mother’s day portraits! mother’s day portraits! did you know that mother’s day...

Download Mother’s Day Portraits! Mother’s Day Portraits! Did you know that Mother’s Day is this Sunday,

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  • Mother’s Day Portraits! Did you know that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10th?!

    This week we are going to talk about Portraits!

    There are two different types of portraits. The first type is a general portrait, which is a drawing/painting of somebody else. The second type of portrait is

    a Self-Portrait which is a drawing/painting of your self. For this weeks assignment we are going to focus on general portraits!

    Vincent Van Gogh painted a picture of himself. This is considered a Self-Portrait.

    Leonardo Da Vinci painted a picture of Mona Lisa. This is considered a Portrait.

  • Vocabulary Words: Portrait: A drawing/painting of somebody else.

    Self-Portrait: A drawing/painting of yourself.

    Facial Features: The different parts that make up a face. Eyes, Nose, Ears, etc.

    Directions: Using any art supplies you have at home, create a portrait of any influential woman in your life to celebrate Mother’s Day! This

    can be a drawing of your own mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, friend, teacher, etc. Please include the name of the

    person you are creating on your portrait. Please send photos to Ms. Sorice to receive credit for this assignment!

    DUE: 5/11

    Some things to keep in mind: - Your drawing does not have to look exactly like the person

    you are intending! Remember.. not all artwork is perfect! - Use the guides I have attached to help you! - Practice your drawing techniques first. Use a scrap piece of

    paper to practice drawing facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Remember…practice makes progress!

    - Most importantly…BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

  • Add any type of hair that your chosen person has! Is their hair curly? Straight? Long? Short?

    Lastly, ADD COLOR!!


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