tissue paper squares, glue, tea light candles

  • The children glue the tissue paper all around the jar (overlapping them looks great). Insert a tea light candle. Add the child's picture glued to a square of paper around the neck of jar (attach with a ribbon). On the back write "Happy Mother’s Day" and the year. Flower Pot Materials Needed: Clay flower pots, markers, glue and stickers or foam pieces, plaster of Paris, BIC pens with covers. In advance, pour prepared plaster of Paris into the bottoms of the pots. Insert the BIC pen cover. Let dry. The children decorate the outside of the pots with markers and glue on foam pieces or stickers (flowers, etc.) OR they can paint them or glue on tissue paper squares! When dry, the children take their pot to the Sensory table (see Sensory Table activities below for what to do with the pots next!) Mother’s Day Bouquet Materials: Coffee Filters, markers, eye droppers, water, pipe cleaners The children color filters (several of them) and then drop water on them. This makes the colors spread...they look great! Fold the filters in thirds or fourths to make a flower shape. Pinch bottom and secure with a piece of pipe cleaner which also acts as the stem. The children will LOVE making this bouquet! Chocolate Spoons and a Cup! Here's a great gift idea for the children to make! Materials Needed: Styrofoam or other "hot" cup; items to decorate the cup with; 2 plastic spoons per child; chocolate chips with a drop of milk or candy making chocolate; waxed paper The children glue items (such as precut flowers, stickers, etc.) to the cup. Melt the chocolate in the microwave. The children dip their spoons into the chocolate and then place it on waxed paper. Place these in the refrigerator overnight to harden. The next day, place two spoons in each child's cup and wrap with either clear paper or tissue paper. Add your favorite Mothers' Day Poem to the cup or a note that says "For coffee or tea with Mommy and Me!" Kiss and Hug Box Materials Needed: Small gift boxes (1 for each child); paint; Hershey's Kiss and Hug chocolate. The children paint the box and when dry add some Kisses and Hugs to the box and cover it! Here is a poem for the box--I'm not sure who wrote this poem, but it's great! This is a very special box, that only you can see. The reason it's so special it's just for you from me. It's filled with hugs and kisses, as sweet as sweet can be. Just hold the box close to your heart, and you'll always think of me. You Are My Sunshine

  • Materials Needed: Small, clay pot for each child; yellow construction paper and scissors; green Styrofoam (to place in the pots); wire sticks, such as green flower craft wire; a picture of each child (or a picture of each child with their Mom if possible!) Cut the pictures into circles. Make some circle stencils that are the same size as the pictures you just cut. The children trace and cut out a yellow circle and glue it to the back of their picture. Help children place a piece of the wire between the picture and the sun circle. The children push the wire into the Styrofoam that is in the pot. Children print the words You Are My Sunshine onto a paper and glue onto the pot. OR, prepare labels or papers with the saying on it for the children to glue onto the pot. Fork Painted Tulips Materials needed: plastic forks, paint brushes, paint, paper Place paint into shallow trays or paper plates. The children dip the forks into the paint and then press the fork onto their paper. This makes a cool tulip shape. Just let them press as many as they want wherever they want on the paper. When done, they can use the paintbrushes to paint stems onto the flowers if they want to. Extension: Rather than painting stems, give the children colored pipe cleaners and scissors. Have the cut pieces of pipe cleaners and glue them onto their papers for stems. Remember, painting is about the PROCESS—don’t make them draw stems and don’t paint them on yourselves!

    Add dollhouse sized people to your block area for some family fun building!

    Pick a Flower In advance, cut out flowers of different varieties. Be sure that each flower is a different color. Talk about Mothers' Day and that sometimes we like to give flowers to Moms on this day. Ask a child which color flower he/she would like to choose for their Mom, and then lead the children in this song: (Child's Name) picked a pink flower, pink flower, pink flower. (Child's Name picked a pink flower for his/her Mom.

  • Place the flower back into the pile and continue until all the children have had a turn. EXTENSION: Place felt or a piece of dryer softener sheet on the back and use this on a flannel board. EXTENSION: Follow up this activity with an art project where the children make a flower for their Mom. Are You My Mother? This is an awesome book by P.D. Eastman and one of my all-time favorites! We read it daily during this theme!

    After one of the readings of this book, play a Mommy and Baby animal match game. Give each child a mother animal/item card (make extras OR play this a few times during Circle Time so all the children have a turn!). You hold up an animal card and ask each child: “Are you my Mother?”. The child either says, “Yes. I am your mother.” Or “No. I am not your mother. I am a ______.” Cooperative Mom Story I LOVE cooperative stories! They are so much fun! I suggest doing one at LEAST twice a month with your children! Sometimes I do them during Circle Time, sometimes I walk around the room and randomly read what we have so far to a small group of children and have them add on to the story! Have paper and pen handy for this. Start your story with, “One day, there was a Mom who…….” Or “Once upon a time there was a Mom….”. What’s the difference? Sometimes beginning a story with “Once upon a time….” elicits fairy tale storylines only because of the children’s familiarity with this opening line of most fairy tales. So, I like to change up the beginning once in a while! From there, just let the children tell a sentence or two about the Mom. It will grow into a pretty fun activity!

  • Extension: When done, type and print it. Have the children create a group cover for the story and vote on a name for the story. Make copies and send a copy of the book home to the families!


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